Die For You (Sequel to A Love to Lay)

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Magic bound her, trapped in her ageless form. Awoken from her long-awaited sleep into a different world in a different time. As the seasons changed, her unaged body, it remained locked away, hidden from the world. Now that she is awake, nothing will stop her from escaping her past. She must walk in this new world as a ghost and her return must be kept a secret. But her past will soon catch up with her as secrets will be revealed. A secret that could change everything.

Romance / Fantasy
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Prologue: An End to a Beginning

Previously on A Love to Lay

The Sounds of her screams echoed throughout the corridor. Fear had possessed her as she stared at the demon before her. Blood coated his face like paint on a canvas. The face of a man she thought she once knew was replaced with another like the monsters in her storybooks. As his golden-amber eyes pierced through her’s, she mourned the man she loved and ran from the stranger in front of her.

He called out, Wait, please... Maria, wait!

She ignored his calls as she ran into the forest to escape him. A deep fog blanketed the forest floor. The seams of her gown torn as she made her way through the woods.

As she reached the edge of the forest, the sounds of the waterfall grew louder. She looked around for an escape but there was nowhere left to run. Panic started to set as she could hear the sound of branches breaking coming from the forest. A voice called out her name causing her to turn around. Her heartbeat quickened and an overcoming chill coursed through her body as she knew she couldn’t escape him.

She backed away slowly getting closer to the edge of the cliff.

He pleaded with her to let him explain himself

He says, Please Maria, step away from the cliff. Let me explain love, it’s not what it looked like.

A term of endearment that once made her blushed now made her feel repulsed.

He slowly approached her, carefully trying not to corner her.

Maria- Don’t come any closer. Get away from me, please. I don’t know who you are anymore, everything was a lie...everything.

She stepped back on the edge of the waterfall, slightly losing her balance.

Maria- I can’t love someone who kills with no remorse. You’re not the man I fell in love with, you’re... a monster.

Goodbye, Klaus.

Tears poured down her face as she turned her body towards the waterfall.

Klaus- Maria, No!!!

He sped to her, reaching out towards her with his hand but Maria had lunged into the water. Klaus jumped in to save her before she had reached the bottom. He could see the pain in her eyes as she stared at the sky while she was falling. Klaus tried to reach her but she wasn’t close enough. Maria’s eyes welled up with tears as she let out a breath, she shut her eyes. Her mind raced with thoughts of her family, her friends, Klaus, Elijah, Kol, and her life before the Mikaelsons.

She prayed for forgiveness from God and her mother.

In seconds, everything changed.

A loud splash, as Maria’s body, hit the bottom of the water. The force of the fall killed her instantly.

Klaus was too late as he held her small frame in his arms. Staring at his love who was once the embodiment of life and light, lay cold in his hands.


He wept and ached with an unspeakable pain that left him feeling emptiness.

He held her tight to his chest, as he bit into his wrist trying to revive her with his blood. But he couldn’t hear her heartbeat, it was too late. He softly caressed her head, removing the strands of hair covering her face.

He let out a loud cry as he gripped ahold of her tightly in his arms. Praying that this all wasn’t real. Holding her cold hands in his.

As he looked out in horror, at his love, dead in her blood-stained gown.

Klaus- What have I done?


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