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Annalise, born into royalty, heir to the Greemalian Throne. Part human, part Siren. Her whole life she knew nothing of the outside world other than her little island-kingdom, Greemalia. A safe place for humans and Sirens to roam freely. Not many people knew about the history of the island-kingdom. In fact, for a long time, Annalise believed that her kind were the only mythical creatures to ever roam the earth. But that all changes a week after she turned twenty-one , her parents send her away to an arranged marriage to the god-like specimen, King Kota... Or so she thought King Kota to the rest of the world, but in Calarrad, he is not only King, but... Alpha King. King to all Were kind, humans... Lycans Two different species, both know nothing of each kind. But Fate has a different story for them. A prophecy that has been told over a thousand years, Many believed it to be just a story made up by their ancestors. A Siren and a Lycan, mates? An abomination of the gods and goddesses. A war is coming between both species, will their love for one another be strong enough? The thing about a prophecy, is that, it will always be fulfilled, and sadly with this one... Blood will be split. Death.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Hi guys! Firstly, thank you all SO much for taking your time to actually read my book, this truly means a lot!

Secondly, please ignore any grammatical errors, or better yet, please kindly point them out for me in the comments, that would help A LOT!

and thirdly, thanks a mil again guys for actually READING,

ok without further or do... let us begin with the story...
(Nervously bites lip and takes a step back)



"Oh Annalise! You haven't even finished packing your bags!" Mother shouted as she stormed into my bedroom. "Annalise?" She called and I grumble. "Annalise, where are you?" She called out again and I sighed moving further into the comfort of my blankets. "Not here." I mutter moving deeper in the confinement of my bed. I hear her footsteps move around my bed, slowing down as she nears it. I hear her sigh as she sits on the edge of my bed.

"Sweetheart, we discussed this, we can't keep playing these games anymore." She sighs, gently removing the blankets revealing my face.

"Its not a game, mother," I mutter sitting up, "you and father are shipping me off to God knows where, to marry someone I don't know anything about!" I rant, "how is that fair? I don't even know his name!" I look at her, defeat evident on my face.

"We are not shipping you off," she rolls her eyes, "you were invited by the King and Queen themselves." I roll my eyes discretely, ''And I already told you, you will know his name when you meet him.''

"Of course! because that makes it even better." I mutter. "How sure are you that the Prince will even want to be with me?''

"Because, Annalise, call it a mothers intuition," her soft fingers gently caress my cheek and I close my eyes instinctively, "he'll be a fool not to fall for you." She smiles.

''Yeah, but what if I don't want him.'' I sigh, ''I want it to be real" I look into uniquely coloured grey eyes, "I want what you and father have." She smiles, and takes my small hands in hers, "and that you will my dear daughter, in time." I look down at our intertwined hands and sigh. We are quiet for a few moments before she gets up and tilts my chin upwards.

"I tell you what, if you feel nothing for the Prince for the first three months, you can come home." She sighs. I look deep into her eyes and see the sincerity in it. Well, that's something I guess.

"Fine" I agree and she smiles.

"Good! now, get to packing, the car will be downstairs in two hours ready to take you to the airport." With that, she kisses my temple and walks out leaving me alone in my bedroom. I flop back down onto my bed taking a deep breath thinking over my mothers words.

Come on Annalise, surely I won't fall for the prince in three months. I'll just live out the three months, and come back home where I'll meet someone else on my terms and fall in love. Right? That will work.

With this new mindset, I jump out of bed and head for the ensuit bathroom for a shower. Once I am done, I change into my outfit for the day, leaving my naturally long dark-curly locks to air-dry. With a swipe of mascara- to make the grey in my eyes pop- I dab a bit of lip-gloss and take one last look in the mirror. Pleased with my appearance, I glance at the watch on the wall noticing the time. I quickly finish packing, when Harry- our butler- knocks on my door.

"Good morning Anna," he bows and I smile in return, "the car awaits you downstairs, may I help with your bags?"

"Yes, thank you Harry." I smile gratefully.

Walking down the marble stairs, I notice my parents before they notice me, they seem to be having a whispered conversation. I pause mid-step trying to hear in on their conversation.

''secret---- The King agreed----because they are mates, Nadia.'' my father whispered. I tried to concentrate and listen carefully, but I was still quite far to hear anything.


''They---- she can't---- prophecy."

Prophecy? I try move a little closer to hear better.

''She has no clue what she's getting herself into.'' I hear my mother sigh a little louder, ''We have to tell her, Adonis. at least-''

''Tell me what?'' I ask, making my presence known. My parents look up at me with shocked faces.

"And what about a prophecy?" I press as I take my last step, now standing in front of them with an arched brow. Father clears his throat and they both straighten up with smiles on their faces.

They are definitely hiding something.

I notice mother seems to have been crying but is trying to hide it by hiding her face in the crook of Fathers neck. Father on the other hand, looks strangely happy.

Yep! Definitely hiding something.

"Are you ready, Annalise?" Father beams as he takes my arm linking it with his. Completely ignoring my question.

"Ready than I'll ever be" I say, sarcasm dripping off every word.

