Shackles of Desire - The IR Quartet - Book 2

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Chapter 32

He tried to move his eyes away with all his might but they still stuck to the dried drops of blood.

Flashes of another time bombarded his brain.

Shaking his head vigorously, Rudra tried hard to brush off the images but they just kept coming back one after another. Without even thinking twice, he shifted his gun to the left hand and picked up a broken glass piece from the floor.

Then he gripped it hard in his right palm deepening the cut more. As pain sliced through his veins, the images slowly ebbed away.

However, their remnants remained.

Ignoring, he pushed himself ahead and strode towards the place where there were more drops of blood.

An hour ago

Rajneesh moved Ishani towards the corridor and started dragging her body along it. Although his friend had told him to take care of her wounds first, he had refused to do so.

She could be dead for all he cared.

Just as he reached the corner, he dragged her inside a room.

You will die a very painful death; I have made sure of that.

Smiling to himself, he dumped her into one of the corners. Then taking out a syringe from his pocket, he injected the liquid in her blood. Just as he was about to take out the needle from her vein, a thought crossed his mind to do the proper job but then one look at her face and he pulled out the needle with full force.

Throwing the syringe away, he pushed her body with his feet.

No movement!

No worries, eventually she will wake up but not before he has stripped her off completely. For now, her drugged mind would drive her motionless.

Instinctively, his hand went towards his face and he started to trace the scar she had given him.

The scar, which had been carved on his heart and mind.

I’ll give you a slow and painful death, my dearest sister. And naked bodies catch more cold.

Without giving her another look, he sidestepped and opened another door behind him.

The cold storage!

He entered it and made a beeline for a huge box, which was kept against the wall. Opening the box, he looked inside.

Good! At least his friend had followed his instructions.

He touched the water inside the container and smiled. It would be so much fun to watch her slowly freezing to death.

“I hope everything is as you wanted.”

Rajneesh smiled widely and turned.

“You have done wonderfully. Now help me,” he said to his friend standing at the doorway.

The man sighed inaudibly and followed Rajneesh to the corner. But just as Rajneesh started to strip her, he turned away. Somehow he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from lusting her if he looked at her naked body.

“It’s done.”

Still, he did not turn.

“Come on what are you waiting for?” he heard Rajneesh ask.

“Can’t you just drag her in?”

“Samar what’s wrong with you?”

Samarveer Sangawat turned around and tried his best to avert his eyes from the woman lying naked on the floor. But somehow his eyes just couldn’t look anywhere else.


Forcibly he closed his eyes and shoved the image out.


“Let’s get this done.”

Both of them picked her up and took her inside the cold storage, and went straightaway to the container. Lowering her down on the floor, Rajneesh gestured towards the rope Samar had brought with him.

Samar loosened the rope and started tying Ishani’s hands and legs. When he was done, he straightened.

Rajneesh looked at him angrily and shoved him aside.

“Since when did you get all soft? These ropes are all loose,” he said tightening the knots harder than before.

Samar didn’t say anything. He just kept looking at the woman lying at his feet. If only he could take his eyes off.

“Can we please get this done quickly?” he asked totally irritated.

Rajneesh nodded and they picked her up and dropped her inside the container full of water. The water splashed out a little with impact but they didn’t notice it at all. Rajneesh went and started the thermostat for both the room and the container.

Dragging the chair, he ordered Samar, “Get someone to clean the place. I don’t want any traces.”

Samar relayed the instructions to his men and looked at Rajneesh.

“You are going to sit here?”

Rajneesh looked at Samar and nodded.

“I wouldn’t miss the sight of HER dying for anything in this world.”

Shaking his head, Samar turned away and started to leave. As he reached the door, he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He fetched it out and answered the call.


What his man told him shook his whole being. Disconnecting the call, he rushed to Rajneesh.

“We need to get out of here.”

Rajneesh looked at him and shook his head.

“I am not leaving.”

Finally, Samar lost his patience with Rajneesh. He grabbed his collar and pulled him up from the chair.

“If we don’t get out now then Rudraveer Sangawat is going to use us for target practice. Now I don’t know about you but I sincerely do not have a death wish.”

Rajneesh’s eyes widened with the mention of that name. Flashes of what had happened in the Jaipur hotel filtered through his mind and along with anger came a strike of fear.

“Come on let’s go. Nobody will ever find her here.”

As Rajneesh heard him he shrugged him off and went towards the thermostat switch. Raising the temperature, he gestured to Samar to help him pick up the container lid.

Together they placed and locked the lid in its place and rushed to the door.

Thank God, his men had already left.

He quickly looked here and there for traces but found none.


Rajneesh came outside and Samar impatiently waited for him to lock the door. The moment he finished they ran out of the corridor.


Ishani’s senses started to stir as seconds changed into minutes. But the moment she woke up fully, her breathing spluttered with water entering her lungs and she felt a severe chill gripping her body. She closed her mouth instinctively and looked around but didn’t quite decipher where she was.

She tried to move her body but her hands and legs were severely tied. Somehow she realised that she was inside a box. Her struggles increased as she twisted her hands and legs to free them off the ropes but nothing happened.

The chill in the water was becoming unbearable but still, she struggled to free herself.

She was not giving up so easily.

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