A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Leaving a Good Mark

They approached the end of the hall in a swift motion the doors were opened by two doormen. Inside the throne room were guards positioned throughout the room. There were two bronze thrones with wooden carvings, one for the king and her highness. The Mikaelsons noticed how young the king appeared also his wife as well. They seemed to be around their early twenties. King Charles VII was crowned king after his father unexpectedly fell ill this past summer. Since the age of eight, he has been preparing for the time to take his father’s place on the throne. At fifteen, he was arranged to be married to Princess Adelaisa of Italy so one day he may have the support of her country if enemies were to invade France.

King Charles was at the moment discussing some plans with other diplomats when he noticed one of his butlers entered the room with a group of strangers behind him. He told the leaders that he would arrange a meeting for later.

King Charles-Lucien, Who are our guests? I was not expecting visitors today.

Lucien- I beg the intrusion, your grace. This is the Mikaelson family. Lord Elijah, Klaus, Finn, Kol, and Lady Rebecca from England. They wish to stay in court for quite some time.

The King wasn’t aware he may be having guests from England so this took him by surprised.

King Charles- How odd? I may be new as King but I was positive I’ve met all the influential families from my allied countries. How is this so?

Elijah- It is an honor to be in your presence, your grace. Our family lives in a secluded castle in the countryside of England. Our father was never much of an advocate of socializing with others. He preferred the simplicity of the countryside over the city. On his behalf, we have come personally to introduce our family. With your blessing, We would like to stay in Court.

The King started to think about the man’s request as he noticed a young woman was with him. He was introduced to her before but now he could see her features more clearly. The young King took quite a liking to Lady Rebecca as her beauty outshined even those of his beloved queen and the ladies in court. He was in awe of her and appeared to become at a loss for words.

His decision was made.

King Francis- Well, I could you use new acquaintances in court. I accept your request and would be pleased to have you all ( looking at everyone and lastly at Rebecca). Please, Lucien, make sure my new friends are well accommodated. If anyone of you needs anything feel free to ask one of my servants for assistance.

The Mikaelsons all bowed and thanked the King for his generosity. Rebecca looked up at the dashing king and they both smiled at one another.

Each of the siblings was escorted to their separate rooms. Lucien informed them that there will be a feast tonight and the king would like them to join. After they unpacked their “belongings”, the siblings got dressed for dinner. Before they went to the feast, they all met in Elijah’s room to discuss feeding and how they should feed outside of Bourges. Elijah also made it clear they would not be allowed to drain anyone completely as it would raise suspicion. They would have to use compulsion to keep what they are a secret.

As they arrived at the grand dining hall, there stood in the center a long table with more than a dozen chairs on each side. The King sat at the end of the table and his queen sat at the end of the table. There were Lords and ladies from across France including some from neighboring countries. Leaders and other diplomats were present at the feast as well. The table was filled with deserts and other delicious foods. As the doors opened, revealing the Mikaelsons the King stood up and welcomed them. The King arranged for them to sit near him. King Charles stood up and proposed a toast and formally welcomed his new friends in front of all his guests. Many of them were very curious who these handsome strangers were. Some questioned how close the King seemed to them as they were strangers, especially in the court. The Mikaelsons started telling stories and telling jokes about their family. All at the table were very intrigued by them. Elijah grew very close to the King as throughout the night they conversed and bantered to one another. The King’s guests seemed to be smitten by the Mikaelson as the King was. They all laughed and drank the night away.

It seemed the Originals plan was working according to plan.

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