Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 49


I look over at Elena. She’s staring straight ahead; her chest is heaving up and down in efforts to slow her air intake. Her eyes turn to look at me; there’s a change in those irises. They’ve gotten darker, meaner. This is good.

A fist strikes my upper arm as her other hand whacks at my chest. The blows keep coming, one after another; I bring my hand up to block my face but endure the attack. I don’t try to stop her. She hits pretty hard, I’m surprised.

This is good.

“What the hell is wrong with you!?” she roars. “You could have gotten us killed!”

As soon as the impact stops, I take my chances to peek at her red fuming face and glossy eyes. To lighten the mood a bit, I lift my index finger. “But, I didn’t.”

There’s a sudden sting that tingles on my cheek. She slapped me. Good.

I open my eyes to look at her. I’m not mad, hurt, or irritated. She gave me exactly what I wanted: assurance that I have what it takes to make her hate me. However, something has shifted when she locks those eyes to mine. There’s a certain need as her lids begin to hood. In a single blink, the girl climbs across the seat and straddles me.

She kisses me with a fervent fire. Her hands fist my hair with greed as she kisses my neck without shame.

What the fuck is happening? She’s supposed to be repulsed. She’s supposed to hate me. This is the opposite of what today was all about! No, no, no. The blood in my brain is draining south as she begins to let her hands explore over my chest and abs; she reaches for the hem of my shirt to pull it off.

I need to stop this.

I gently grab a fist full of her hair and pull her head back to gain access to her neck. A breathy moan rings in my ear. My mouth reaches for hers; I suck on her lower lip as I kiss her. I grab her ass and twist our bodies to lay her down on the seat. I settle between her legs. My hand begins to crawl up under her shirt then beneath her bra to tease her with my fingers while my mouth is busy kissing and sucking on her neck. I lick and kiss a trail – skipping over her bunched t-shirt - to the skin that’s exposed in the valley between her breasts. Elena feels my arms and back – hugging me closer. Her soft mewls fill the cabin when my brain decides to show up again.


With all that is within me, I peel myself off from the beauty, who now has a faint bruise on her neck from my mouth. I curse under my breath as I sit back in my seat and sigh as she sits up, looking confused as hell -I know I am.

“Did I do something wrong?” I look at her as she pulls her shirt down and readjusts the cup of her bra. The poor thing looks devastated like she did something so grotesque that it made me stop what I was doing. I could be a real dick and lead with that...she’d hate me for sure, but I don’t want to kill any self-esteem she may have left.

“No, Kitten. You did nothing wrong.” That came out more irritable than I hoped. “You don’t hate me?” I ask, befuddled.

Elena sits up to face me; she begins to fiddle with her fingers and bites at her lip. “Of course not. I don’t think I could ever hate you.”

I accidentally snort out loud. “Elena. We can’t do this anymore.” I gaze into her wary eyes, so she knows I mean it. “Being with you is fun and all, but everything about today was supposed to push you away.”

Elena reaches for my hand; her touch is delicate and light – addictive. “Mike, if you’re having fun with me, then why are you trying to push me away?” Her voice is soft yet puzzled.

The girl is going to make me say it. “I just want to be friends with you. I don’t want to date you.” My tone is grim; I add a glare for more of an impact. “You are not my type.”

The silence is deafening as I take her back to the clubhouse. She is no doubt going over everything that has happened between us since we’ve met.

By the time we reach the club, the sun is starting to set with a mix of purples, pinks, and oranges decorating the booming dark clouds rolling in. The sky looks like a beautiful disaster; a storm must be on its way. It would have been a romantic drive if there wasn’t so much tension in the space between us.

Elena keeps her distance from me even as we get out of the car. She hugs her body as soon as the breeze hits her – probably a bit chilly from the wind swirling in. There’s a hoodie of mine that I left in the clubhouse...would she want that? I’d hate for her to be cold on the way back to her house on my bike.

“I’ll be right back,” I tell Elena as she finds a seat at the picnic table she and Rose shared earlier. She didn’t acknowledge me. I run into the club then make my way behind the bar. There’s a black hoodie right where I left it.

“Michael!” I hear a squeal. Oh man, not now, I groan to myself. “I was wondering if you were coming back.” The voice is feminine and lustful. I feel a hand of pleasurable claws running down my back. I turn around to see Kara.

