A Love to Lay (The originals)

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Let the Party Begin!

Maria’s POV:

I could feel the room's eyes on me as I walked towards Charles. It didn’t help that I was the only one wearing a red gown. I couldn’t believe he threw this spectacular party for me.

Maria-(smiles and hugs Charles) Thank you, Charles. Everything is so beautiful. Ti Amo da impazzire [ i love you so much]

Charles- Of course, Luna I would do anything for you. Now would you please do me the honor of a dance? (gesturing his hand out)

Maria-(smiles while laughing) My pleasure, My King

As they headed to the center of the dance floor, the crowd made room for the King and the Princess. The Mikaelsons were bewildered by the Princess's beauty. She looked so beautiful in her red gown. They all watched in awe of them as they glided smoothly across the floor hand in hand swaying to the beat.

Listen to Die for You by THE WEEKEND

Soon the other guests joined in and begun dancing. They danced with one another until the song ended. Then they parted ways as Lucien escorted Maria to meet her guests. One by one she met Lords and Ladies getting acquainted with all of them. Leaving a good impression on all of them. Although her Spanish accent lingered when she talked, her charm and sweet persona made up for it.

After a while of greeting many of the guests, Lucien escorted Maria to the final guests, the Mikaelsons.

The Mikaelsons could see the Princess making her way towards them. Her red dress complimenting her beauty comparable to a rose. The Mikaelsons brothers held their breaths in anticipation.

Lucien approached the family bowed and started to introduce the Princess.

Lucien- Lord and Lady Mikaelson, this is Her Royal Highness, Princess Maria de Luna Miguelo of Italy, daughter of King Charles Fernando IV of Italy.

Lucien- Your Highness, this is the Mikaelson family from England.

They all bowed and the eldest brother Finn kissed her hand. She smiled at him and continued to go inline introducing herself properly to each of them. She hadn’t noticed each of their faces until she greeted them individually.

Lucien- This is the eldest Mikaelson, Lord Finn Mikaelson of England.

Finn- It is my honor, your highness.

Maria-(smiles kindly) It is my pleasure

Lucien-(points to Klaus)Your Highness, this is Lord Klaus Mikaelson.

As Klaus looked up at the Princess, both of them seemed to have in a trance. It felt as if it was only them in the room. Maria held her breath and was at a loss for words. She thought Klaus was incredibly handsome and had the bluesiest eyes that one could easily get lost in. It was love at first sight. Rebecca could hear her rapid heartbeat and noticed the effect her brother had on her. Klaus softly placed a kiss on her hand. Maria couldn’t help but softly jump under his touch. His eyes piercing into hers.

Maria couldn’t imagine breaking apart from the Lord but Lucien interrupted their moment and introduced her to the next Mikaelson.

The thought of Klaus Mikaelson lingering in the back of her mind but She continued to introduce herself to the rest of the family.

Lucien- This is the second oldest brother Lord Elijah Mikaelson.

As Elijah bowed and looked up at the Princess. Maria could see Elijah's features clearly and was taken back by the slightly older handsome brother. Leaving her with the same effect as his brother Klaus did. Elijah had a warm aura about him and Maria felt drawn to him. His warm brown eyes gave her chills in her spine. Elijah leaned in and kissed her hand. Maria blushed and softly smiled at the Lord. Rebecca could see a pattern in the Princesses behavior as her heart quickened with both her brothers.

Lucien then introduced the final Mikaelson brother, Kol.

Maria couldn’t comprehend what she was feeling as she’d never felt that way towards any person ever. Being stuck in a castle didn’t help her meet potential suitors even though many wanted her hand. Her father allowed her to marry when she felt that she was ready.

Maria approached the last brother. He stood up and looked at the princess in awe. Kol felt as though he was in the presence of an angel. He was so frightened that he froze. He had never so vulnerable by another person before. He was a killer yet with one look she can easily tame him. He quickly snapped out of his daze smirked at the princess and gently kissing her hand. Maria blushed and lightly bowed at the Lord. Maria instinctively felt this attraction towards Kol that she couldn’t shake.

Rebecca was watching all of this go down couldn’t believe her brothers made the Princess’s heart skip a beat.

Lucien- Now this is the lovely Lady Rebecca Mikaelson

Rebecca-(bowing) It is my pleasure to meet you, Your Highness.

