Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 67

WARNING: A small, sexually explicit scene is near the end of this chapter. If you don’t want to read it, please skip it.
For those who will read it: I have never written anything like it before; if there is anything that needs to be fixed to help it flow better or to help it make sense, please let me know how I can fix it.

Thank you.


“What the hell was all that back there?” He roars into the room. The lamp that I left on while we were out is still glowing; it slightly softens his angry features.

I shrug my shoulders innocently. “What?” For some reason, I’m not that intimidated by him.

His eyes narrow. “Don’t do that. You know exactly what you did.”

I feel myself start to fume. With annoyance, I call him out. “What? So, you can sleep with half of Georgia, but I can’t dance with one guy?”

Mike exhales and pinches the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger.

“You are a piece of work!” I scoff, throwing my hands in the air. “First, you say that you want to date me, then you tell me that you don’t date -that I’m not your type, then you get mad at me for dancing with someone and having a good time? I don’t understand, Mike! What do you want from me?”

Without any lapse in time, he drops his hand to the side and shouts, “You!”

“What?” It’s near inaudible. I’m taken back. My head is spinning, and I know it’s not the alcohol I consumed; I feel completely sober right now.

He shuts the door even though we are the only two people in this house, then walks closer to the bed. A hand rakes through his hair and down his face -he must do this out of frustration. “I want you,” he whispers deep, and his eyes fall to the floor. “I want you – all of you in every way possible.”

With a sneer, I tell him, “I don’t believe you.”

He places his hands in his pockets; his face becomes grave as his eyes climb up to meet mine. “It’s the truth, Elena.”

I shake my head. I want to slap him for playing me like this. “How am I supposed to believe you? You’ve not only toyed with my heart like a yo-yo with all the back and forth, but you’ve also slept with the one person that has made my school year a living hell so far. I can’t believe you.”

“Who are you talking about?” He asks as if he doesn’t know.

“Ashley!” I yell. “She made up all those rumors about me.”

Mike visibly searches for the memory then rolls his eyes with a tiff. “That’s who started them? I didn’t– I couldn’t fuck her!” he tells me.

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, right,” I snort, not believing him for one second, remembering the way she left his house that morning.

“We fooled around - yes, but I didn’t actually sleep with her. We never even made it to my damn bed. She came over in the middle of the night, we fooled around a bit, and she talked and talked about a stupid social media thing she wanted to start. She didn’t even actually sleep there...I didn’t let her,” he stresses his points. I want to believe him.

I shake my head and look down at my feet. “Let’s say hypothetically that I believe you...why do you say that you couldn’t sleep with her?”

Through my lashes, I see him step around the air mattress to stand before me. He squats down to my line of vision and uses a hand to guide my chin up for my eyes to meet his. My body involuntarily melts with the roughness of his skin, how gentle of a touch he has, and how serious his emerald irises are.

He looks vulnerable - the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen him. “She wasn’t you.”

Some tears threaten to break the surface, but I swallow them down my thick throat.

“How do I know that you mean what you say? You’ve told me that you only said certain things because you knew that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” I’m pressing for the truth.

He takes my hands in his then gazes deep into my eyes. “I said those things to hurt you. I didn’t mean a single word – I am sorry for all of it.” He caresses his thumb against my hand. “You are too good for me, Elena. I wanted to push you away because...” Without taking his orbs off me, he takes a deep breath then continues. “I felt like...if you got too close to me, then you’d see the ugly parts of who I am and be disgusted with me... I don’t think I’d be able to handle that.”

With the look on his face, I know he’s telling the truth. It breaks my heart that he thinks so little of himself.

“Seeing you with that man at Charlie’s set me off. I don’t want you with anyone else... I only want you with me.” My breath is almost taken away with that statement, but how can I trust him not to hurt me like that again? Tears begin to prick at the brims and trickle down my face with the confliction budding inside me.

I want to be with him more than anything, but what if the back and forth continues in our relationship?

