Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 65


“Oh, I don’t know if this is a good idea.” I chuckle to myself with amusement at how I’ve flustered her.

“You live right next to the girl. Why couldn’t you have just barged through her door like you normally do to talk to her?” That’s a valid question, Paul.

“I could have.” I shrug; Dave drops off Elena’s drink between Paul and me. For kicks and giggles, I take a sip. Instantly I regret it. Way too sweet for me but suits Elena perfectly. It is a dangerous drink, though; she can get a buzz quickly with something that doesn’t taste like alcohol at all.

“What do you want to say to her?” Paul interrogates.

I look him in the eye. “That’s between her and me.” He nods his head then takes a sip of his beer.

“What’s going on with you and her friend?” I ask a little interested in his love life.

Paul smirks at me. “That’s between her and me.”

We share a knowing grin when my eye catches the blond bombshell sauntering my way. She is beyond gorgeous in that mid-thigh, skin-tight black dress. The front cuts into a low and loose v, exposing some of her cleavage. She looks amazing; when she looked at me here at the bar before she snagged Rachel - I was nearly breathless. Looking at her now coming towards me, my mouth is becoming dry, my pulse is quickening, and I’m fighting the urge to swing her over my shoulder to take her home with me.

Once she’s at the bar, she ignores me, rightfully so. She reaches for her drink on the bar top. I observe the way her red lips wrap around the straw. All I can think about is how lucky that straw is and what her mouth would look like around me.

She gulps her drink down one sip after another. “Sweetheart, that concoction will hit you like a ton of bricks if you don’t slow down,” I warn her. She continues to ignore me while looking down to watch as the liquid disappears.

When she finishes, Elena places the glass on the bar with a solid thud then finally looks at me. I can’t help but rake my sights up and down her frame. She is so sexy, and she doesn’t even know it.

She places her hands on her hips and tilts her head at me. “Michael...” She slurs a tad.

“Elena,” I respond, knowing the alcohol is starting to hit her a bit. I almost reach for her when I notice her lean to the side but decide against it. She didn’t want me to touch her.

Her eyes, though, are starting to gloss over, are cold towards me. “You...” She points. “Are ruining my night.”

That hurt a bit, but I know it’s true. I sweep my eyes to the floor then back up at her. “But I won’t let you,” she says with a shy smile.

“Elena, let me explain.” My voice is soft; I’m afraid that if I raise it, she’ll be defensive and not want to hear what I have to say. If only she will let me explain why I’ve been toying with her like a ragdoll, then she’ll understand, right? If she lets me lay it all out there, then everything will be different – she’ll be different, and I’ll be different.

With visual strength, she straightens her spine and fists her hands. She looks adorable. “No. You’ve already explained yourself. I’m not your type, but you know what? Someone here in this bar might be my type, and he’s going to find me.”

“Elena.” I try again but get caught off guard when she nearly leaps in my lap to hold a soft finger hard against my lips.

“Shh...” She leans into me; I can smell her vanilla and peach scent. Did she switch shampoos? She smells heavenly; I instinctively rest a hand on her waist and draw circles with my thumb there. She examines my face while at the same time, searches for her words. “...Don’t... ruin any more of my night.”

I swallow hard and feel my jaw clench... but I let her go. She backs up onto the dance floor and starts swaying that curvy body to the beat of the music. I look around to notice that virtually every guy in this place is watching my girl, and it’s not only turning my insides out; it’s also erupting the volcanic need of making every guy in here blind.

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