Queen of the Southside

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The Southside

Jughead POV:
Rumors started to spread around the town of a new gang coming to the Southside. The Serpents are getting tense over the news and are preparing for a fight.
The Ghoulies are gone for now until Malachai gets out of jail and now we’ve got another possible threat coming.
I can’t let the Southside fall, I won’t let it.


Maria’s pov:

Oscar said we’d live a normal in this town but nothing in my life has ever been normal. I was raised by gang members and the L. A street is where I grew up.
He wants to give me a chance for a better life. I know deep down he doesn’t want me to stay in the gang forever.
He always told me once you’re in, you’re in. Oscar is all I’ve ever had since my parents died when we were young. So he was made leader of Los Santos, my dad wanted me to follow right after him.

Oscar wouldn’t allow it, he wanted to protect me from that life. I still wanted in, they were my family and I would do anything for them. He let me get jumped in but I wasn’t allowed to be apart of it until I was old enough. He wanted to give me time to choose.

Our house was outside of the suburbs. It was nicer than our home in LA for sure. It had four rooms and two bathrooms. It was nearby a lake. It was quiet here, no city buildings just other houses and trees. It was different but I have to get used to it. Oscar got a job as a mechanic. He always loved cars and if he weren’t the leader of Los Santos, he would’ve been a mechanic. I’m happy for him that he now gets the chance to live the life he wanted.

He didn’t have much choice in joining the gang, dad forced him into it. When dad died, he was left with me and made gang leader.
He was only 20 and I was 14.
He deserved a better life than the one he was given. He has a kind heart even though he tries to hide it.

I could see the excitement on his face when he was looking at the house. He needed this, to escape.

Oscar brought some of his closest friends with him, Miguel aka Lucho, and Juanes aka Llaves. They were different from the other members, less hot-headed. My brother has known them since they were kids. Miguel was the fighter of the group but very loyal to Oscar. Juanes could steal anything, he once robbed a man blind just by hugging him.

Despite being in the gang, they were good guys who did occasionally bad things. They are like brothers to me. Oscar trusted few people in his life and they were the few he did. Being a leader made him more cautious and paranoid.

Now I just hope we can live as normally as possible.

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