He takes my hands and lifts them to his lips to kiss them, then whispers, “Elena, please say something...”

Carol’s words come to my mind: that boy has the most fragile heart of all. Every second that I’m not saying anything, I see Mike’s face grow with worry more and more. I have never seen this side of him. He must be telling me the truth...

It’s a gamble with my heart; I would like to see how he treats this relationship after professing his feelings the way that he did. If he really does have a fragile heart, then he must have been trying to keep it guarded all this time. My heart begins to flutter in my chest for possibly being the only one who has made a dent in that wall. All I ever wanted was for him to let me in, and he’s starting to do just that.

I remove my hands from his hold to cup his face and lean in. Through the trickles of tears staining my cheeks - causing my mascara to run - I decide to finally answer him. “Michael, I believe you.” He closes his eyes for a minute then opens them with a quiet sigh of relief. “But,” I choke. “Don’t you dare hurt me again.”

Mike reaches for my waist to hoist me up. He wraps his arms around me for a tight hug; I can feel his face nuzzle into my neck. He whispers in my hair, “I won’t, baby, I won’t.”

The feeling of him around me feels too good to be true.

“Does this mean that you’re my boyfriend, then?” I tease against the warmth of his neck.

His hold tenses on me for a minute. He releases his grip to pull away enough so I can see his face. “I’ve never been a boyfriend before...”

I run a hand through his thick dark hair. “That’s okay...I’ve never been a girlfriend before. There’s a first time for everything, right?” I smile.

He lets out a soft laugh and hangs his head.

“What?” I ask with intrigue.

Mike’s head lifts back up. “I’ve heard that before,” he smirks. With a glint of mischief in his green eyes, he challenges me with a question. “Are you sure you wanna two-step with this devil?”

With a gentle tug on his hair, I’m able to pull his head to the side slightly, allowing the lamp to light up the left side of his face. With a smirk of my own, I respond with, “I wanna do more than two-step.”

His soft lips dive down to kiss mine. He kisses me with a masculine need. This kiss is one that I’ve yet experienced.

Mike’s hands begin to wander the length of my body. His touch fuels a craving within me for more. His strong, large hands squeeze my bottom, then lifts me, so I’m hugging his waist with my legs. He turns to sit on the bed; while straddling him, I remove his jacket, then he removes his shirt so my hands can shamelessly discover those strong, rigid muscles.

With a hand, he gently cups my neck to kiss my lips once more - only to leave a moment later with a trail of tongue influenced kisses exploring down my neck. I lean my head back to give him more access; he groans deep when his mouth meets my cleavage.

“Kitten, where on earth did you find this dress? It drives me fucking crazy,” he exhales hot breath against my skin. I make a mental note to thank Rachel for her guidance once again on clothes.

I lift my head to answer, but he has other plans - he brings my lips back to his. Those rough hands flirt with the hem of my bunched-up dress. They slide their way up to meet my panties then stop. He breaks the kiss to look into my eyes as if to ask for permission, and without a second thought, I nod my head.

Our lips clash against each other, and his hands ride the material of my dress up to my shoulders. The kiss breaks just long enough for him to pull the dress up over my head. Suddenly, everything slows down; his eyes stay locked on mine while an arm wraps around me to bring me closer to his hard-hot frame. He guides my body to follow him as he lies back on the bed.

With our bodies against each other, I can feel his solid chest against mine, his abs are hard on my soft belly. His lips and tongue are slow and passionate on my mouth.

Without warning, his hold on me tightens; I’m flipped on my back with him ending up on top of me. The man’s got skill - the kiss never broke. His one hand glides up my naked side; he removes the backless and strapless bra that Rachel insisted I had to wear with that specific backless dress.

He expertly massages and teases me with his fingertips. I can’t help but release soft noises of delight; I can practically feel him smile against my neck with how I react to his touch. He works his soft lips and warm tongue by licking and sucking my skin from the neck to the collarbone, then to the other breast.

With his teeth, he gently nibbles and lathers his tongue side to side. The sensation drives me to grip his hair and moan out his name. I have never experienced anything like this before.

