A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Let the River Run

I woke up next to Elijah, my sheets covering over bare bodies.

I smiled and snuggled deeper into his chest before kissing it.

I feel his body shift undermine, his arm snaking its way on my waist.

I giggle lightly as I whisper into his ear.

Maria- (whispers) Good morning.

Elijah laughs lightly as he kisses my head.

Elijah- Good morning.

He leans in to lightly peck my lips, I smile into the kiss.

I look into his eyes, he smiles as he brushes the hair from my face.

Brushing my fingers across his chest.

Maria- I meant everything I said, last night.

Elijah- So did I. I’ll do anything for you.

I smiled and kissed his cheek lightly.

We just laid in my bed before I heard Elijah sigh softly.

Elijah- Maria, I have to go before anyone see’s me. I wouldn’t want this to ruin your reputation.

Maria- I wish you could stay.

Elijah kisses me one last time on the lips.

I playfully jump on top of him, placing kisses all over his face.

He smiled and giggled before lifting me off of him and gathering his clothes.

I took one of my blankets, covering my body as I helped him get dressed.

He laughed playfully as I lifted his arms up so I could put his shirt on.

He buckled his trousers while I buttoned his shirt.

Maria- Come see me later, okay.

Elijah- (smiles) Alright, I love you.

Maria-(smiles) I love you.

Elijah leaned in, kissed me before I checked to see if any guards were outside.

He left before the guards were back, sneaking his way out of the castle.

I closed the door behind him, picking up the bedsheets off the floor.

I went into my closet to find a dress to wear for today, maybe my red dress, I thought.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Guard 1: Your Highness, the king wishes to have a word with you in the drawing-room.

Maria- Tell him I have to get dressed and to wait for me there.

Guard 1: Of course.

I thought.

What could Charles need to discuss with me at this hour, it is only nine in the morning? Perhaps he knows of Elijah being here?

I worried about Elijah’s sake, Charles has always been protective of me since we were children. He chased away all the boys who wanted my affection. If he knew Elijah had spent the night with me, Charles would surely do anything in his power to keep him away.

I tied the strings to my dress, brushed the waves in my hair, and put some powder on my face.

I quickly applied rouge on my lips before leaving to the drawing-room.

I twiddle with my fingers as I walk towards the room.

I knocked on the door lightly and entered.

I could see Charles sitting on his desk, he smiled at me then got up to give me a hug.

Charles- Good morning, luna. How are you?

Maria- I am fine, thanks. Charles, what did you want to talk about?

Charles- I’ve received word from your father and he is away to the Americas with your older brother. He knows about Miguel and believes the ship will not make it in time for the burial. I’m sorry, Luna. He won’t be here.

Maria- Did he seem at all in grief? About Miguel?

Charles- He confided to me that this has been a shock and worries for your safety. But I assured him that I would protect you at all costs. He is grieving truly, Maria.

Maria- At least my brother has me. Thank you for telling me, Charles. And for everything, I love you.

I hug him tightly as he held me close to him.

Charles- Of course, I love you too Maria.

I left and closed the door behind me.

I didn’t know how to feel, that my father knows or this is all real.

I decided to walk in the garden for a bit, my guards close behind watching me.

I laid in the grass, feeling the blades of green in between my fingers.

How did my life come to this? My brother is dead and a vampire killed him?

I thought.

Maria- Guards, could one of you get Thomas for me? I want to lay outside with him.

Guard 2-Yes, Your Highness.

Maria- Thank you.


I waited in the garden when I heard Thomas's voice behind me.

I turned around to see him running towards me with the biggest grin on his face.

Thomas- Maria!

He jumped on top of me, hugging me tightly.

I lifted him up and stood up holding him.

Maria- My, how you’ve grown! Tis been only a day since I last saw you.

Thomas- I am growing every day!

Maria- Yes you are and into a fine young man I see. How are your studies?

Thomas- I am learning so much. Now, I am learning history. I read about your country and how great of a king your father is.

Maria- That’s wonderful! My father is a great king. I cannot wait for you to meet him. He is your grandpa now.

Thomas- Wow, My grandpa is a mighty king.

Maria- Yes he is amor, the mightiest.

I pinch his cheeks affectionately, Thomas playfully laughed.

Maria- Let’s now play, okay. We can look at the sky and look for shapes.

Thomas- Yes!

We sat counting the shapes we could see, our imagination running wild.


After playing outside all afternoon, I carried Thomas, who was sleeping, to his bed.

I laid him in bed and tucked him in.

Maria-(whispers) Te amo, Thomas.

I kissed his head lightly.

I could hear Katherina’s footsteps behind me.

Maria- Katherina? Can I ask you something?

Katherina- Of course, Maria. You can ask me anything.

Maria- No matter what, watch over Thomas for me. If anything were to happen, please protect him.

Katherina- Of course, I will, with my life.


I wandered around the castle, I couldn’t sleep. Lately, I’ve not had much sleep.

The sky outside was still not dark, I decided to go for a walk by myself.

I walked across the lit rose garden, sneaking off to my canopy bed.

I sat down, looking at the sky.

I heard a scream coming from the stables.

I turned and walked towards the stables.

I could see the door of the farmhouse wide open and dim light.

I quietly walked towards the door to see what happened.

The Light from the stables got brighter as I hid behind the door.

I could hear muffled voices, it sounded like a man’s voice.

I peeked through the side of the door, I could see the back of a man and be covered in blood.

I saw a body behind him, it looked like a woman.

I screamed in terror as I saw him bite her neck, draining the life from her.

He looked up when he heard me scream.

I stared out in sheer horror at his piercing glowing amber eyes. He had black veins under his eyes and was covered in the woman’s blood.

It can’t be.

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