Shackles of Desire - The IR Quartet - Book 2

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Chapter 23

Subhash looked towards the door on his right, where Ishani was hiding. He has to make sure they don’t realise she was here. He took a deep breath and walked out of his study.

He followed by Rajneesh, Ajeet and the other men entered the study. He gestured them to sit down but none of them did. Although he knew why they were here, still he questioningly looked at them.

As Ajeet handed him a cheque, he looked at it and then again looked at him questioningly.

“Cut that look on your face and give Ajeet the money,” Rajneesh instructed with impatient anger.

Taking a deep breath, Subhash held out his hand and handed the cheque back to Ajeet.

“I need the money Subhash Kaka,” he said gaping with confusion.

“I am sorry Ajeet, I can’t.”

Hearing him Rajneesh totally lost his patience. Striding up to Subhash, he menacingly looked at him.

“Give him the money or I’ll kill you.”

“Killing me will not solve the problem. I can’t give the money without Ishani’s signature. Ajeet doesn’t have the authority to withdraw money from the trust,” Subhash said looking at Ajeet.

“But I am the co-owner of the trust,” Ajeet cried out.

“Yes you are but your grandmother did not make you the authorised signatory. Without Ishani’s signature, you can do nothing. Only she has the right to withdraw money from the trust.”

Rajneesh grunted angrily and was about to strike Subhash when Ajeet stopped him.

“No Bhaiya. Don’t do anything here. I’ll talk to Di. Trust me she will give me the money.”

Rajneesh lowered his hand and started to turn away.

Ishani’s breathing was tightening with every word that she heard. She couldn’t believe Ajeet would turn his back on her. She pressed her hand hard on her mouth to silence the cries escaping her.

Subhash almost heaved a sigh of relief watching them leave.

But suddenly Ajeet turned as he reached the study door.

“What if something happens to Di?”

Subhash’s jaw became rigid just as he heard him.

“Well, you should pray nothing happens to her because you don’t get anything without her signature.”

“Who inherits the trust if she is not there to sign?” Ajeet again asked.

“I’m not going to answer that Ajeet.”

“And now I am going to ask you to leave, please.”

Subhash followed them to the door and stepped out just to make sure they had left. Then he stepped inside the threshold and closed the door. Not convinced they had left the building, he quickly walked to the study window and looked outside. He heaved a sigh of relief watching them leave. He even counted the men with them just to be sure.

Then he quickly went and opened the door of the coat cabinet where Ishani was hiding. The look on her face broke his heart. He pulled her towards him and hugged her hard.

Ishani stood lifelessly in his arms as the seconds slowly passed by. Her mind had somehow shut down all of a sudden.

Slowly the tears started to roll down and she broke down in Subhash’s arms.

The events of the past days had finally taken a toll on her and the final nail in the coffin had been Ajeet’s betrayal.

And to think she had given up everything for him.

Subhash steered her towards the sofa and made her sit down. Then letting her go, he poured a glass of water and offered it to her.

Ishani took a sip and let the water slowly pass through the sinews of her throat. Resolve tightened within her as the cold water settled inside her stomach.

She won’t let them win. She can’t.

She can’t let them win.

Most of all she can’t let him win.

He is not taking everything away from her. She won’t let that happen. Even it meant going against the brother she loved the most.

“Subhash Kaka, I need you to do something,” she said with authority keeping the glass down on the table.

Subhash looked at her questioningly.

Tightening her jaw, she said, “Take away Ajeet’s name from the trust.”

Her words shocked Subhash and he was about to open his mouth to say something when her raised hand silenced him.

“Just do as I say please. I believe my signatures should be enough.”

“How soon can you get this done?” she asked getting up from the sofa.

Subhash looked at her and then answered with a sigh, “By tomorrow.”

Nodding, she picked up her bag and was about to leave, when Subhash stopped her.

“I’ll drop you,” he said when she looked at him questioningly.

She was opening her mouth to refute but he stopped her.

“I don’t trust them Ishani.”

Maybe reluctantly or with willingness, she agreed.

As their car left the building, another one just behind them was about to follow but then stopped.

“Why did you stop the car?” Rajneesh asked with irritation.

The man in the driving seat gave him a frustrated look.

“Can’t you see she is not alone?”

“How does that matter? We finish them both.”

“Rajneesh sometimes use your brains. We need the lawyer if you want your hands on the trust. You made a big blunder by involving Ajeet. He can easily be swayed. He is an emotional fool. One word from her sister and he will go running to her. Now you will listen to me and do as I say. We will take care of her later. I don’t want anything linking her to us. Get that inside your head once and for all.”

Saying this, the man started the car and turned it in the opposite side, and drove off.

Ishani sat down on the sofa in her drawing room just after Subhash had left. Pressing her temples, she tried to ease the tensions jumbling her mind but she knew there was nothing she could do but wait. Once the trust papers were changed, she can easily get the NGO back.

She was thinking all of this when her phone rang. Picking it up from the table, she looked at the caller ID and panicked.



Jithu must have spilt the beans.

Hesitating for a second, she answered the call.

“Hello!” she greeted, bracing herself for the attack.

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