A Love to Lay (The originals)

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They will Suffer Greatly!

Kol entered the kitchen, covered in blood as he bit into an apple while walking past his sister.

Rebecca-(angry) You’ve drained two servants this morning and God knows how many others. I had to compel a poor girl you tried to feed on, to clean up your mess. What is the matter with you? You can’t be this reckless.

Kol-Rebecca, Please don’t test me.

Rebecca-When are you going to start having your thirst under control. You can’t keep lying about these things.

Kol-You are one to talk. I am always the one left out, with your always and forever pact. Anytime I do something, I am the monster.

Rebecca- What are you talking about?

Kol grabs Rebecca’s arm and pulls her aside.

Kol- You know don’t you?

Rebecca- Know what?

Kol- You and Maria share everything. I know.

Rebecca’s face dropped, looking into Kols eyes that were filled with anger and tears.

Kol- Exactly. You stopped me at the ball because you knew. How could you keep that from me?

Rebecca- Kol.. please

Kol-Go to hell.

He left through the front door and headed to the woods. Rebecca sighed as she sat back down in her chair.

Kol is unpredictable and irrational when he is angry. Rebecca has to tell Maria before Kol comforts her or Elijah.

None of them know.


Maria’s POV:

Katerina was helping me get dressed and my mind kept wandering to last night.

Last night, everything changed. It made me see everything differently. If I don’t make a decision soon, it’s going to make things harder.

After Elijah and I’s kiss, he confessed his love for me.

It was unexpected but I told him I wanted to see where things could go. I just need time.

He is so sweet, kind and I can tell by the way he looks at me that he loves me. I don’t want to break their hearts, Klaus’ or Kol’s.

I can’t keep lying to them.


Katerina- Yes, Luna?

Maria sighs as she falls back onto her bed.

Maria- I need your advice. You’ve lived longer than I have, obviously. You have probably much experience with men. What should I do about my situation with the Mikaelson brothers?

Katerina- You know how I feel about them, I think you should be careful. The safest bet is to decide for yourself who you see yourself with and decide because it won’t be in the dark for long.

Maria- You’re right, thank you for your consul.

Katerina- I worry for you, that’s all.

Maria hugs Katerina and goes off to finish getting dressed.


This was it, maria decided to tell them the truth.

This could ruin everything.

Kol’s POV:

I headed to the forest to clear my head, my hunger is getting stronger. I can’t handle it, my anger makes it uncontrollable.

When I saw my brother with her, I wanted to snap his neck but maria was there.

I should be furious at her but I’m not.

I am falling in love with her despite everything I know.

This is what heartbreak feels like, I have never been in love before. I had a few flings throughout the centuries but nothing more than sex.

I never let anyone in before.

She’s different but maybe I was wrong.

I have to see her, I have to hear her say it.

Marias POV:

Okay, everything will be fine.

Just explain your side.

I started to make my way through the castle, slowly regretting making my decision.

What if they tear each other apart or they never forgive me?

This has gone too far, I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Elijah’s POV:

I didn’t think I could love again after Katerina but Maria changed that.

I confessed to her my feelings last night, I hope she will give me a chance to show her how much I care for her.

I can’t wait to tell the others about Maria, I hope Klaus will approve of it.

Ever since Katerina, It was hard for me to believe in love again.

Klaus stole her from me and we have not seen her since.

Klaus searched for her everywhere but Mikael was getting closer to finding us and we were more worried about outrunning him.

I didn’t think I could be happy again but I am.

With her, anything is possible now.

I walk through our home and no one was there so I decided to see Maria before anyone came home.

I put on my coat and head to the castle.

Maria’s POV:

I noticed that the halls were quieter than usual, which was odd as there were always servants around. There were more guards stationed at each door.

I passed by Charles’s study and noticed he was not there but the door was opened.

Something is not right.

He is always there.

I was going to ask a guard where the king was until the front doors opened.

It was Elijah.

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked up to him.

He had the biggest smile on his face as he said my name.

I ran up to him and embraced him.

He hugged me tightly as I laid my head on his chest.

The Loud opening of the door startling me, I look to see Charles...covered in blood.

He looks at me with tears in his eyes, I quickly let go of Elijah.

As I look at him with a worried expression

Maria- Charles? What happened?

Charles- It’s... It’s... something terrible has happened.

Maria- What it is?

Charles- It’s your brother, he is.. he is dead.

I could feel my knees give in as I collapse to the floor. My lungs gasp for air, I can’t breathe.

This can’t be true.

Elijah catching me before my knees hit the ground, he pulled me close to him, holding me tightly.

I cried hysterically in Elijah’s arms, my screams echoing throughout the hall. I couldn’t stop shouting out my brother’s name as I gasped for air. My cries stifling my breathing.

This can not be true, this can’t be happening.

I felt the life drain out of me in an instant.

My brother is dead.


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