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Have you seen a lot of romantic stories? Well, the 16 year old Evelyn from UK goes to Canada as an trasfent student. Does she learn new things about academics, or love?

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Chapter one - Introduction

My name is Evelyn Brown. Since I was a child I loved learning new things. I was the best student at school, I was receiving prizes for it, and I never disappointed my parents. One day, I received a mail from the principal of my school who said that I can be an trasfent student. I was so excited! He told me that I can go to an Private High School in Canada because there, the teacher admire my intelligence. I immediately said yes and I packed quickly my suitcase.

"Come on honey, you'll miss the airplane!"

"I'm coming mom!"

"Oh dear, you're an trasfent student! I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you mom...oh! You're right, I'll miss the plane. Bye!"

"Bye sweetheart!"

These words encouraged me so much. I took a taxi, I went to the airport and I arrived safely in Canada. Luckily, my aunt lives in Canada so, she could host me. Tomorrow is my first day of school. I'm wondering how it's like...
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