A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Always and Forever

Earlier that day...

Kol- If I have to hunt for animals in the woods again, I’ll starve.

His face covered in blood, Kol angrily throws his glass.

Rebecca- Kol is right, there are guards everywhere. We can’t go to the village anymore.

Elijah- It is critical we remain cautious as Mikael is still out there and all of France is searching for Maria’s killer. We can’t go back to town.

Finn- Brother, what do you expect us to do?

Klaus- Well, I suggest we start considering the fact we might have to feed on Castle grounds.

Rebecca- Niklaus, I hope you are not suggesting we feed off the castle servants.

Klaus-(angry) It’s either that or we waste away. This is our father’s doing, he wants us to be exposed and lose everything we’ve built.

All the siblings just looked at one another, with pain in their eyes and all agreed on what they must do.

Elijah- I fear Niklaus may be right, this is our only option. Either we do this or run from our father. We all have something worth staying for, for one am tired of running from Mikael.

Rebecca- I am sick of running. We have to find Mikael and kill him.

Klaus- Once and for all.


Klaus’ POV:

I headed to the castle, I went to the kitchen.

I compelled one of the cooks to follow me to the horse’s stables and tell no one.

I waited for her to come as I hid in the darkest part of the stable.

My mind wandered to Maria.

What would she think of me?

I heard the wooden door open slowly, the young girl I compelled walking right in.

I told her to come closer.

My throat became dry from the lack of blood, black veins started to form under my eyes.

My hunger is growing stronger, I latch myself to her.

I sank my teeth into her neck, she let out a loud scream.

Not caring if anyone would hear as it was dark.

My hunger took over.

Suddenly I heard a scream coming from the door, I looked up.

It’s Maria.

A wave of emotions hit me as I realized what I have done, she knows what I am.

She looked at me with such fear and disgust.

Klaus-Wait, please... Maria, wait!

Maria- (yells) You’re the devil!

She quickly ran out of the barn, away from me.


Maria’s POV:

The Sounds of my screams echoed throughout the corridor. Fear had possessed me as I stared at the demon before my eyes. Blood coated his face like paint on a canvas.

The face of a man I thought I once knew was replaced with another like the monsters in her storybooks. As his golden-amber eyes pierced through mine, I mourned the man I loved and ran from the stranger in front of me.

Klaus- Wait, please... Maria, wait!

Ignored his calls as I ran into the forest to escape him. A deep fog blanketed the forest floor. The seams of my gown tore as I made my way through the woods.

A voice called out my name causing me to turn around. My heartbeat quickened and an overcoming chill coursed through my body as I knew I couldn’t escape him.

I backed away slowly getting closer to the edge of the cliff.

He pleaded to let him explain himself

Klaus- Please Maria step away from the cliff. Let me explain love, it’s not what it looked like.

A term of endearment that once made me blush now made me feel repulsed.

He slowly approached me.

Maria- Don’t come any closer. Get away from me, please. I don’t know who you are anymore, everything was a lie...everything.

I stepped back on the edge of the waterfall, slightly losing my balance.

Maria- I can’t love someone who kills with no remorse. You’re not the man I fell in love with, you’re... a monster.

Goodbye, Klaus.

Tears poured down my face as I turned her body towards the waterfall.

Klaus- Maria, No!!!

He sped to me, reaching out towards me with his hand but I had lunged into the water. Klaus jumped in to save me before I had reached the bottom. He could see the pain in my eyes as I stared at the sky while I was falling. Klaus tried to reach me but he wasn’t close enough.

My eyes welled up with tears as I let out a breath, I shut my eyes. My mind raced with thoughts of my family, friends, Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and my life before the Mikaelsons.

I prayed for forgiveness from God and my mother.

In seconds, everything changed.

A loud splash, as Maria’s body, hit the bottom of the water. The force of the fall killed her instantly.

Klaus was too late as he held her small frame in his arms. Staring at his love who was once the embodiment of life and light, lay cold in his hands.


He wept and ached with an unspeakable pain that left him feeling emptiness.

He held her tight to his chest, as he bit into his wrist trying to revive her with his blood. But he couldn’t hear her heartbeat, it was too late. He softly caressed her head, removing the strands of hair covering her face.

He let out a loud cry as he gripped ahold of her tightly in his arms. Praying that this all wasn’t real. Holding her cold hands in his.

As he looked out in horror, at his love, dead in her blood-stained gown.

Klaus- What have I done?

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