“Aren’t you a little cold to still be in that bikini,” I ask her with a bit of annoyance in my tone. She is great to look at but now is not the time.

Her hand snakes around my neck and through my hair. “I was about to change, but then I heard the car.” She inches closer and presses her body against mine. “Would you like to help me change...maybe even warm me up?” she whispers against me before she slides her tongue along my ear.

Movement outside catches my eye. Through the window, I see Elena walking up to the doors. Might as well set this in stone. As soon as the door opens, my hand cups Kara’s neck to bring her in for a kiss. If Elena didn’t hate me before, she sure as hell should hate me now.

For added effect: I know Kara moaned louder than usual while she sucks out my bottom lip between her teeth as she pulls away. My eyes watch Kara as she turns her focus towards the doors. I don’t take my eyes off Kara; it may give Elena the illusion that her presence doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. I see her in my peripheral vision, though. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she’s heartbroken.

My chest feels heavy.

Kara gives Elena a sadistic smile, then turns back to me and cups my chin. “I’ll be waiting for you tonight,” she practically demands, then turns on her heels to sway her way around the bar towards Elena.

I watch as Kara snaps at the crushed blonde. “This man needs a woman, honey, not a little girl.” With that, Kara bumps her shoulder against Elena’s - throwing the poor thing off balance. The crazy brunette finally strolls out the door.

Elena focuses on anything other than me as I walk around the bar towards her. “Here, you look cold,” I mention as gently as possible while holding out my sweatshirt.

Her eyes gravitate towards the wadded-up material in my fist, and then they drag up my arm to meet my gaze. Those beautiful orbs are tainted with the threat of tears. She shakes her head.

“Please. I know you’re cold. Please, just take it,” I plead. Her eyes fall back to the hoodie. She carefully reaches for it and slinks it on.

“Let’s get going,” I say. Walking past her for the doors, I open one for her.

We switch modes of transportation after putting the tarp back over the car in the far hidden corner of the parking lot. On the ride back to her house, she did all she could to barely touch me. I have to hand it to her; her balance has gotten better on the bike.

When we reach my driveway, she can’t seem to get off the steel horse quick enough. When she does, she throws the helmet at me; I catch it just in time before it can hit my face.

“What about all those times? The times we’ve shared! What about everything that we went through together?! What about the date you took me on?” Elena shouts at me with hurt in her eyes. Her face is starting to get red as I know she is holding back tears.

“What about them?” I ask casually, knowing what’s around the corner of this uncomfortable conversation.

“You – you said that you don’t date, but you wanted to date me. You’ve said that I was beautiful, snuck into my room the other night because you wanted to see me...” The wounded angel begins to leak a few tears she was trying to hold in. “What was all that, then?” she cries.

“I was bored. You were there.” I shrug. “I don’t date, Elena. I was only telling you what we both know you wanted to hear. You’ve had it rough lately. I know you wanted to feel I did that for you. Truth be told, I feel like you may be getting a little too attached, so I think it’s time to cool it, you know?” To focus on anything other than the steady flow of droplets running down her face, my fingers play with some old lint in my pockets.

Right when her front door opens, I feel a sting that tickles my cheek. She slapped me again.

Elena doesn’t speak. Her eyes say it all: hurt, frustration, loss, and rejection. Just like the clouds starting to form a rage for this evening’s storm, she squalls off. I sneak a peek at her running away and see her father in my line of vision. He steps to the side to let my angel through the front door. He gives me an approving nod.

I need a distraction. As the wind begins to change, I stroll to my truck and climb in. I reverse out of the driveway to head back to the clubhouse. Before I crawl out and go inside to go over the plans for tonight, I open the center console to put my phone inside. A little yellow, folded lined piece of paper catches my eye.

My men and I are hiding out around that ridiculous mansion again. I scope out the place and still see that pierced-brow boy sauntering around the place. That kid annoys the shit out of me.

“Hey, Red,” Ron says in the radio. “So, what do you want to do?”

With my scope, I zero my sights on that boy in his room. Lightning strikes in the near distance, followed by a clap of rumbling thunder. My eyes close as I think about what I want to do. The wind picks up, and the trees above me start to sway with anger; it starts to rain. It probably isn’t wise to do this, but I’m not exactly thinking clearly at the moment. All I can think about is inflicting some pain on someone right about now.

I open my eyes and decide as the rain pours down. “Let’s go in and get that bastard.”

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