A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Let's Have a Ball

Charles was, well surprised to say the least, that Maria had taken in a peasant boy from town. He expected her to come back with maybe some trinkets, not a young boy. Charles knew that Maria always had a good heart so this didn’t come as a total surprise. He was just glad that Maria was safe back in the castle. Not many knew of her arrival besides those in court. Charles was afraid of her safety being the daughter of the King of Italy puts a target on her back. So he made sure to have his guards with her at all times. Maria, of course, wasn’t fond of the idea as she didn’t like being watched all the time but Charles had a point.

As the ball is tonight, The castle was preparing the final details for tonight’s festivities. Charles had invited everyone in court as well as the surrounding countries. It was going to be one of the biggest parties in France. He thought it would be entertaining if the theme were Masquerade. He wanted Maria to enjoy her time in Court so he made sure everything was perfect.

Maria was getting ready for tonight’s ball as Thomas was being fitted for his new suit. Cecilia had just finished getting ready for tonight wearing a gown that Maria had gotten her. Cecilia always appreciated how Maria had treated her instead of her servant but as a friend. She was helping Maria get ready before the guests arrived. Maria noticed that Thomas hadn’t seemed like his usual self so she asked him what was the matter?

Maria- (Looking down at Thomas) Sweetheart, what is the matter?

Thomas- (says sadly) What if they don’t like me?

Maria- Thomas, they will love you as I do. It’s alright to feel anxious even I feel that feeling quite often. (laughs) Right Now, in fact, I am nervous to be in front of that many people.

Thomas- You get nervous, Luna? But you’re a princess.

Maria- Yes, Of course, we do, we are only human.

Maria- Thomas, there is nothing to worry about. Remember mi amor, no one will ever hurt you again as long as I’m around.

They both smiled at one another. She turns him in front of a mirror while petting his hair and says Look how handsome you are. Thomas smiles and hugs Maria.

Maria- Now, we have a ball to attend. (says while smiling)

The Mikaelsons POV:

The Mikaelsons were all anxious to get to the Ball as they awaited, especially the boys to meet the young Princess. Klaus hadn’t slept much because of the many thoughts running through his head. Her face wandered in his mind. He hadn’t felt that kind of spark with anyone in a long time. After acting like a Monster for so long, he started to believe it himself. He couldn’t think he could feel again.

Elijah couldn’t sleep either as he thought only of her. He had spent countless years watching over Klaus and maintaining his family together. That he neglected his own happiness. Elijah had been with other women in the past but they all ended with pain and turmoil. He feared that he was ever to let himself feel again, he would lose them.

Kol had been fighting his inner demons for what felt like a millennium. He rarely ever thinks of love instead he thinks of indulging himself in the pleasures of life has to offer. The countless woman that had passed through his life, never truly leaving a lasting impression. His bloodlust overpowered much of his life leaving no time for love. He had never experienced love before and that frightened him. The Princess had such a hold over his emotions that he could not bear having her.


As the Mikaelsons walked into the Grand Ballroom wearing their masks, they noticed the number of people that arrived waiting for the Princesses entrance. Word had spread throughout the kingdom of a mysterious princess of the king of Italy. They all were curious who she was as they heard she was a heavenly beauty.

Guests conversed with one another as they waited for the princess to be announced. Charles was amazed at how the party turned out. He had musicians play and jesters as well had the cooks make an enormous feast with delicious desserts. he especially made sure the cooks prepared Maria’s favorite dishes from both Spain and Italy, honoring both sides of her family. The ballroom was beautifully decorated with brand new drapes from Persia and there were flowers everywhere.

As they all stood in anticipation, the grand doors had opened and the horns were blown signaling the arrival of the Princess. One of the king's men announced the arrival of Princess Maria de Luna of Naples, daughter of the King of Italy. They all bowed before her.

The princess was in complete awe of the party Charles had arranged and the number of people who’d come to see her.

Charles- Everyone, please, enjoy yourselves. The party has begun!

The Musicians began playing music and soon everyone began dancing. Maria looked up and noticed feathers beginning to fall from the air. She smiled as this all felt like it was a dream.

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