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Who is She?

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Maria decided that she wanted to go into town to look around and get to know France a little bit more. She told Charles that she wanted to go into so he called one of his carriages to take her but she thought it would better to ride a horse to town instead to avoid drawing too much attention. Although she didn’t leave her home, her father was one of the most powerful kings in the world and thousands had seen her family portraits so some might know how she looks. Maria never really liked the attention that being princess brought to her so sometimes she’d sneak out in Italy to visit the city and dress like a commoner. Every week she would visit poverty-stricken areas and give the poor food. She loved talking with her people and the people adored her.

Charles was unsure about letting her go by herself but he knew that Maria could take care of herself. As a little girl, her father gave her private fencing lessons. He always thought even as a lady she should be able to protect herself. Maria used to play fight with her brothers all the time so they taught her how to fight.

Maria- I will be back before it gets too dark, okay Charles.

Charles-(Laughing) Alright but be careful. I know you can handle yourself but we know your father will literally kill me if anything happens to you. Are you sure you don’t want one of my guards to come with you?

Maria- I am fine Charles. I will be back soon okay. (kisses Charles on the cheek) Don’t wait up, Char.

Then she rode off into town. On a horse, it takes about ten minutes to get into town so it's close to the castle.

It was spring in France and the countryside was blossoming with colorful flowers. There was this beautiful pass with a field of lavender and a tall tree near the castle. The countryside was more beautiful than she ever thought. It reminded her of Italy in the springtime when the scent of flowers filled the air and the sun illuminated the sky. She started to miss home and her family especially.

After dozing off for a little bit, she noticed that she had arrived in town. She mounted off her horse and asked a nearby stable boy to watch over her horse. She noticed that nobody seemed to notice it was her and she sighed in relief. She started walking around absorbing her surroundings. There were shops everywhere and there was a market selling clothes and other goods. She started looking around the market and was amazed by all the beautiful things. Maria thought it was safe enough to lower her hood. She saw this stunning lavender fabric and smiled while looking at it. She thought it would make a beautiful dress so she bought a couple of yards from the kind vendor.

Mikaelsons POV:

The Mikaelson clan decided to head into town so they could buy new clothes for the ball Charles was having tomorrow night. They were informed that the ball was in honor of the arrival of a Princess from Italy. They wanted to make a good impression as this was the first ball they will be attending in court. It would be a get opportunity to socialize with different people from different parts of the country. As they arrived in town, Rebecca wanted to check out the garment shops first then go to the market. The rest of the boys went to the other shops to find outfits for the ball too. After they had finished they decided to walk around before going back to the castle.

As they were walking to go to the market Klaus, Elijah, and Kol all stopped as if they were paralyzed. Finn and Rebecca were confused, why were they acting so strange, so they tried to see what distracted their brothers. Rebecca found what was distracting them, was a girl in the market.

Finally one of the brothers spoke up as they stared in awe of the beautiful creature in front of them.

Klaus- Who is that beautiful creature?

Elijah- Who is she?

Kol-What is her name?

Rebecca- She seems familiar, I haven’t seen her in court before. Now I know where I recognized her from. She is the daughter of the King of Italy. I had seen her family’s portrait in the castle. Charles said her name was Princess Maria De Luna. She is the Princess that the king is throwing a party for.

Finn- What a small world. I wonder why she is by herself in town. She appears to be dressed as a commoner perhaps to hide her identity.

Rebecca- ( looks at her brothers) It appears that our brothers are in love. (laughs)

As the family was staring in wonder at the young princess. They noticed that she approached a beggar on the street. She knelt down to the old man and smiled sweetly and took a loaf of bread hidden in her cape and gave it to the man. He smiled and thanked her for being so generous. The Mikaelsons were so shocked by this sudden act of kindness as not many royals are kind to the less fortunate.

Rebecca- A pretty face with a heart of gold. How refreshing.

The Brothers were determined to meet the Princess. They just knew they had to meet her.

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