Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 81

Mike & Elena


It’s about time I get her out of that club. If we continued doing what we were doing out there on that dance floor, I’m not sure how much longer I would’ve behaved like a gentleman.

That dress she’s wearing started it all with the way it hugs her curves like another layer of skin – it was made for her. None of the dancing helped the matter, before the disappearing act or after –


I forgot her water at the bar. As soon as I saw that she was gone, I left it there to search for her. It felt like my beating organ was going to burst out of my chest at the thought that someone took her. For a while there, I couldn’t even hear the sound of the music, just the pounding in my ears from the beating in my chest. I started going through all the scenarios of what could have happened to her, who might have her, and how I would get her back.

Relief is an understatement of what I felt when I saw her in the restroom. As soon as I saw her, it was like something struck me back to life.

She must be thirsty. I reach for a water bottle I know I’ve forgotten about from our beach trip. Hopefully it’s not too gross.

“Here.” I offer the unopened bottled water to her.

She accepts the drink with a smile of gratitude and twists the cap off, then takes a long swig. Good, the water must not be too bad.

“I’m sorry that I forgot your water. When I saw you were missing, I just left everything to search for you,” I admit to her.

Her gaze meets mine in the darkness of my truck. “It’s okay. Thank you for the bottle, though,” she grins at me.

We pull up to her driveway, and I turn off the engine then remove the keys. It’s like all the heat and tension from the dancefloor fills the space between us. With the way those blue-grey eyes are looking at me and how she’s squeezing her legs closed - I know I’m not the only one thinking that.

You’re wearing a tie, and you’re dressed up, you’re still on the date. Be a gentleman.

Shit, I’m feeling really hot. It’s like my skin is on fire, not to mention all the blood in my brain is heading south. Why is my mouth dry? There’s a rapid jackhammer drilling inside my chest. I never get this way. What the hell is going on?

I feel like a high schooler on his first date with the hottest girl in school.

Without looking away from her, I try to find my words. “Uhm...a gentleman would see to it that you get to your door safely.” I sound like a teenager during puberty with the way my voice cracks.

“Okay,” she breathes, still squeezing her thighs together.

In a moment’s time, I hold her hand to help her out of my truck and walk her to her door. I can’t let go of her dainty small hand. She looks up at me as if she’s debating with herself on something. I know what it is. She’s not sure if she wants me inside with her. I don’t have any intention, but if she asks, then I won’t deny her.

Her spare hand flirts with my tie once more like she did in the club. Before I can comprehend what’s happening, she pulls me down to her lips using my tie.

I suppose ties aren’t so bad.

A moan leaves her throat as our kiss starts to build. My arm snakes around to hold her close, my hand sneaks down her back and hovers over her ass. Damn, I wanna squeeze her ass. But a gentleman wouldn’t do that. I bite out a hiss as I move my mouth to her neck at the efforts of going against everything I want. This night is about her, not me.

She’s making it so damn difficult with her whimpers in my ear as I nibble at hers. I need to put a stop to this. I distance myself from her, her lids are hooded, and her cheeks are pink. She wants more – I can tell.

“Uh...a gentleman would see to it that you get inside safely,” I breathe.

With her mouth slightly parting like she wants to say something again, she doesn’t. Elena turns away from me then slides a key in the door and opens it. One foot in, she stops and spins to face me.

Warning: Sexual Content ahead. If you don’t want to read it, go to the next chapter. Thank you :)


I shouldn’t ask him to. He’s being a gentleman and not rushing me. He’s always been a gentleman, but for some reason, he’s being especially careful tonight. Why is that?

It’s not like I want to have sex tonight, but I do want his hands on me. I want to be close to him again. There’s been a sensation bubbling at my core that I can’t seem to ignore. I grab ahold of his tie and lead him inside as I walk backward. His green eyes are watching me closely - waiting for instruction for permission. He closes the door behind him and locks it without taking his eyes off me while I keep my eyes on him and flick on the hall light.

My breathing is uneven, I’m pretty sure he can hear my heart, and my palms are sweaty. But it doesn’t stop me from finding my very quiet voice from my throat that’s so dry it feels like sandpaper. “What needs to happen for you to no longer act like a gentleman?” I tease with a corner of my mouth rising into a seductive a grin. At least, I think I’m trying to be seductive.

Our feet are toe to toe, he reaches for his tie and says with a growl, “Get this fucking tie off me.”

Without further ado, we do just that. Like maniacs, we work together on trying to loosen his tie, and with fumbling fingers, we are able to get it over his head and on the ground at our feet. No time is wasted as he grabs my bottom and hoists me up. “Wrap your legs around me,” he commands in his raspy voice. I do as he says, and I’m slammed against the wall in the hallway. A surprised gasp releases from my lungs, but I like it.

