Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 38


“Hey man, you almost done with those?” Jace asks as I punch another number on the keyboard with my index finger. I glance at the clock to check the time -it’s 4:30 pm.

“Soon...this keyboard is too small.” Why do I have to have such big fingers? “Remind me to write Apple a letter of complaint about making such tiny keys,” I joke.

There’s a ding at the door in the lobby, and then I hear Jace say, “Shit. Mike – man; I’m sorry, but –”

“Michael.” There’s a high pitch singing of my name. That voice just made my headache go from bad to worse.

Meeting Jace’s eyes, I warn him, “Don’t you dare let her know I’m in here.”

“Jace, is Michael in there?” Jace turns his head towards the voice’s owner; he opens the door wider. I pinch the bridge of my nose to try and alleviate some of the pressure before it builds even more.

“He’s in here, sweetheart,” Jace announces.

I drop my head as I hear the clicks of the heels grow painfully closer.

“There you are!” the woman squeals, causing my head to bop up to vigor a smile. “Baby, I haven’t seen you in a while. I was beginning to think you forgot about me.” The brunette pouts as she sways her body past Jace towards my side of the desk. I give Jace the death glare; he smiles before closing the office door.

Stupid Jace.

“Girl, how could I ever forget about you?” I give her a polite grin while she climbs on top of me.

“How come you never come by the clubhouse anymore?” she asks.

I do, Kara. I just try to avoid you. “I’ve just been busy, darlin’ – you know how it is,” I tell her.

Kara forces my body to lean against the back of the chair while she straddles me. Her short leather skirt bunches up as she sits on my lap—good lord... she’s commando.

Her arms clasp behind my neck as her tits practically pop out from the tight white tank top – filling the space between us.

“I know, but I’ve missed you. You used to call me over at least once a week.” She kisses my neck as my hands grip the armrests of the chair. “I haven’t heard from you in nearly two months.” Her lips find mine; she drags her claws from my chest down to my belt.

Feeling her tug on my belt while nibbling on my ear -it’s near impossible not to succumb.

Kara unbuttons my black denim jeans then pulls down the zipper in efforts to squeeze her hand under my boxers. All I can think about is Elena. Kara is not Elena.

When she begins to suck my lip between her teeth - I reach for her hand to stop her from going any further. “Darlin’ not right now,” I attempt a whisper against her scarlet-colored lips.

Kara’s eyes widen as she leans back. “Why the hell not?” She is pissed.

On the one hand - I could easily turn her down for good, but just in case this thing with Elena doesn’t work out... I tell her, “I’m just busy right now. I have a job to do in a couple of hours, and it’s going to take a while to get these invoices completed. I’m sorry, babe.”

Kara pours out her bottom lip as she stands up. “Ugh...fine. You are always too busy for me these days, Michael.”

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. It’s just been a bit crazy,” I sigh.

As she moseys around my desk towards the door, she scoffs, “Does this have anything to do with that Elena bitch I’ve heard about around the clubhouse?”

Shocked, I ask, “What?” My brothers are not supposed to be talking about her; the job needs to be kept a secret – no one outside of the brotherhood is to know. I was not planning on letting the biker bunnies in on any of this. “Where did you hear that name?” I rumble.

At the door, she turns to face me over her shoulder. “Rose,” she says with a wicked grin, then spins around to lean against the office door. “So, it’s true. You leave me for some high schooler?”

I groan. I’m gonna have to talk with Rose. How did she find out? “It’s not what you think...” I say in hopes that she’ll forget about the whole thing.

Folding her arms across her chest, she tells me, “Explain it to me, then.”

I button my pants and pull up my fly; I move to stand before her. “Who told Rose?”

“Explain it to me first, Michael,” Kara hassles. Women and their needs for explanations.

I lean in close to her and say, “I don’t know what you think you’ve heard...but I went back for my G.E.D. Elena happens to be in all of my classes.” I lift a hand to tuck her dark strands behind her ear then caress her neck. “Who told Rose?” I ask.

“You can get your G.E.D online,” she counters.

With a grin, I tell her, “I prefer the face to face interaction.” I kiss the corner of her mouth.

“I hear you take her to and from school as well. What’s that about?” Kara taunts.

Shrugging my shoulders, I half-lie, “She lives near my house...another reason why I’m not around the clubhouse twenty-four-seven.” If I downplay this whole thing then, maybe this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach will dissipate. “Look, the chick has a thing for me. I show her a good time here and there. You know I’m not monogamous, so, what’s the big deal?”

Kara down-casts her eyes then gazes back up at me. “One of these days, I’ll have you all to myself, Mike – you’ll see.”

I inch closer to her, hovering, I ask, “Tell me, Kara, who told Rose?” She better not force me to get it out of her. I’d never hit a woman. Ever. However, I do know how to intimidate or, in this case, swoon them into giving me the information that I need without harming a hair on their heads.

Did Rose hear it from one of my brothers? If one of my brothers told Rose, then someone is against me in this club, and there will be consequences.

I brush another strand of Kara’s hair to the side with my pinky.

Kara whispers against my lips, “Her sister.”

Her sister? I always knew Rose had a sister. The last time I saw Rose’s sister was what? When the girl was thirteen... What was her name again? I’ve only met her a small handful of times, years ago...

“Who else knows?” I demand while grazing the back of my hand from her shoulder down the length of her arm. The art of seduction seems to work well with this one.

“No one. Just me, Rose, and Ovid,” she says in a pant, tugging on my belt again.

Ovid. The redhead who I sit next to in English lit? Ah shit.

Is it just me, or is this world shrinking?

“What do I need to do to make sure you’ll help keep my attempts of a G.E.D to yourself?” I whisper in her ear.

“Take me right here, right now,” Kara begs, unzipping my fly once more.

For the sake of the job, I do just that. I can’t let Elena find out about the fake G.E.D attempt because that will lead to more questions and lies. I’m already lying to her about so much.

Next, I’m going to have to have a little run-in with Rose and Ovid...

As Kara pulls out my cock, I reach in my back pocket for a condom and roll it on. Grabbing her ass, I lift her against the door; she spreads her legs to wrap them around my hips. I fuck her while keeping a certain blond in mind.

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