"Well then, come along, have something to eat before you leave." He ushers me to the eating hall, where breakfast has already been set. My parents sit on either head of the large table while I sit in the middle. It is a large table for just the three of us.

I ignore the fact that they both so easily ignored my questions. My parents wouldn't hide anything from me if it's important. That is a fact. Secrets are a big no in my family.

"This is a good opportunity for you darling" father smiles as he take a sip of his coffee,

"Opportunity?" I scoff.

"You're mother and I are very proud of you for agreeing to this." Technically I didn't have a choice. I nod with a forced smile, taking a piece of bacon into my mouth not bothering to reply.

"Indeed we are Annalise, the Prince will definitely be happy." Mother beams causing me to mentally roll my eyes.

"Annalise, however, you must remember-"

"I know father, " I sigh, "he will never know the truth about our family." Father looks over at mother with a sad smile, something flashing in their eyes.

"Its for the best Dear," mother smiles a sad smile, while father nods looking deep in thought.

''I just don't understand why I have to get married.'' I say to no one in particular and look out the large window, gazing over the beautiful ocean view.

''Anna,'' Father sighs and I know what he will say next, ''you are the Heir to the throne, you need someone to rule by your side, our people won't like having to be ruled by a lonesome Queen.''

''I understand Father, but why does it have to be arranged?'' I ask seemingly annoyed of the situation I'm in.

''Technically,'' mother cuts in, ''its not an arrangement, its an invitation of sorts, think of it as a chance to get to know each other, your Father and I can only hope that he falls for you.''

''I have no doubt that he will.'' Father adds with a proud smile evident on his face, ''and that is true.'' mother adds with the same look evident on her face, ''we made one beautiful daughter, Adonis'' she winks at Father.

My father is tall and well built for someone of his age. he always has he's hair cut short, and his once dark locks now grey. Unlike me, my father has brown eyes. My Father is the type of King who doesn't show much emotion to the public, he always has a rather stern look, he's always serious. He is the kind of person that is interesting to listen to, when he speaks, he speaks with confidence, and our people love to listen to him, they admire him and respect him. He is a good King, and an even better Father.

Majority of my looks come from my Mother, except my hair, I like to think I have dark hair like my father once did in his younger years.

Queen Nadia. Beautiful is the first word to come to mind when you see her. My Mother is tall and mighty. she has dark caramel skin. Her eyes, the first thing anyone notices, are as grey and mesmerising as the moon, they contrasts well with her complexion. Her wild hair is dark- long and curly, just above her ribcage. She's got curves in all of the right places, for someone of her age, she looks incredibly young...well that's because of her supernatural genes...

She's a Siren.

Sirens are a dangerous species. Very dangerous actually. But, they are also the most beautiful creatures known to man.

So how did my Siren mother and my Human father fall in-love? Well, it was love at first sight-so I've always been told. As much as it was forbidden for Sirens and Humans to ever interact, my mother instantly fell in-love with my father when she first laid eyes on him.

When my mothers kind- the sirens- found out about her love affair with a human, they exiled her, they banned her from never returning back to the ocean, and ever since that day, she never has. My father took her in, and over the years she had to adapt to her new world amongst humans.

Sadly, no human could ever know about my mothers existence, she had to hide herself and live as a human. It was hard for her at first, but eventually, she adapted to the human world. She has a heart of gold and our people adore my Mother as their Queen.

I never questioned their love affair, I always wanted to know more about it as a kid, but every time I did ask them I was always told the same story, and eventually I let it go. She always told me to stay away from the water when I was younger.

But, one day I rebelled against her wishes, out of curiosity. I was eleven at the time. The moment my body was submerged under the ocean, my body started to tingle and my legs went numb. I grew a tail. I was so scared and confused. I crawled out of the water screaming for help, thinking I was going to have a tail forever. Luckily, my father heard my screams and came rushing to the shore. When he saw me, he was shocked. He carried me all the way to the castle and my mother came rushing to me, shock was written all over her face when she saw me. My mother never spoke about her life before as a Siren. Ever since that day she told me about who she was and why I am the way I am.

Turns out, I am half Siren.

The King and Queen of Greemalia, both so different in every way, and yet together, fit so perfectly. They compliment each other. The love they have for each other is the kind of love I wish to have one day. Its pure, its raw, its beautiful, and it shows in the way they talk to each other, the way they look at each other, the way they Rule side by side, and I envy it more so now, given the situation they have put me in. I sigh once more and continue to finish my breakfast.

When it was time to say goodbye, I hugged both of My parents, noticing how they both looked sad yet happy at the same time. With one last final goodbye, I hopped into the awaiting vehicle and off we went. Sitting alone in the back, with only the driver in the front seat, I was once again left alone with my thoughts.

We would never work, our relationship will be based on a lie. He will never know the truth about me. I sighed, looking out the window as I watch the scenery fly by.

Greemalia is a small beautiful island-kingdom just off of Greece, surrounded by the most clearest and bluest waters. not many people know of our little kingdom, given the History of it, we prefer it that way... its safer for my mother and I.

With a two hour drive ahead of me to the airport, I decided to take a nap.


How was the first Chapter? What are your thoughts?

much love



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