Shackles of Desire - The IR Quartet - Book 2

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Chapter 39

Mohini and Adarsh Solanki entered the hospital and instantly saw Namish sitting next to Annie talking with her.

Namish got up the moment he saw his parents. He approached them and told them everything.

Mohini came and sat down next to Annie and placed her hand on hers.

“He is using her as bait,” Annie said, tears clogging her throat.

Mohini looked at Adarsh who answered her gaze with a nod.

He placed his hand on Annie’s head and patted it affectionately. Then he looked at his son and gestured him towards the long corridor leading to the ICU.

Just as Adarsh turned the corner, he stopped. His gaze fixed on the figure standing in front talking with one of the doctors. He slowly approached him.

“Shekher Sangawat!”

Shekher trembled inside the second he heard that voice. It brought back painful memories of the past but it also reminded him of a friend who had helped him in an hour of need. He turned slowly and looked at the man whose father had been one of the reasons why Rudra was alive today.

“Adarsh Solanki!”

Even though the friendship lingered in the depths of their eyes but happiness didn’t stretch the corners. They looked at each other and just nodded.

“We meet again,” Adarsh said and this time his mouth stretched in a forced smile.

Shekher sighed and closed the distance between them.

“Adarsh, I—”

Adarsh’s raised hand stopped him in mid-sentence.

“I don’t want any explanations from you. Just tell me where she is.”

Shekher gestured towards the corridor they had just crossed and led the way. They stopped in front of one of the rooms and Shekher opened the door and gestured them inside. By the time Adarsh and Namish entered, Mohini and Annie also stepped inside.

Amar was checking the heart monitor when Shekher came in. He looked at him and was about to say something when Adarsh’s face materialised from behind. His hands stopped midway and the minute he saw Mohini enter, he flicked his shocked gaze back at Shekher.

Shit! Has Rudra seen them?

As if by telepathy, his question had transferred to Shekher because Amar saw him shake his head and mouth a no.

He moved away from a little from the bed and gestured the other staff to leave. He saw Adarsh move towards the bed and place a hand on Ishani’s forehead.

Caressing his lovingly, Adarsh let out a heavy sigh.

“I wish she would listen to us and stay with us in Jaipur then none of this would have happened.”

Mohini entered the room along with Annie and both made a beeline for the bed.

“We are taking her with us this time. I’ll not listen to her and neither should you, Adarsh,” Mohini said as she clasped Ishani’s hand tightly in hers.

“Mohini Aunty that would be the best thing. But before that, please stop that man from using her as bait. Rajneesh will surely kill her this time,” Annie said in a pleading tone.

Shekher was about to defend Rudra when Namish butted in.

“Dad, Annie is right. You’ve got to talk to him and make him understand that she is not a thing to be used.”

Nodding and agreeing with his son, Adarsh straightened and looked at Shekher.

“I believe it’s time we had a proper chat Shekher. And I believe it’s time your nephew realised that everybody doesn’t work along with his wishes and whims. My niece is not a plaything and neither is she his property.”

“I would request all of you to please wait outside. She needs rest,” Amar said in an authoritative tone.

Adarsh looked at him and then walked out of the room followed by everyone else. Just as they reached the corridor, Adarsh turned towards Shekher.

“What is going on Shekher?”

Shekher didn’t know what to say. For the first time in a long time, he was completely at lose.

“Namish arrange for security. I want 24 hours security in and around that room. I should have known Shekher that you guys will shy away from all of this.”

He was about to say something but suddenly stopped as a figure materialised in the periphery of his vision. He turned a little and looked straight at it.

Rudra stopped in his tracks as his eyes registered the person in front of him. The face reminded him of nothing more than the events of his past. He wanted to forget these faces.

All of them.

Shaking his head, he shoved the images in the deep recesses of his mind; now is not the time neither the place.

He strode to the group and looked at his uncle. Something was wrong.

A thought rushed passed everything tangible and sensible going through his head and lodged itself right at the centre. He brushed passed the group and strode urgently towards the room where she was.

But before he even opened the door, he stopped suddenly. Turning sharply, he looked at Namish and his eyes narrowed with anger.

On the phone, Namish was instructing someone to arrange for security.


“Take his phone away,” Rudra said the minute Mayank came and stood next to him.

The phone was snatched away instantly and Namish stared at Mayank in shock. And then his gaze flicked to Rudra whose eyes had already squared with hostility.

“How dare you?” Namish charged.

But it didn’t have any effect on Rudra. He turned briskly towards the group and looked straight at Adarsh Solanki.

Adarsh stared for a second and then he placed his hand on Shekher’s shoulder.

“Shekher I believe your nephew needs to understand that she belongs to us. We are her family and we decide whether the security is required or not. He doesn’t.”

“She belongs to me.”

Adarsh slanted his eyes and looked at him. Then he strode up to him and looked straight into his eyes.

“You are nothing like your father. Vikram had compassion, but you don’t, I can see that. Mohini, didn’t I tell our Veera is dead. He can never be Uma’s son.”

Rudra’s features started to shake with rage just as he heard Adarsh. Every word he said reminded him of that night, reminded him about his mother and father, reminded him about his sister; reminded him of what he had lost.

Reminded him of her betrayal.

He could see Viman and his uncle rushing. He could feel Mayank and Ram trying to persuade him to walk away. He could feel the images taking the centre stage of his mind. But this time he did not budge. He stood there as anger and those dreadful images flooded all his senses.

“Kill her!”

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