Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 68


“Okay...I can’t avoid this anymore.” Rachel holds her hand up. “What happened between you and Mike?”

I stare at her from my bed, knowing that it looks bad. I can’t hide the smile on my face nor the fact that I’m wearing his shirt over a pair of pajama shorts. I use a hand and pretend to lock my mouth with a key then throw it away.

She plops down on the air mattress. “Not fair, Elena! You must tell me. When Paul dropped me off, I saw Mike leave here shirtless and with a huge smile on his face.” Rachel pauses to draw in air. “Did you two...”

My face burns. “No!” I squeal.

She laughs. “Then tell me what happened; otherwise, I’ll just assume that you two did it.” Her brows flirt up and down.

“Ugh, fine... We made out. That’s all!”

“Uh, huh.” Rachel eyes me. “I am glad that you two finally kissed and made up, though.”

“How was your date with Paul?” I need her to be in the hot seat for a change.

Rachel holds her knees and leans back with a grin. “Oh! I think I’m in love.” In giving her a knowing smile, I understand how she feels.

We hear the front door unlock, and the sound of my dad’s voice echoes down the hall. “Hello?”

“Hi dad, we’re in here,” I tell him. Within seconds, the thumps of his boots stop at my door.

“Hi girls, how was your night?” he asks.

“Fine,” Rachel and I say in unison, trying to hide our lovesick smiles.

Dad looks at us for a minute as if trying to break a code, then nods his head in giving up. “Alright, well, have a good night.” He waves a hand and walks across the hall into his room then shuts the door. Rachel and I burst out laughing.

The sun is shining into my room, kissing my face with its warmth in efforts of waking me up. I stretch out under the covers of my bed and hear birds chirping outside along with Rachel stirring. “Rachel?”

She yawns, “Yeah.”

“What would you like to do today?” I ponder some options in my mind in case she can’t think of anything to do. We could stay in and watch movies all day, we could try and go to the beach again, or we could –

“Have you seen their clubhouse?” Rachel interrupts my thoughts.

“Uh...Yeah, I have.” I roll over on my side to see her.

“Well...I’ve never seen a biker clubhouse before, do you think you could show me?” She asks, tilting her head up at me from her pillow.

I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. They do things that are against the law at that place. Plus, I’m not a part of the club, so I don’t feel like I can just go over there willy-nilly any time I want - especially with company. Then there’s Kara. I don’t want to run into her again...but I would like Rachel to meet Rose...

My lips purse as I debate with myself. “That’s more of a ‘Mike question.’ I can text him and see,” I offer. Rachel nods her head in agreement; in reaching for my phone on the nightstand, I text Mike.

It doesn’t take long before the appearing dots on my screen produces an answer. I read it out loud: Sure, come on by. Maybe later we can go to the beach -Paul’s idea. Rachel and I both smile at each other.

We get dressed, apply light makeup, and meet my father in the kitchen, where he sits reading the newspaper. I take out two bowls, two mugs, and Corn Flakes cereal. As soon as I give Rachel her mug, she bolts for the coffee pot to pour herself some coffee.

I take the rest of the items to the table and set them down, then pour the cereal in the bowls. “What do you girls have planned for today?” dad asks of us. Rachel takes a seat, and I open the fridge for the milk.

“We’re thinking about going to the beach.” I take a seat and, with a free hand, tug on the swimsuit strap under my tank top to show him for good measure. He doesn’t need to know about our little pit stop.

Dad rests the paper on the table to question us with uncertainty in his eyes. “Just the two of you?”

Rachel looks at me from across the table with a spoonful of Corn Flakes frozen before her open mouth. “Actually, we’re going with Mike and Paul.” Yep...I told him.

Dad’s brows rise high on his forehead. “Really? I thought you two were done?” He scoots up in his chair to lean his arms on the table.

The silence in the air is sliced with Rachel’s slow crunching of her breakfast. “Well...we worked things out. He wants to be with me, and I want to be with him,” I announce, ready for an attack.

