Shackles of Desire - The IR Quartet - Book 2

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Chapter 34


That was the first thing that his mind shouted in full throttle.

She can’t die.

He needed to act fast.

Her stark nakedness stared at him almost taunting. Ignoring it, he let her body rest against the box again and then took off his coat. He pulled out his shirt from the confines of his trousers and then just grabbed the sides and pulled hard, shattering the buttons. Shoving the shirt aside, he pulled her body towards him.

And without thinking twice about it, fused her to him.

The first contact chilled him but he brushed it off. Picking up his coat from the floor, Rudra wrapped it on her back trying his best to provide heat as much as possible.

She isn’t breathing.

Her lungs must be full of water.

She needs mouth to mouth.

The thoughts ran through his head one by one. Releasing her, he laid her down on the coat on the floor. Then he tilted her head backwards and lifted her chin a little to open the airway. The moment her mouth gaped open, he pinched her nostrils and lowered his mouth to hers, and started blowing air.

Just as he saw her chest rise, he let go.

But even after trying 5 times, she didn’t respond.

Cursing hard, he pressed the heel of his right hand on her chest and clasped it with his other hand and started the chest compression.

There was no response even after thirty compressions.

He repeated mouth to mouth twice but nothing changed.

She lay there as cold and motionless as death could be.

Dammit, Ishani! You can’t die on me. I am not letting that happen.

Not giving up, he started them again.


“She is coming,” Viman replied from outside the door.

Annie burst into the room just as he was finishing his 6th round. He was fusing his mouth to Ishani’s when her anguished scream almost stopped him.

“What are you doing?” she asked lowering herself to the floor.

Ignoring her, he continued with the mouth to mouth.

And this time as he saw her chest rise with his breath filling her, he felt a rumbling in her chest. Letting go, he lifted her chin a little to open her airway more and instantly, she coughed hard and water gushed out from her mouth.

“Ishani!” Annie called out and came to her side.

Even though she was breathing, she was still unconscious, which was definitely not a good sign.

“Annie, the clothes,” Rudra ordered as he stretched his hands towards her.

Annie took one look at his determined face and handed him his shirt and trousers.

Snatching them from her, he slipped the trouser legs through Ishani’s and then quickly lifted her upper body and slipped the shirt on her.

The moment she was dressed, Rudra lifted her in his arms and almost ran out of the room.

“Get the car ready and let Amar know we are bringing her in. Let him know what happened and ask Kabir to take care of the press. I don’t want any media,” he relayed to Ram and Viman the moment he met them outside.

Annie ran after him and watched as he rushed towards a huge black SUV standing at the corner of the road. One of the men standing beside it opened the door for him and he slipped inside.

She ran to the car and opened the front door.

“Where are you taking her?” she asked trying to get it.

“To the hospital Ms Mohan,” Rudra replied, impatience driving an edge into his tone.


Annie watched as Ram opened the driver door and slid into the place.

“Start the heater!” Annie heard Rudra order.

A blast hot air hit her face in full blow within seconds. She tried to slip into the passenger seat but was suddenly pulled out of the car by someone. The door closed before she could do anything and within seconds it was gone.

She watched helplessly at the dust swirling in its aftermath.

“Ms Mohan?”

Dazed and confused, she turned, all in the mood to bash whoever had dared to pull her out of that car. But just as her eyes fell on the man standing in front of her and just as her brain registered his stretched hand gesturing towards the car stationed on the right with open doors, she dropped the idea.

Without asking any questions, she rushed to it and slid on the passenger seat.

Rudra pressed the button on his right and instantly a smoky black screen separated the front from the back. The minute it slid into place, he pulled her to him.

The heat inside the car was getting to him but he ignored it. Right now, all his attention was on the woman lying motionless in his arms.

Lifting his hand, he removed the strand of hair that was stuck on her face and instantly grimaced as her fingers touched her still wet hair, which was tied in a tight bun. He extended his hand and pulled the band hard, and her hair tumbled down on his hand.

The raw smell of her wet hair wafted to his nostrils and his hand clenched into a fist trying to shove everything that it reminded. He waited for his demons to take over his mind but instead of that intense burning hatred and bitterness, his mind conjured images of them conjoined together in different places.

Knowing what was going to happen next, he tried summoning all his control to stop it from happening.

Rudra closed his eyes and breathed hard but his eyes snapped open when none of the sensations zipping through his mind travelled south. Instead, a strange feeling started to take hold of him.

Anger mixed with protectiveness mixed with a sense of dread.

As if driven by an innate force, he clutched her body more into him and wrapped his arms around her tighter.



That was the first thing his mind shouted the minute that name slipped out. However as his eyes rested on her unconscious face, he forgot everything.

“Wake up!” he commanded.

There was no response.

“You are not dying on me. I am not letting that happen, not now, not ever.”

The rawness of his emotion constricted his throat surprising the hell out of him.

Before he could think anything else, he felt his head lowering down towards her. His forehead touched with hers and then his lips landed on hers.

Instinctively, he kissed her with every emotion slithering through his veins.

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