“You like that, Kitten?” Mike’s low, raspy drawl fills my ears while he uses both hands to cup and gently squeezes my breasts; all I can manage is a mewl as he kisses his way down my belly to the line of my panties.

A single finger dips just below the line, and even though a part of me wants him to continue desperately, an alarm is set off in my brain. I immediately grab his hand to stop him. I lift my head and see that he’s already focused on what I have to say; no words have come out yet, though. I don’t want him to be mad at me. He’s been with so many girls who are willing and ready, but I’m just not there yet...

“Are you okay?” he asks. There’s not a trace of resentment or anger, just pure affection, and patience.

I manage to nod my head. Suddenly, I become self-conscious of my near-complete naked body and begin to cover myself with my arms. What if my body isn’t up to par with the others he has seen? I’m feeling exposed and nervous. Just moments ago, I couldn’t care less, but now...

He jumps up to hover over me once more and places his hands on either side of my face. “Hey, hey, talk to me darlin’. What’s wrong? You’re shaking.” He runs a hand up and down my side in efforts to calm me.

With arms still hiding my chest beneath him, I cover my face with my hands. This is so embarrassing.

He takes my hands away. “Please don’t hide yourself. Talk to me. Are you okay?”

I look into his anxious eyes. “I’m just...a little self-conscious.”

“Darlin’, you have no reason to feel that way.” He brushes a few strands of hair away from my face. “You, my queen, are absolutely stunning. You are beyond beautiful.”

I feel a little better with his affirmation, but I’m still not ready to give myself to him. My heart blooms with being called his queen.

“I’m not ready for sex,” I whisper, scared of how he will react. He closes his eyes for a second and sighs with a small gentle smile.

“Oh, sweet darlin’, I wasn’t planning on having sex with you...” he pauses. “Yet.” His smile leaves. “I know you’re not ready, and that is completely fine with me. Seriously. I don’t want to pressure you into anything. I will never do something to you that you don’t want me to do.” He stops once more to assess my face. “Is that okay with you?”

I nod my head, taking comfort in the fact that he is so understanding. He really is a gentleman. “If you weren’t going to have sex with me, then what were you going to do?” I ask out of sheer curiosity.

He smirks, then gives me a deep kiss, leaving the taste of mint in my mouth. “Do you want to find out? I can do it over your panties if you want...”

Feeling more relaxed with him, I nod.

“If you don’t like it, you tell me, okay?”

“Okay,” I tell him.

He kisses my lips, my neck, and travels between the valley of my breasts, to my belly, then stops. With a single digit, he begins to rub me over the cotton panties.

Within a matter of minutes, I’m feeling pressure begin to build up in my lower belly, and soft whimpers escape into the room as I fist the sheets.

“That’s it, baby. Just let go, I got you.” I hear Mike encourage.

The combination of his low voice, the fact that he’s mine now, and the light circles from his finger are all I need - there’s a sudden small pinch that transports me into a clashing wave: my legs tense, and my back arches in welcoming this new sensation. I’m not sure when my breathing became labored or when my pulse began to pound in my ears...

My hand rests on my forehead as I try to gather myself.

“Damn, you are so beautiful. I could do that all night long if you’d let me,” Mike shares his thoughts with a confident smile.

Chuckling to himself, he climbs back on top of me. With a delicate touch, he wipes away a couple of strands of hair from my damp forehead. “Was that your first orgasm?” He looks into my eyes and waits patiently for my answer.

That’s what that was? I feel myself blush under his stare as I answer him with an inaudible whisper, “Yes.” He kisses me on my forehead.

“Did you like it?” my man asks.

I can’t help the smile that stretches along my face. “Yes...thank you.” Thank you? Do people even say things like that afterward? I want to slap myself.

His six-pack abs contract over my stomach as he laughs. “You’re more than welcome, sweetheart. My services for you are offered at any time.”

Whew! I’ve never written anything like that before.

Was it okay?

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