Maria- (to the Mikaelsons) Please call me Maria, I hate the formalities of my title. (giggling) Lady Rebecca, that is a Lovely dress that you are wearing. It really compliments your complexion.

Rebecca- Thank you, Maria. I have a feeling, we are going to great friends. (laughing) You look absolutely stunning in your gown. Red really suits you.

Maria-(giggling) That’s very sweet of you, Rebecca. I haven’t been in court for much time and I hope we can become great friends. The truth is I feel sort of out of place here. I don’t know a soul here besides Charles. (awkwardly giggles)

Rebecca-(smiles) If it makes you feel better, my family and I are all new to court as well. I understand how you feel.

Finn- Maria, how are you liking French court so far?

Maria- It's lovely, I love the countryside it’s quite beautiful. Charles I mean the King has been very welcoming.

Rebecca- If you mind me asking, how do you know the king?

Maria- Oh we have known each other since we were children. We have been close friends ever since. I am very grateful for Charles, he is a good friend. (smiles at Charles)

Cecilia and Thomas started making their way towards Maria as she still was chatting with the Mikaelsons. Cecilia approaches the group and bows and she is frightened when she looks to see the family she has been hiding from for centuries, the Mikaelsons.

Cecilia has been in hiding for years, running from the Mikaelsons especially Klaus. She disguised herself as Cecila but her real name was..... Katerina Petrova.

She had taken a position working for the King as the princess’ ladies in waiting. Katerina soon became very close friends with the Princess and told her everything including that she was a vampire. Maria was very shocked at first and couldn’t believe vampires were real. She only heard of them from storybooks as a child. She didn’t think the myths and legends were true. But she appreciated her friend’s honesty and let her stay. They had grown very close to each other ever since. But Katerina didn’t tell exactly who she was running from in fear of Klaus harming her friend.

Luckily they hadn’t fully seen her face and she politely asked Maria if she could speak to her for a moment. Maria politely excuses herself.

Maria- Cecilia, is everything alright? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.

Cecilia- Um I am fine but I can’t tell you now, Luna. I will tell you later. I’m sorry to interrupt your conversion but Thomas is feeling tired and I wanted to inform you that I was going to take him to bed.

Maria- Thank you, my friend. When you ready to talk I am here. I will see you later. Goodnight my love. (kisses a tired Thomas)

Maria continued her conversion with the Mikaelsons as Katerina walked steadily to the Princess’ quarters with Thomas. She then put Thomas to bed and left to go back to her room. Fear quickly took hold of her as she thought she could escape the wrath of Klaus Mikaelson.

But No one couple runs from the Originals.


Maria continued her conversation with the Mikaelsons and quickly bonded with them especially Lady Rebecca. Rebecca didn’t have many friends, well pretty much any since almost everyone hated her, and those who didn’t are dead. But she was glad that she could consider Maria as one. They all laughed, told jokes, and discussed various topics. Maria felt very comfortable with them and so she decided to do something bold.

Maria- I just had a wonderful idea! Would you all like to have tea with me tomorrow afternoon? I would love to get to more about my new friends from England.

Rebecca- How kind of you! Of course, we would be delighted.

The Mikaelsons all smiled at Maria as she exchanged the same gesture.

Maria- Wonderful, I can’t wait! I think I might have one dance before I go off to bed. It is getting quite late. (laughs)

Maria-(takes Rebecca's hands softly tugging it) Rebecca, please come dance with me. It would be so much fun!

Rebecca-(reluctantly) I don’t know...

Klaus- Come on, sister. Enjoy yourself!

Her brothers all smiled and agreed that should go dance with the princess.

Rebecca-(excitingly) Well, alright let’s go!

Maria-(directly to the brothers) Okay, It was lovely meeting you all. Goodbye

They all said their goodbyes before Maria dragged Rebecca through the crowd into the center of the dancefloor. The brothers smiled seeing how happy their sister was.

Maria-(to Rebecca) Come on, now let’s take our shoes off. Come On! (laughing)

Rebecca-(laughs) I like your spirit. Let’s go!

They both took off their shoes and playfully danced around in a circle. Laughter and sounds of music filled the air. The Guests saw what they were doing while some gave them second looks but many slowly joined in. The scene was picturesque like a painting in motion.

The Mikaelsons couldn’t help but stare in adoration of the young Princess who seemed to be a beacon of light in even the darkest corners of the earth.

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