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The Princess

The Mikaelson’s have just fully settled into court, easily fooling other Lords and Lady’s with their charm and Klaus’s occasional wit. They have been in court for about a few days and have been getting along well with everyone especially their king. King Charles has invited them to dinners and even to special events that only the kings close circled were invited to. Charles understood what it was like feeling on the outside and felt bad for the Mikaelsons as they knew no one when they first arrived. Charles became rather close with the brothers especially Elijah as they shared the same humor and loved the same interests like swordplay. They were “close” in age so they could easily relate to many experiences they’ve encountered despite Elijah, in reality, was much older than Charles.

As the King became close with the family, he became more interested in Lady Rebecca. They have gotten to know each other more and Rebecca considered him a close friend but that’s not what Charles felt. He could have anyone as King so that wasn’t an issue even with his wife, she knew he can have other lovers. Rebecca knew his feelings but felt it would just complicate everything so she tried not to be romantically involved with the king.

Charles was especially chipper this week as he was informed a couple of days prior that his good friend more like a best friend from Italy would be staying in court for a while. Her name was Princess Maria de Luna of Naples. They had been childhood friends since they were five. Their fathers were friends as well as their mothers before Maria’s mother had died. Though they had been friends for years and Charles would visit Italy, Maria had never been to France.

Her father, King Charles Fernando, was very protective of her ever since her mother died and always kept a close watch on her as she was his only daughter. Maria’s mother had died when she was just eight years old, so her father raised her. Maria had two older brothers and a younger brother. Her oldest brother was Charles V and he was twenty years old, heir to the throne. Her second oldest brother was Miguel who was nineteen and by far her favorite sibling because of how close they were in age. He always looked out for her compared to her other brothers. Her youngest brother was Jorge who was about sixteen years old and of course, was her father's favorite besides Charles.

Maria’s POV:

Father has sent me to be in France for a couple of months to become more acquainted with the French court. I just turned eighteen so I was thrilled to find out my father will let me leave Italy. Back home, he never really let me leave the castle ever since mother had died. I think of her often and how I wish she could’ve been a part of my life. Father was devasted by her death and I think that’s why he was so determined to shelter me from the world to keep me safe. I begged my father for years to let me leave the castle. He finally gave me permission to leave and allowed me to visit France since I’ve never been. I am so excited to go to France especially since I get to see my good friend, Charles. I haven’t seen him in four years and a lot has changed. Now he is king and we have grown so much throughout the years. Charles is slightly older as I am eighteen and he was twenty-one.

I am arriving today so I am quite nervous to see Charles although I have known him since forever. Yet I fear he might have changed since becoming King of France.

I have brought my friend and a lady in waiting, Cecilia with me to France. She is one of my closest friends and I offered her to become one of my lady’s so we could be together. I trust her with my life and I am glad I won’t be completely alone in France.

As the driver informed us, that we would be shortly arriving at the Castle. My stomach started to toss and turn thinking about seeing Charles again. The only person I knew from France was Charles so I am nervous to meet others from Court. My English isn’t perfect but I am fluent in Spanish and French, so I hoped I wouldn’t have to speak in English. Father never really like the English language and believed it was too difficult to learn.

Cecilia noticed how anxious I was so she reassured me that there was nothing to be worried about. Her comforting words had eased my nerves. I also brought along my dog Stirling who was resting in the carriage.

I looked out the window of the carriage I could see how close we were to the Castle. It was bigger than I could have imagined. I smiled at Cecilia and continued to look outside taking in how beautiful France was. The Driver came to a halt and I realized that we were here. I could see the servants and Charles's family waiting outside but I couldn’t see Charles. I took a deep breath as I waited for the footman to open the door of the carriage.

First, Cecilia got out of the carriage then it was my turn. As the footman held his hand out for me, I stepped out of the carriage and look up at all the people waiting for me. I tried to look for Charles in the crowd but then the sound of horns caught my attention. All the people kneeled to the ground as the King had arrived. I couldn’t really see his features clearly but I knew it was Charles. As he started walking towards me, he suddenly stops for a second he smiles then kept walking.

I was shocked at how much of a man he had become. As he approached me, I could feel the knots start to form in my stomach. I couldn’t help smiling, I probably looked ridiculous smiling like an idiot but I didn’t care. I tried to contain myself because I was so tempted to run and hug him but I am a princess.


Now we are face to face and I am lost for words before I could say anything. Charles shyly bowed to me and I playfully smiled and bowed back. We then started laughing uncontrollably as he pulled me into a hug.

Maria-(smiling) Your Grace, it is my honor to be in your presence. (says jokingly)

Charles- (laughs) Luna please, we don’t need the formalities. I am still the same little boy that you chased around like a lost puppy.

Maria-(laughs) Me? You were the one chasing me as a kid. You used to trip all the time with those big old feet of yours remember, Charles. Look at you, you’re a leader now and running a country. Who would have thought?

Charles- I see not much as changed still with the same good old humor. Let us get inside before it gets dark. We have much to catch up on.

My servants gathered my belongings and placed them in my quarters. Charles and I went to his study to catch up on things. We spent hours talking and telling jokes. It was great seeing my Best friend and knowing he hadn’t changed much. He told me that after I get more comfortable that he has arranged a ball to take place at a castle in two days in my honor. He wanted to introduce me officially into French court. After my long journey, I decided to go to my chambers and rest.

As I tried to go to sleep, I had a good feeling I was going to enjoy my time in France.

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