Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 55


How dare she. How dare she order me to leave! I slam my front door closed and stride over to the window that allows me to peer into her family room.

My blood is turning to lava as I see him holding her while she wears my sweatshirt. The organ in my chest burns for the fact that she’s wearing it, but it’s not enough to calm me. Why is he over there? He has no business being there. Unless his business has something to do with Marcus and Isaac...

She’s crying. I made her cry. Again. My hand rakes through my hair as I watch skinny fingers soothe her by running his hand up and down her back, nuzzling her neck and holding her close to his skinny-ass body.

With more force than needed, I punch the wall next to the window. Dust puffs out from the drywall, and my healing skin breaks, allowing blood to leak through.

My frustration is building because since her dad isn’t home, I have to be around until he comes back. Isaac’s going to have to wait until tonight.

Dumbo better not stay long; otherwise, I’m going to lose it. It was cool and all that he stood up for her and watched over her while I was suspended for that last week of school, but she does not belong to him. I will not allow it. I can’t watch this production anymore. It’s getting me aggravated; it’s fueling my jealousy, which makes me do stupid shit – like care. I’m not supposed to care; why do I care so much?

I need a plan. I have got to get Cobra to agree with me on getting close to Elena again. Otherwise, she is going to go straight into Drake’s arms -like she’s doing now.

They have separated their embrace, and his skinny fingers hold either side of her face. He says something, and she nods her head. His crummy lips land on her forehead.

That’s it. I reach for the phone in my back pocket, dial the number and wait for an answer. My eyes are still glued on the little boy who is with the woman that is too good for either of us.

“Yeah,” Cobra answers.

My teeth grit. “We need to talk.”

“I’m listening,” he says with full attention.

“Right now, I’m watching as your precious daughter is in the arms of dickhead Declan,” I say calmly.

“What?” he questions, confused.

“Yep. I see them through my window. That kid is not right, I’m telling you. He has ties with Marcus – I can’t prove it yet, but she can’t get close to him,” I try to hide my growl as he pulls her in close once more.

Cobra sighs when cursing his daughter under his breath. “So, what do you have in mind?”

My lips split with a smile. “You’re not going to like this.”

He knows where I’m leading. “No. No, I forbid it!” he grumbles into the receiver.

“Would you rather her have a shattered heart and be alive when this is all over, or would you rather she be taken and have God knows what done to her because we don’t want to tell her the truth?” I bark, fed up with the fact that Dumbbells is still in her house.

I hear something break; Cobra must have hit something. “Shit!” he yells. “Fine, but there are still rules,” the angel’s father stresses.

I grab a chair from the kitchen table to make it sing while I slide it over the wood floors, then plant it with force in front of the window. I sit and watch them like a prowler as they chat in her family room. He better not take advantage of her; so far, he hasn’t...

The words Isaac said on the phone in his house before we captured him are ringing in my ears: I don’t think we can rely on him anymore to get that girl. He’s a little too soft for that kind of job. Granted, Dorian’s name wasn’t used to describe the person being ‘soft,’ but Isaac did ask about him prior to that statement. There is a slight chance that Isaac wasn’t referring to Dopey or Elena...

His skinny fingers push back a few strands of the golden hair that has escaped from the bun on the top of her head then tucks it behind her ear. She’s smiling at him. Their close proximity is causing my knuckles to crack under my fists. Respect. Respect for her is the only reason why I’m not over there right now, beating that kid’s head into the table.

I narrow my glare at the scene; why does this bother me so much? Ever since I met that twerp, I’ve hated him. Ever since I met Elena, I can’t seem to get her out from growing under my skin.

My chest is deepening with each inhale and exhale that I make. The teeth in my mouth are beginning to hurt from the tight clench of my jaw. Even my legs are trying to release tension by bobbing up and down rapidly as I sit here counting the minutes until her dad comes home so I can get the hell out of here.

Thank God Elena sees the Dipshit out the door. I burn my eyes into him as he climbs into his black car, wishing I had the ability to torch him with a single scowl.

I literally feel my body soften and relax as my gaze finds Elena taking out a plate from the fridge. She takes some clear wrapping off the plate, then places it in the microwave. She watches as the plate heats up. Doesn’t she know that’s bad for her eyes?

Her body slumps while she eats at the table. There must be so much going on in that pretty head of hers – I’m probably to blame for most of the chaos in her mind. I want so badly to go over there, wrap her up in my arms, and apologize for ever hurting her the way that I did. I can’t, though; not yet – I need to be focused while I deal with my other current predicament. I’ve never been one to ask for forgiveness anyway.

When her dad pulls into the driveway, it’s the cue I’ve been waiting for. I need to release some stress and anger—time to see my boy, Isaac.

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