He kisses me and squeezes my bottom expertly as his mouth takes charge once again on mine. For a second, he pulls away and asks, “When is your dad supposed to get home?”

“Not for a few hours,” I let out in between pants. One of his hands snakes around to my side to trail its way up, so it stops just under my breast; he’s holding me against the wall with just his other arm and his weight.

“Tell me what you want, Elena,” he grunts as he devours my neck. He’s allowing my lips to be free in giving him my command.

He’s letting me be in control. He wants me to tell him what I want. I know what I want, but I’m afraid to say it. How do I say it?

Mike gives my neck a break - a break that it doesn’t want - from his sucking, nibbling, and licking. He looks into my eyes; they are dark green. They are full of passion and want. “Tell me what you want, kitten. I can’t just assume. I need to hear you say it.” His voice is straining but not from holding me up. His arm isn’t giving or shaking.

My gaze falls from his eyes to his mouth. How do I find the words? I feel my face get heated from the mortification boiling inside me. Just tell him what you want, Elena. I feel my cheeks get even hotter.

“I want...” His eyes are intent on my mouth as I whisper, “I want you to touch me... like last time.”

His lips attack mine again as he removes me from the wall and walks down the hall to my room.

Why was I so scared to tell him that?

My bad boy sets me down on my feet and holds me close as he unzips the back of my dress. I fumble with my fingers as I unbutton his shirt. The dress falls to the floor along with my bra that he manages to unhook with one hand; his dress-shirt and undershirt follow but not without a groan gurgling from his chest. “You’re killing me, kitten.” His words are strangled as his fingers flirt with the thin strap of my white thong.

He must like thongs. I smile at the bold choice of panties while at the store shopping for a dress. I can hear Rachel saying, ‘I told you so.’

In the dark of my room with only the hall light illuminating our features, the husky voice of his tells me to lay on the bed. I do what he says, knowing that I have control over how far this will go. I’m okay with him telling me what to do because he knows what he’s doing. I trust him.

I lie back on the bed as he crawls on top of me. A wheeze of some sort fills the room; my eyes close with horror as I reach behind myself and pull out the little squeaky bear I’ve had since I was a toddler.

The muscles on Mike’s abdomen contract over my belly as he chuckles and takes the bear from me. He places it on the other side of the bed, so the bear is facing the wall. “You’re making him face the wall?” I giggle.

He grins and says, “I don’t want an audience. Only I’m allowed to see you like this.”

I roll my eyes and laugh. “It’s a stuffed animal.”

“That may be, but I still don’t want any other eyes watching but mine, even a stuffed animal – it’s weird.” He chuckles and dives down for another kiss. I let his rough, large hands and his soft lips roam my body while my hands trace and feel his. The coarseness of his beard chafes my skin, but I don’t hate it; those lips of his make up for the burns.

Mike’s delightfully sculpted body leaves mine; my insides crave for him to come back. He stands at the end of the bed. The man grabs my knees, and with a semi-rough pull that makes me gasp, I find myself at the edge of the bed. With a devilish grin, he eases to his knees and spreads my legs slowly apart while watching me.

These labored lungs of mine are unable to take in enough air. This is different than last time; he wasn’t on his knees, and his face wasn’t that close to me.

“Is this okay?” he asks.

I nod my head. “Y-yeah.”

With the way I’m propped up on my elbows, I can see what he does – in case I need to stop him. I watch as he strokes a finger along me. There’s not much barrier there.

He bites off a curse then says, “You’re soaked.” Am I not supposed to be? He seems to be happy about it with the way he’s smiling. So, I guess that’s a good thing...

A rough finger circles me over the panties. I’m glad I didn’t have to stop him from going underneath. I’m just not ready for him to feel me like that, to see me like that...not yet.

Mewls of pleasure escapes my throat as I fall back on the bed, giving him complete control.

“Come for me, baby.” His deep hoarseness carries his words to my ear, and it’s all I need. He brings my body to new heights before I crash down into a wave of elation.

I catch my breath then look down at him. Mike briefly looks down between my legs; his eyes find mine.

“Can I taste you?” He asks with a dark need.

I hesitantly nod my head then feel a finger graze a bit lower from where he was. A finger lightly brushes against me.

My mouth drops, but I don’t stop him. He can’t be serious. That’s gross. His finger slips into his mouth, and with a grin, he says, “Mm...sweet,” he winks. “I knew you’d be sweet.” I cock my head. That was actually kind of a turn on.

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