Crossroads: Book 1

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Chapter 92

**Heavy sexual material is in this chapter. If you do not want to read it, please skip towards the end**


“I’m not ready for sex... but I still want more,” she whispers, looking up at me with those big doe eyes.

So glad you clarified that for me. With the effect of the alcohol wearing off, I give her the smile and wink that I know she loves. “Understood.”

Even though the first bottle of whisky was already almost empty when I started, I’m still so glad to have a high alcohol tolerance. If I drank any more, I’d probably pass out. However, like the angel she is, she saved me from that.

Ducking back down, so our lips meet again, I kiss nice and deep, using my teeth to nibble on her lip and suck it in. I move on top of her to get a little bit of friction going and bring my hand to that special spot between her legs. “I’ll leave mine on if you let me take yours off,” I offer since she already tried to take her panties off moments ago. As my finger starts to rub her over the plainest pair of purple panties I’ve ever seen, I’m easily able to lose my mind over the simplicity, the innocence...

Her eyes close, and her hips buck beneath me; her breathing is becoming more rapid.

“Yes,” she moans into the room.

Just in case she decides to change her mind, I move slowly to give her time to stop me. I also want to worship her body, to make her feel appreciated and beautiful.

I slide off the bed, wrap my hands behind her knees, and then playfully tug her to the edge of the bed in one swift motion. With the way she giggles, I can tell she likes it when I do that. She seems to like having a man take control. I love being in control, but I will always make sure she’s in charge.

“At any time, you know you can tell to stop, and I’ll stop,” I remind her.

She nods.

“Tell me you understand, kitten.” I need her to let me know that she knows she’s in charge. That I’m the one actually at her mercy.

“I understand.”

Satisfied, at the foot of the bed, I start at her feet. I remove her socks, then kiss and lick my way up inch by inch on each silky smooth leg, giving them the attention they deserve. When my mouth reaches her thighs, they tremble in anticipation. Her breathing picks up, and she lets out a low, quiet moan. I reach for her panties and pull them down slowly. I watch her face and those wide blue-grey eyes for any indication that she doesn’t want this as much as I do.

She doesn’t stop me.

Elena’s legs push together so I can remove the purple cotton from her thighs and drop it on the floor. Her arms quickly cover her perfect breasts, her knees pull up and are pressing together; she’s hiding the view from me. Using gentle hands, I place one on each knee and look her in the eyes.

The love of my life is feeling vulnerable, maybe even a little nervous. “Do you want me to stop?” I ask, ready to stop and hold her in my arms.

She shakes her head.

I deepen my voice, “Do you trust me?” It’s all about trust. She has to trust me that I won’t hurt her, that I’ll only give her what her body craves.

My insides rejoice when she nods her head. Then, with a little bit of pressure with my hands on her knees, I encourage her legs to open for me.

I bite back a curse as I look at this gorgeous woman on my bed. Her body is perfect. She is perfect.

“You are so beautiful,” I assure her as I sink onto my knees. Elena lets out a breath she was holding in as I brush my knuckles against her, then tease her at the right spot. My eyes shoot straight to hers when her hips jerk at my touch.

Pulling my hand away, I ask to make sure, “You okay?”

Elena nods her head. “Yeah...just feels different.”

I smile and continue to pay attention to her body. My finger strokes her as I watch her respond. She writhes in front of me as she takes what I give her. I can’t help but wonder if she’ll like dirty talk.

Time to find out.

In the past, with any girl that was a little nervous, dirty talk seemed to calm them down. It’s better than having that awkward silence and nothing but moans and groans. It’s also a way to figure out if a woman likes what I’m doing and to see how they like to be handled. Sexual acts, in any form, is more than a physical response; it’s an emotional connection too.

“Don’t you dare come without telling me. I wanna taste your sweet honey, baby.” I throw that out there to see how she responds.

