Shackles of Desire - The IR Quartet - Book 2

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Chapter 48

He placed his hand on the life-size glass window in his office and looked out. Although the smoked glass obstructed the light, it wasn’t enough to take away the scorching heat outside.

And somehow that was a perfect reflection of the weather inside.

He was on flames at least his insides were.

Coz his mind played the scenes of the nights he had been spending in her room.

His hand fisted on the glass, and as the images slithered through one by one, he punched it.

He didn’t want the connection, he didn’t need the connection.

Yet every time she screamed, something in him just couldn’t block the urge to take her in his arms and soothe her.

Closing his eyes, he summoned his demons. He needed them. He needed those gruesome memories back in his head.

But rather than those memories attacking his brain, it was bombarded with her screams and tears.

Rudra closed his eyes and moved away from the window. His mind was heavy with every little detail of his nocturnal visits.

Why wasn’t Amar giving her a clean chit?

At least then he could do what he wanted. Giving her the pain she deserved.

She is in pain, his inner voice reminded him.

But he wasn’t the cause of it and that was bloody increasing his fury.

Ishani Raijdas, you deserve something more than pain. You deserve to die slowly, yet not be dead. You deserve to be tormented so bad that you forget to smile, forget to cry.

But only Rudraveer Sangawat should be the one responsible.

He wouldn’t allow anyone else to get between them.


Days passed and a routine settled in. Every night Rudra would sit next to her bed watching her sleep. Somehow, the unsettled peace on her face soothed his angry nerves.

And every time, a nightmare would haunt her, he would be there to catch her. Holding her tight, he would let her cry, and when crying wouldn’t be enough, he would place his lips on her forehead, on her cheeks and sometimes brush her lips with the slightest of touches to calm her.

Rudra still didn’t know why he would do all this.

He didn’t want the connection, he didn’t need the connection.

But still………

In the wee hours of the morning, he would find Ishani sleeping in his arms with his face resting on the top of her head.

Everything was strange but the strangest was him sleeping without taking a single pill.

Sleep came naturally to him when he was with her. Yes, it was disturbing but still irrationally peaceful.

Amar backed away from the door and noiselessly closed it. The worry lines on his forehead bunched hard as he remembered what he had just seen.

Rudra sleeping with his face buried in Ishani’s hair and his arms clutching her hard.

While he loved the peacefulness on his friend’s face, he knew that it would be short-lived.

Rudra was waiting for the doctors to clear her so that he could carry out his plans and somehow this peacefulness was just the calm before the storm hit.

And he didn’t want the storm to hit. He wanted Rudra to forget everything but he knew his friend wouldn’t, couldn’t.

Been more than a month that Ishani had been admitted and she could be discharged now. However, he was stalling it and finally, now he couldn’t anymore.

It’s time to give her a clean chit.

Amar looked at the closed door and sighed.

Ishani, may you have the strength to face what was about to come your way!

Annie adjusted Ishani’s kurti a little as she painfully settled into a wheelchair. It was time to go home. Although she would have loved to go to her apartment, she knew that Adarsh Uncle and Mohini Aunty wouldn’t entertain any of that. She slanted her vision towards Annie was taken a little aback to see a grim and angry expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Anne replied.

But Ishani knew something was wrong.

She watched carefully as she was wheeled outside the room. Amar was just standing outside and smiled when he saw her. But she couldn’t return the smile. She just acknowledged him with a nod and then looked away.

Where are Adarsh Uncle and Mohini Aunty?

Her worries were lessened the minute she saw Namish striding towards her. But the next second everything turned black as she saw the man behind him.


Her whole body went up in flames the minute their gazes met. He stopped just below the stairs and looked away.

Ishani’s heated gaze followed its movements to Namish and rested on his face just as he came and stood in front of her.

Namish smiled but it was lost on her. She knew what was happening. Her family had once again betrayed her. She jerked her hands and tried to wheel herself away from them but couldn’t.

She looked up at the nurse who was holding the wheelchair captive and glared hard. And the nurse instantly moved away.

It is quite difficult to wheel yourself away when one of your arms is immobilised. But she still tried and her muscles protested greatly.

However, suddenly a black figure stopped her line of vision and she didn’t need to look up to check who it was.

Rudra placed his feet just in front of the wheel and stopped it from moving further. Just as she looked up, he narrowed his eyes and waited for her reaction, because he knew there would be one and he didn’t want to waste his energy again and again reacting.

Ishani’s mind burned with the memories and she couldn’t do anything but stare hard into his eyes. His betrayal, his words, his torturing her brother; everything came back and bombarded her brain, burning her sanity.

She backed away and kept backing away till she reached the corridor and then managed to turn her wheelchair. But with her one hand, it was becoming difficult, so she swiftly removed her arm and shoulder sling.

Rudra was watching everything and the second she removed the aids, he saw Amar and the other move towards her and he stopped them.

He turned towards the wheelchair and watched as Ishani pushed her injured arm into action and pushed the chair in the corridor.

As the pressure increased the bandages tore and she felt a sharp pain shooting from her shoulder. But she still didn’t stop.

And seconds later everything went black in front of her eyes as an excruciating pain pierced her shoulder and straightaway landed in the centre of her brain.

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