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Chapter 47

It had been more than a month since she had woken up. But still, the after-effects of everything that had happened were like a trigger in her head. She would sometimes wake up shivering at night, an icy chill encompassing her body from all sides while sometimes she would feel pain flutter through the deep recesses of her brain and lodge itself somewhere so unreachable that blocking it would be impossible.

But she wasn’t alone in all this.

There was someone who would hold her while the memories tormented her.

When she would wake up shivering, suddenly strong arms would catch and hold her hard and a steady and powerful heartbeat would take the chill away.

Somebody would brush her tears off when she would cry out with pain. Every time a tear would be brushed there would be more falling one after another relentlessly and those arms would hold her and untiringly wipe her tears off.

Ishani was thinking of all these things when, the door of her room opened and her therapist, Dr Shubhani Parthasarthi walked in. She smiled weakly greeting the doctor inaudibly.

Her therapeutic sessions were helping but not that much. She would be fine one minute and in the next something would remind her of everything.

“How are you feeling today?” Dr Parthasarthi asked sitting down next to her bed.

Ishani again smiled weakly. She didn’t know how to answer this. Every day everyone would ask her this question and she would just smile.

How was she supposed to feel?

Would the passing hours be enough to heal her mental wounds?

Maybe they would be in the future but now—

She closed her eyes and laid her head back on the pillow.

She wanted those arms back. At least they took everything away from her till they were around her.

And that heartbeat, so calming.

“Doctor, can I sleep with the light on at night?”

Dr Parthasarthi smiled and then shook her head.

“I would be better if you don’t. It would only disturb your sleep.”

“Does anyone stay in my room at night?”

Dr Parthasarthi was taken aback a little. She wasn’t supposed to know that. He was only supposed to keep a watch on her and not let her know of his presence.

“No, Ishani, nobody stays in your room at night. A nurse might visit you sometimes but not always. But why are you asking this?” Dr Parthasarthi couldn’t help ask.

Ishani raised her head to look at her and then rested her head back on the pillow. Her back had started to ache in this position already. And she wasn’t in the mood to have a session right now.

She tried to shift her body a little and instantly the doctor was there to help her. She raised her bed a little and settled her.

Adjusting the pillow at her back, Dr Parthasarthi asked, “Are you comfortable?”

Ishani didn’t know what she should say. Comfortable? Yes, apparently she was supposed to be comfortable however, was she?

Nope, definitely not. Not with everyone treating her like an invalid; not with everyone having a look of concern and sympathy on their faces.

Bloody hell, her mind was there to constantly remind her of what had happened, she didn’t need any external reminders.

Dr Parthasarthi sat down on the chair and opened her notebook. She could figure out that Ishani was irritated about something. She could figure out the reluctance and the anger in her. Well, this was normal for any patient going through post-trauma stress.

At least it wasn’t a disorder for her.

Ishani flicked her gaze at the doctor and sighed.

And, the session started.


Rudra picked up his laptop and stepped out of the meeting room. Just as he entered the lift, Mihika entered and meekly stood behind him.

His level of irritation with her had reached its peak. He just wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible. Six months had been enough.

He exited the lift and strode briskly towards his office and yes, she followed.

Just as he sat down on his chair, he raised his eyes to her.

“Sir, your sche-schedule,” she stuttered.

“Put it on the calendar,” he commanded dismissing her.

The second she was out, he called HR.

“Preet, replace Mihika. Do anything with her I don’t care, I don’t want her. Replace her this minute.”

Opening his laptop, he was about to start working when his phone started to buzz next to him.

“She knows about you,” Amar said the second he answered the call.

Rudra’s became alert hearing him.


“I should be asking you this question. I allowed you to stay the night just to keep vigil. Not touch her and let her know there’s someone in her room.”

Rudra released an exasperated breath and controlled the angry words almost spilling off his tongue.

“How did you come to know?” he said gritting his teeth.

“She asked Shubhani. God, Rudra you should have been careful. No more nightly visits.”

Like hell, I am going to stop.

“Does she know it’s me?”

“No. We told her that no one stays in her room at night.”

“Then I’ll keep up the vigil.”

“No. I won’t allow it.”

“I don’t care, Amar whether you allow it or not. I don’t need anyone’s permission. And you know well enough you can’t stop me. If you try, I’ll move her from the hospital and take her to a place where nobody will ever find her again.”

Amar looked at his mobile just as the call disconnected.

Dammit, Rudra! When will you understand?

He raised his eyes to the corridor and looked towards her room. There was no one else other than Rudra’s security men outside the door.

Inside, her friend and one and only family.

If Rudra moved her from the hospital, none of them, not even he would find out before it’s too late. And knowing his friend, it wouldn’t be sane to be in his bad books.

He shook his head and started walking towards the room.

It’s time for a visit.

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