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Fire and Silk

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Layla Matthews was only 10 years old when her parents were murdered. Moving in with her sister, Kayla Matthews, she raised her the best she could. When she was 14 Kayla told her the truth about what had killed her parents, Vampires. Starting her training at 14, by the age 18 Layla was known among the hunter amd vampire communities as a fierce fighter having slayed hundreds of vampires and other supernaturals in her short 4 years of training. Moving to Costal Cove, Washington with her best friend Journey, Layla embarks on a new adventure full of love, hate, prophecies, and a age old war with Layla right in the middle.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Beep! Beep! Beep! Groaning I slapped my hand on my table trying to find my alarm clock. Finally hitting it I rolled over on my back and opened my eyes. Today is the day. Sitting up, I grabbed a pair of tight short running shorts and threw a tank top on along with my running shoes. Straping a couple knives and steaks under my shirt, I looked in my mirror making sure none of them were noticable. Looking at my relfection, I sighed I looked like a wreak, my long black hair was up in a bun lookomg like a bird's nest my fair skin was all red and blotchy from last nights hunt still.
Cracking my neck I quietly made my way down stair, sure to not disturb my sister, Kayla. Slipping out the back door, I caught a glimps of the picture of Kayla, and my parents before they were murdered. She looked just like mom, tall blonde perfect build insanely beautiful, where I got my grandmas height standing at only 5'2, and looked like my farther. We had the sames eyes and hair. Thats all i got from them. They died when I was only 10 so I only remeber small things but I know i was loved. My sister Kayla I felt bad for her. At the age of only 18 she had to take on a whole other person to take care of. Me. Not that she'd ever make me feel like I was a burden i know it was hard for her.
Shaking all my thoughts off, I streached my arms above my head before I take off.
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