Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 51


“Tick, make sure to really ruin that electrical box. I want to make sure that this kid is completely in the dark,” I voice over the radio as I finish loading up my weapons and applying a suppressor to my pistol and rifle.

“You’re sure no one else is in the house?” Jax asks.

“I haven’t seen anyone else in there. If we’re going to go in and get him, may as well be now,” I reassure him. The black ski mask stretches as I pull it over my face. “Alright, let’s move out.”

My brothers are scattered around the perimeter of the house as we all gain ground. Ten guards are on duty tonight. I take my stance behind a nearby tree and encourage all my men to take cover as they move forward. Even though it’s dark out, the lightning could still expose us. I set my sights and shoot.

The guard goes down. “Don’t bother with the cameras – it might make too much noise, just try to stay out of range,” I speak through the radio.

Crouching, I run towards the side of the house; I lean my back against the siding, holding my rifle close to my body. My eyes dart around from side to side as I see my men through the night vision getting closer to the house.

“How are you guys doing in the back?” I ask.

“I got the two at my corner,” Tick answers.

“Wait for it...Got him. Got my two, Red,” Squirrelly responds.

“Let me know when you’re up to the house,” I order.

“I’m at my post,” I hear from Jace.

“Got mine,” says Paul.

I look around to make sure no one is coming outside. “Ron, Axel, Jax... What’s going on?”

“Sorry, boss. We’re gaining,” they inform. “We got ours,” Axel finally says.

“I’m at my post,” says Tick.

“Here,” informs Squirrelly.

“Alright. Check the windows and doors. Tick, get that electrical box - now.”

There’s a surge, and the lights go out, right when the lightning strikes. Perfect timing, Tick.

I creep alongside the house and check the side door of the sunroom. It’s locked—time for plan B. Using the end of my rifle, I bash a window right when the thunder cracks.

I climb through the frame and look around. The place is pitch black -aside from lightning flashes that peer inside from time to time.

I snake my way through the sunroom, around a large glass table and some chairs. There’s a sound of glass breaking behind me. Turning around, I aim at a figure.

“Shit. Jace! What the hell are you doing? You’re supposed to sneak in further down,” I hiss at a whisper.

“I couldn’t, so I came over here.” Stupid Jace, I nearly shot him.

We both continue our way; I motion for Jace to go in the opposite direction from me to cover more ground. I turn to my right and see Ron, Axel, and Jax – the front door must have been unlocked; they spread out on the first floor. I slither my way through the familiar rec room towards the stairs. This huge house is eerie when it’s dark with no one around.

I hear the boy’s voice. “I’m not going out there to check the electrical box – there’s a fucking storm outside, dad! What if I get electrocuted?”

My feet carry me inch by inch up the stairs; nice and slow with my rifle up, ready for any target.

“Ugh! When is Connor coming back?” I hear the boy groan.

“In an hour?!” he doesn’t sound too happy at all.

“No, I’ll just light a candle or something. Where’s Declan?” he asks, and my ears perk into focus as I continue to climb the stairs. Once at the top, I stop in each room and aim my rifle as I work my way down the corridor.

Further down the hall, I hear the voice continue, “I don’t think we can rely on him anymore to get that girl. He’s a little too soft for that kind of job.” Girl? What girl? Elena?

I hear a quiet creak from behind and see Axel crawl up the steps to join me. He goes to the opposite side of the hall and checks each room as a precaution while we both grow closer to the voice of the shithead we came here for.

“Hold on, I got a text,” the voice speaks.

“Shit! Dad, I gotta go! Someone’s in the house!” What? Who the hell told him? I’m pretty sure all the guards are dead. The electricity is out – there’s no way to review footage -not yet. He’s the only one here!

Time to speed this up. I scurry down the hall. Jace was supposed to be up here with Axel and me while the rest keep a lookout. Where is he?

The door to the boy’s room is cracked open, so I kick it open wide and aim. There’s a gunshot. I quickly step aside from the door to avoid the out of aim bullet. Axel sits tight on the other side of the frame – waiting for instruction. I motion for him to wait for a second while the arrogant kid keeps shooting a couple of shots through the doorway.

“You fucker, get out of the house, now! I will kill your sorry ass!” The scared boy shrieks, trying to act all tough.

There’s a click. I’m willing to bet his pistol is jammed; the mumbled “fuck” I hear confirms it. I signal for Axel to follow me in. I aim my rifle and stalk into the room.

The boy’s eyes grow electric with fear; he throws his pistol on the floor and walks backward with his arm stretched out behind him. He’s going for another weapon on his desk. I shoot at the space between his hand and the wood of it.

“Ahh, shit!” he yelps and holds his hand. I only barely grazed it – baby.

He puts his other hand up in front of him as if it will keep me away. “What do you want?!” he yells.

Without saying a word, I stride right up to the boy while Axel has his rifle pointed at him. He tries to cower away while I get closer. “No, no, please. Just tell me what you want! I have money—” I punch him square in the nose. He falls right to the ground.

“Great. Now we gotta carry him,” Axel complains.

“Better get to it then,” I order while I grab the phone from his bed and stick it in my bulletproof vest pocket.

“Where’s Jace?” I ask Axel while he slings the kid over his shoulder.

“I’m not sure. Maybe he’s still downstairs.”

I press the button on my two-way radio. “Jace – come in. Where are you?” I have an uneasy feeling.

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