Dad is quiet for a moment, then surprises me. “Well...okay, then.” I snap my eyes at my best friend across the table who is oblivious to why I’m baffled. They shift back to my dad, who picks his paper back up as if what just happened was the most normal thing in the world.

“Why are you not more surprised by this? You didn’t want me to date him in the first place...” I remind my father, who’s hidden behind the newspaper.

Dad lowers it just enough to show his face. He shrugs his shoulders. “I suppose there are worse people out there who you could date; compared to them, Mike doesn’t seem so bad.”

“I mean, he flipped a one-eighty Rach,” I tell her in the car on the way to the clubhouse. I really shouldn’t complain that my dad seems to be on board with this more than last time, but it’s just a little strange.

“Well, maybe your dad has realized that he can’t keep you from seeing someone you want,” she suggests.


“So, have you met any new friends?” She’s optimistic for me.

I shake my head. “Not at school. I did meet someone at the clubhouse, though. You’ll really like her. Hopefully she’s there today.”

“Oh, good. I’m glad you’ve found a friend down here!” she exclaims. “I was worried you’d turn into a hermit.” I roll my eyes.

“Has your dad found a new job yet?” I switch topics. Her dad has been out of work for a while.

“No, not yet.” Rachel frowns. “Because the GM plant shut down, there are so many people looking for jobs – it’s slim pickins out there.”

“Oh, Rach, I’m so sorry.” Leaving one hand on the steering wheel, I use my other to touch her arm with sympathy.

“It’s okay; something will turn up. We just have to be patient.” Rachel is always so positive; I wish I could be more like her.

I pull my car into the dirt lot behind the auto shop and notice fewer bikes than last time. Opening the car doors, we step out into the bright warm sun, and I lead Rachel to the doors. Her mouth falls open as she walks in. “This is so not what I pictured.”

“Did you think of the movie Roadhouse, too?” I check with a curious grin.

“Yes!” she exclaims. We both laugh at ourselves for being so naïve in the world.

“Elena!” I follow the direction of my name being called. I see a friendly freckled face, bright red lips, and matching big red hair behind the counter.

I wave. “Rose, hi!” With Rachel close behind me, I walk up to the bar as Rose walks around it to hug me.

“So nice to see you again,” Rose greets.

“You too! Rose, I would like you to meet my dear friend, Rachel. Rachel, this is Rose,” I introduce them.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Rose embraces a smiling Rachel in a hug.

“You too!”

When Rose steps away, she places her hands in her back pockets. “So, what are y’all up to?”

“Well, Rachel was curious about this place. We asked Mike to see if it was okay to bring her here, and he said that it was. Is he here?” Rose is about to answer me until she gets cut off.

“Haven’t you learned your lesson, little girl?” A sing-song feminine voice cuts through the air and straight through my ego.

I sigh and turn around to see Kara positioned with attitude as her hand is on her hip while leaning against a wall. “Hello, Kara.”

She pushes herself from the wall and sways her way over to us. “Oh, get lost, Kara.” Rose speaks up. I try to stand my ground as she nears, but Kara is one person that I am very intimidated by. She is extremely comfortable in her skin wearing a tight, very short leather skirt and a low hanging red halter top that screams ‘asking for it.’ Her hair is vivacious with big brown curls and is about the same length as mine -to mid-back. Kara’s skin is flawless; her hazel eyes are sassy and cold as they shoot icicle daggers at me.

Kara glares at Rose, then focuses her sights back on me and tilts her head as she scans my body. “If you’re looking for Mike, he’s not here. Best be going, because when he does show up, he has an appointment with yours truly,” she hisses then brushes her hair off a shoulder and into my face as she turns for the bar.

The distasteful scent of lavender and lilac itches my nose. “I missed something...who is she?” Rachel whispers in repulsion, pointing a thumb over her shoulder at Kara.

“Oh, that’s just Kara. Pay no attention to her; she’s a bitch,” Rose nonchalantly informs her. “Let’s go outside and wait for our men.”

Our men. I like the sound of that.

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