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Chapter 46

“She is awake!”

Those three words landed like a bomb inside Rudra’s mind. For a second, he couldn’t think, couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything but clutch the phone to his ear.

Just as the words settled, an instinctive rush pushed him to his feet. He ended the call and was about to run out of his office when his inner voice stopped him.

Get a hold of yourself!

Breathing hard, Rudra backed and settled in his chair again. His mind was already racing.

Right now, there will be a hell of a lot of people swarming her. Let her enjoy the attention and calm.

He would wreak havoc when needed.

He fetched his phone and typed a message.

‘Release him. Make it look like an escape.’

He pressed the send button and closed his eyes.

Ishani Raijdas, you don’t even know what is coming your way. Waking up was your biggest mistake but if you didn’t wake up then it would have been no fun.

He was about to go back to work when suddenly his phone buzzed. The second he answered the call, Amar’s voice came through.

“She has gone into shock. You better be here. This can easily escalate to something else.”

The urgency in Amar’s voice was enough to shoot warning signals in his head.

Panic was not an emotion that Rudra harboured but this time as he slipped in the driver’s seat of his Hummer, he couldn’t help but feel an alarming dread surge his brain. Even thinking about the past didn’t help. It only increased the feeling.

Maybe it was the panic or the shock, but Ishani did feel the sensations coming back to her arms and legs. Without thinking she started to twist her legs and raise her arms; however her flailing arms were continuously being contained by the hospital staff.

Her body constricted with the knowledge of the past events. The feeling of cold water settling in her lungs and immobilising her body suddenly returned and she gulped, coughing hard to keep it out.

The gunshot, the fall, the painful reminder of slow approaching death just returned and this time their impact was more than she could take.

Her mouth opened in silent screams as the events played one by one in her mind.

Suddenly something was punched into one of her arms and every sense in her silenced without any protest. Slowly the pain lessened and the panic eased as her eyes drifted close.

But before her body completely gave into sleep, her vision registered some familiar faces standing at the door, their eyes filled with anxiety.

One more face appeared as it leant towards her and everything in her just revolted but before she could do anything else her senses gave away.

Rudra watched her eyes widening with rage as they centred on his face and then close. Before he could say anything, the room flooded with people.

Annie practically shoved him aside and leant close to Ishani.


“She is sleeping, Ms Mohan,” Amar said checking the vitals’ monitor.

Annie’s anger flared and she was about to rebuke but she stopped herself. Better not waste any energy on these people.

“You said that she was stable, then how come this happened. Even a layman can understand that she is not stable,” Annie asked shifting her line of attack.

Ignoring her, Amar continued to check the monitor and then instructed one of the nurses on some changes in medicines.

As he was going out, Annie grabbed his arm and was about to ask again when he stopped her.

“Ms Mohan, not everyone here is a layman like you. She has gone into emotional shock, which is normal after a traumatic experience. Her vitals and everything else is normal. Now I would request all of you to leave the room so that she is not disturbed at all.”

Shaking her arm off, Amar gestured to one of the nurses to take them out of the room. As he exited the room, he almost collided with Kabir.

“Get that woman out of here before she starts world war III with Rudra.”

Kabir looked at him with confusion and then nodded realising who he meant. He waited for Annie to exit the room and then approached her.

“I believe you would like to have a look into the security we are planning to provide,” he said looking from her to Namish.

Annie flicked her eyes at him and then after watching him for several seconds nodded.

The minute the room was empty, Rudra re-entered.

You don’t need to be here, his inner voice told him.

I know that. But—

But what?

Rudra closed his eyes trying to shove his annoying inner voice but failed.

Don’t tell me you’re going soft on her.

SHUT UP, Rudra inwardly shouted.

I need to be here to make sure she doesn’t escape.

Amar entered the room and found Rudra sitting next to Ishani’s bed. As he checked her vitals and the drip, he could feel his eyes following each and every move of his.

“You know when I said that everyone should leave this room, I meant you too.”

Ignoring him, Rudra flicked his gaze at her face.

“She needs rest Rudra. And definitely some alone time. You have to give her time to come to terms with everything that has happened. You being here will only make her situation worse.”

Rudra got up from the chair as Amar came and stood in front of him.

“Are you saying this has happened because of me?”

Amar sighed heavily hearing his friend’s angry tone. He placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it a little.

“You know I didn’t mean that. But you’ve got to understand that she is raw from all that has happened. Be it what you did or what Rajneesh did. So give her some time, coz if you don’t then you’ll make her more stubborn than what she already is.”

“They will take her away from here the moment I leave this place.”

“Seriously Rudra? You believe they can do that? With all the security you have put in? We have our men here guarding her 24 hours. You have me here. So for once just trust us all and leave.”

Saying this Amar opened the door and gestured him to step outside.

Rudra flicked a gaze at the woman on the bed and then turned towards the door. Just as he was leaving, he was about to warn Amar when his narrowed eyes stopped him.

“Being her doctor, I can make the decisions on her behalf. And I have decided that I don’t anyone here who would further aggravate her, be it you or that friend of her’s.”

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