A Love to Lay (The originals)

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The Mikaelsons continued to observe the princess as curiosity got the best of them.

Maria’s POV:

As I was about to go to the stables to get my horse and get back to the castle, I noticed a young boy who looked like he was eight years old being picked on by a group of boys. In my heart, I had to stop it because no one deserved to be treated that way. I approached the boys picking on the poor boy and told them to leave the boy alone. They ran away and I approached the young boy lying on the ground. I held my hand out to help him up.

Maria- Are you alright?

Thomas- Yes, miss. Thank you for helping me.

Maria- Why were those boys picking on you?

Thomas- They were calling me mean names because I am poor.

Maria- My name is Maria but my friends call me Luna. What is your name?

Maria decides to buy an apple for the boy to cheer him up. The boy’s frown seemed to have disappeared as the young girl gave the apple to the boy.

Thomas- (smiles) Thank you, Miss Maria. My name is Thomas.

Maria-Hello, Thomas. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you alone? Where is your family?

Thomas-(frowns) Yes, miss. I don’t have a family. I am an orphan.

Maria looked at the boy sadden by how much this boy has gone through in his life. She saw a lot of herself in him. She always felt like an outsider compared to everyone else even though she was royalty. She could sense that he had a good heart and was a very bright boy. She couldn’t imagine that much potential being lost by living on the streets. She feared what would happen to Thomas if he continued on this path. She knew he wouldn’t be offered a chance at a good life. So she decided to do something unthinkable.

Maria- Thomas, Would you like to be a part of my family?

Thomas-(smiles widely) I would love that, Maria.

Maria- Please call me Luna. Now let’s go home. Remember little one, I will always be there for you because you are my family now.

Maria held onto Thomas’s hand as they headed to get her horse and go back to the castle. She expected to leave the market with material yet she left with a new addition to her family. She wondered how Charles would react especially her father.

The Mikaelsons saw the whole ordeal and were astonished by the act of kindness the princess displayed. How selfless she was in bringing in that orphan boy in when he had no one. Rebecca could see how good she could be for her family as they needed a bit of her warmth in their lives. She did notice that she could be the one thing that splits her family apart.

Her brothers were falling for her and in the end, she must choose one of them.

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