Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 48


I stuff the wad of cash in my pockets and run for the car. As I buckle myself in, I notice Elena is fidgeting around like a fish out of water.

“Sirens, Mike! Sirens! We’re caught!” she shrieks.

Such a worrywart. She is scared, though. This is good. This is the purpose of the whole exercise.

Turning the key in the ignition, I flash Elena a smile. She doesn’t think this is funny at all. Her face is almost opaque as she grips the car out of fear.

Fear of getting caught? Fear for what might happen after the cops catch us? Perhaps she is finally scared of me... I’m just glad she’s scared at all.

I purposely wait for the cops to get closer; I may be gambling with time here, but I need Elena to be scared out of her right mind.

“Mike! What are you doing?!” she screams as I brace the steering wheel with one hand. My other curls over the stick while my eyes are deadlocked ahead at the approaching lights.

Not yet.

“Mike!” I hear a screeching scream.

Not yet. My eyes squint at the sedans getting closer.

“Michael!” She may as well be screaming bloody murder.


Throwing the car in reverse, I slam on the gas; the tires kick up dirt from skidding backward. I twist my body to look out the back windshield and rest a hand against the passenger seat to see where I’m going. The cops are right on our nose. There are only two of them.

There’s a gate behind us. I bust right through; Elena screams. I’ve managed to put enough distance between the pigs and us, so I can whip the car around to pull forward. The cop cars are getting closer to my tail.

My boot presses down the clutch as I move to first. After getting to fifth gear, I speed down another dirt road kicking up heavy dust in my wake. I hang a right onto a busier paved road to go against traffic. This is great; I could use a challenge.

Elena screams as I dodge a pickup truck – I’m just now breaking a sweat. The cops behind me are having a ball trying to keep up with my weaves.

With my hand tight on the leather wheel, I swerve in and out of traffic. Horns from other vehicles whistle through the cabin of the car mixing with Elena’s screams and gasps.

The traffic is getting heavier the closer I get to town. With a glance in my rearview mirror, I see that the number of cop cars has doubled - Georgia boys have joined with their blue lights. I must be close to the border. My arm is starting to cramp as I crank the wheel left and skid into the turn, disrupting an intersection while maintaining a relatively high speed.

It’s rather reckless of me to have Elena on this relay. Something could go wrong, and I could easily crash; we both could die, but I need her to fear me. I need her to loath me. What better way to accomplish that than to put her life in a bit of danger?

I won’t let anything like that happen to her, though. I’m very good at what I do; she’s in safe hands.

With just enough time, I dodge an oncoming bus; my side mirror barely scrapes the side of the blue paint. The Ol’ John Laws are still behind me. One of them seems to be right on my tail. I need to lose him.

Swinging a right turn to dash out of town, I nearly collide with a semi-truck. Elena hides her eyes behind her hands and lets out a screech. A quick left turn avoids the crash, but the cop behind me didn’t move fast enough. The collision was loud enough to reach the inside of our cabin. Elena looks behind her to see the damage with wide eyes.

One down, three to go.

I smile and continue my speed of ninety-five down the country road; I skid left at another intersection. Elena turns in her seat to look through the back window once more. I can tell she is concerned.

“Do you trust me?” I ask, glancing into her wide, blue-grey, glossy eyes.

She stiffly nods her head.

“Then hang on,” I tell her.

There’s a cornfield opportunity. I dive in, then Elena grabs the ‘oh shit’ handle and braces herself on the seat. There has been heavy rain recently; hopefully, one of these cops will get stuck in the mud out here where it takes forever to dry up.

Lady Luck is on my side when I feel the slippery clay swipe under my tires. Still haulin’ ass, I fly through the clay, but I slow down just enough for one of the cops to get nice and close. I keep him near as I swerve as many times as it takes to kick mud upon his windshield to block his vision and to find the perfect mud hole for me to dodge.

Found it.

I yank the wheel to the left; Elena gasps and slams a bit into the car’s door. I high tail it out of there while the cop plants a nice nose-dive right into the sticky mud hole. The car that was right behind him was following too closely that he didn’t have enough time to react; he slams on his breaks, then slides sideways right into the stuck car, creating a perfect ‘T.’

That was easy—one to go.

A chuckle spurts out from my creativity. Elena isn’t amused as she shoots me a wide-eyed stare.

Leading the other cop out of the cornfield on a paved road – there are few places to hide out here. So, I do what anyone else would do in my situation with a car like this: I reach for the red button behind my steering wheel. The black beauty sings and takes off down the blacktop road leaving the law of the blue lights behind without much effort.

Once I’m at a good distance, I turn right, then left, down a narrow dirt path into the trees. About a mile down- I back up behind some thick shrubbery. Cutting the engine, the only sounds that I hear is the beating against my chest and Elena’s heavy panting.

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