A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Nowhere to Run

Elijah- I believe there is another vampire in the area, Maria’s brother was killed yesterday. We must find who did this.

Finn- Another vampire? How is she, brother?

Elijah- She is beside herself, I think she is still in shock.

Finn-How horrible.

Rebecca just stood there, trying to hold back tears. She had started to have feelings for her friend’s brother. They would write to one another when he left for Paris. Maria knew none of this, Rebecca was reluctant to tell her.

She felt sadness and anger for his loss and for her friend, maria.

Rebecca- I will cut out the heart of whoever has done this.

Elijah- Rebecca, you have to control your anger. We must watch over Maria, she needs us.

Finn- We must tell Klaus and Kol. Where have they run off to?

Rebecca remembered Kol running off to the woods, her mind wandered to the possibility in Kol’s rage killing Maria’s brother.

No, he wouldn’t do something like that. He loves her.

Would he?

Rebecca began to worry because Kol doesn’t think clearly when he is upset.

Rebecca thought I have to find him.


Kol in his fit of rage punched and kicked down trees, breaking everything in his path.

How could he kiss her? Why did she kiss him? he thought

I wanted to rip their throats for betraying me and going against my back.

I was near the king’s castle, still in the woods.

I heard screams and I smelled blood, lots of it.

I sped towards where the noise was coming from, my first thought was Maria.

I hope she is okay.

I hid behind a tree to see what was happening.

They were fighting, a man who had his back to me was winning.

The screams came from a man, he was on the floor pleading for his life.

Miguel-Please, I beg of you to spare my life. I have to take care of my family, I can’t leave them.

Unknown Man-I appreciate your bravery and strength even when knowing your opponent is much stronger. I can see you have the heart of a warrior. But I am afraid, you are a key part of my plan. You are apart of something far greater than you could imagine. As a mercy to you, I will make it as quick and painless as possible.

The man approaches him and swiftly snapped his neck.

I looked in horror as I recognized the dead man’s face, it was Maria’s brother.

I stepped back, the sound of a branch catching the attention of the killer.

He sped off to the sound, grabbing me by the throat and pushing me against a tree.

Unknown man-Hello, boy.

Kol-You have no idea who you are messing with. I rip you in half.

Unknown man- You have no idea either.

The man removing his hood with his other hand, first seeing glowing eyes then his face.

Fear had taken over my body as I knew who was behind the hood, my father.

Mikael-Your foolish to think you could outrun me. You are still the scared little boy, you once were.

Kol- Let go of me, it's over Mikael.

Mikael- I wouldn’t try anything unless you want Maria to pay the price for it right now.

Kol- If you lay a finger on her, I’ll kill you

Mikael-I wonder if your little princess knows what kind of monster you are. I will kill her than the rest of you. You think she is safe from me but you’re wrong.

Kol- We will kill you before you even get the chance.

Mikael- No you won’t.

Mikael looking into Kol’s eyes, compelled him to forget he saw his face and that he killed Miguel. Compelling him to go back to his brothers and sister.

Mikael smirking to himself as he watched Kol walk away.

He sped off out of the woods before anyone could see him.


Kol’s POV:

I wandered the woods for almost an hour, just thinking.

I walked towards our house, my mind racing with thoughts of Maria’s brother.

I don’t remember the face of his killer but we will find who did this.

I ran into the house to look for my brothers and Rebecca to tell them what happened.

I walked into the Kitchen and Rebecca stared at me with anger and sadness.

I looked to my brothers who gave me stern and serious looks.

Rebecca-(crying)Where were you?

Elijah- Something bad has happened, someone has murdered Maria’s brother.

I just looked at them with tears in my eyes, I was too late.

Maria probably knows by now.

Kol-Maria? Does she... Is she

Elijah- She is at the castle, resting. She is in shock right now.

I just looked down at my feet and close my eyes. I sigh deeply and look up at my siblings.

Kol- I have to tell you all something. While I was in the woods, I saw a man with Miguel. I didn’t see his face before he ran off. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t know it was Maria’s brother.

Rebecca-(angry) You stood by and watched him die, how could you. You’re a monster, let him die. I’ll kill you.

Rebecca sped to me, throwing me across the room, then holding me by my throat.

I just looked at her with tears in my eyes, knowing what I’ve done.

Maria will never forgive me for this.

Elijah and Finn grabbed Rebecca, holding her back.

Rebecca screaming and crying as they held her.

Elijah looked at me with pain and disappointment on his face.

Finn-We have to find Klaus.


Klaus Pov:

I decided to finish the rose painting for Maria, I felt inspired.

I woke up early today and had taken all of my tools with me.

I went to the fields of flowers near the house we were staying in to paint.

I need to finish this painting for her, it was the same painting I did that night.

I confessed my feelings for her but she said she needed time.

She has been distant and perhaps this will clear the air between us.

I tried to remember the outline of her face, and draw the rest of the body.

I pictured her in front of me, smiling.

I missed her, her smile, everything.


I was finishing the painting when I heard someone coming.

I turned around to see Elijah.

Klaus-(smiling) Hello, brother.

Elijah-Something has happened.

My face dropped as I saw the expression he had on his face.

Something’s wrong.


Klaus- How can this happen, from right under our noses? We have to find who’s done this even if I have to burn down the whole forest myself. They must be out there still. Kol , what do you remember?

Kol- I remember seeing a man with a dark hood and umm maybe his face.

Elijah- What happened after?

Kol- I don’t really remember, I saw him and Miguel then I...

Both Elijah and Klaus look at one another with confusion.

Klaus getting close to Kol, looking him in the eyes.

Klaus-Do you remember anything afterward?

Elijah-He was killed maybe an hour or more ago. Do you remember coming home?

Kol just looked at them with a blank expression.

Klaus- I think Kol has been compelled.

Elijah- Impossible. It was a vampire that killed him, I am sure of this. No one has the power to compel an original.

Klaus could only think of the one person who might. Elijah looked at his brother’s face, filled with fear.

Elijah-You, don’t think?

Klaus-(angry) Mikael


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