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Chapter two - Arrival

Evelyn finally arrived to school. It was just like any other Private High School. Huge, with cafeteria, a huge yard and a lot of classrooms. She didn't notice that the uniform suited her that much. She signed some papers so, she can be treated like an trasfent student who only watches the lessons. But also, schools like that, have lots of egoism, jealousy and fights. She sat on a bench and waiting till the bell rings. A girl with her other friends came towards her to bully her.

"Oh, are you the transfer student? What a pity... I thought you didn't look so gross..."

"Stop it!"

"Oh, what an accent... Ah yes I forgot... You're British right? These British people suck..."

"If you want to challenge me, I know how to fight people like you!"

"Hey, hey stop." said calmly a boy. His golden hair, his hazel eyes, his smile made Evelyn fall in love with him

"Amanda, stop please. What did I told you?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, I forgot" Amanda said with a fake, innocent, shy smile.

"Sweetie?" Evelyn thought with lots of disappointment.

"You must be the transfer student. Hi, I'm Alex"

"Hi, I'm Evelyn"

This was the time that the bell rang. She ran towards her class to see what lesson she has now. She had physics, but the teacher didn't arrived yet, so she could watch her classroom. She got happy when she saw that Alex is hes classmate but then, she saw that unfortunately, Amanda is her classmate too. She immediately understood that Amanda and Alex are having a relationship which got her upset. But how she'll make friends?
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