Elena moans as her legs stiffen, and her hands fist my sheets. She likes it. “Naughty girl. Don’t you come without telling me. Tell me, sweetheart.” I rub a little harder. “Tell me.”

She gasps, “I’m coming. I’m coming, Mike!”

Good girl. ”Can I taste you with my mouth?” I ask.

She nods her head and mewls out a ‘yes.’

I dive in, and by the way she squeals and tosses her head, she loves it.

“You taste so sweet, baby,” I groan between her thighs. My eyes watch as her remarkable chest heaves up and down from her climax.

With a finger, I caress a little lower. Her breath hitches, and her head to snaps up. Scared eyes find mine, so I stop.

I pull my finger away. “Talk to me, kitten.”

She eases back on the mattress and whispers, “I trust you.”

Feeling too distant from her, I climb up on the bed so I can wrap an arm behind her while resting on my side to hold her close. Elena’s arms automatically cling around me.

I use my a little of my knee’s weight to keep at least one of her legs bent, so she’s open for me. Then, my lips find hers as I trace my fingers along her pure skin. I trail up and down her body until I feel her relax even more.

Once she is relaxing, I dip my hand between her legs and swallow her moan. With a feather touch, I circle her, and her hips begin to buck. Her body is begging for it.

I gently press a finger against her. “Is this okay?” I ask her

“Yes,” she moans into my ear. I tenderly push a finger inside using shallow movements. She pulls me closer with a gasp landing on my lips.

Her nails dig into my back as she moans my name into the room with the friction from my fingers. Damn, I love hearing her say my name like this. She’s starting to lose it, so I add another digit into the mix.

“You feel incredible,” I growl in her ear. She smiles as she whimpers, and her body rocks with the shallow movements inside of her. “You like this? You like having my fingers inside you?”

“Yes, oh, yes!” she mewls. She feels amazing; I make her ride out the orgasm. Her legs are starting to shake, and those nails are piercing my flesh. Loving every minute of this is an understatement.

No one else has touched her like this. The warmth inside me spreads, knowing that I’m the first one. The only one; she is mine. “Who do you belong to, kitten? Answer me.”

“You,” she breathes out. I slightly increase the speed for her.

Her arms tighten around me like a vise. “Mike!” she screams, and its music to my ears.

I bring the fingers to my mouth, then smile at her and say, “Mm... delicious.”

My little kitten smacks my shoulder and says, “You’re so bad,” she giggles. Her face starts to turn pink. She hides by turning towards my shoulder and uses her hand to cover up the side of her lovely face.

“Yeah, but you like it.” I nibble at her exposed ear, causing her to giggle even more.

Elena’s laugh is wonderful; I can’t help but laugh with her. My hands roam her soft skin as my fingers dig into her ribs to tickle her. Not relenting, Elena thrashes her naked body around beneath me and laughs.

“I think I should start calling you Giggles,” I say as she laughs harder from my tickling hands. “I think you like being tickled.”

“Ahh!” she screams out, then snorts in between hysterics. When I hear her struggling to breathe, I stop and pull her in close. With my head resting on her chest and over her heart, I can hear the loud, fast thumping. I could get use to this.

When her breathing becomes normal, her fingers find their way into my hair to rake them along my scalp. I close my eyes and realize that I could die a happy man right now.

“What about you?” she asks against my hair.

I know what she means. She wants to please me, but she already has just by letting me touch her. To be this close to her. Laying on top of her naked body is more than enough for me right now. Plus, I’m not sure I’d be able to control myself if we go any further...

“I’m good, sweetheart.” I give her a chaste kiss on the curve of her breast and lock all of this into memory for the cold shower that’s in my near future.

“Oh...okay,” she’s a little disappointed. I curse at myself for not letting her touch me yet. She wants to, and that’s evident, but something is just telling me that it’s not the right time.

She is my job. She is my responsibility. She is my heart. If I cross that line, there’s no going back. Not for her and most definitely not for me.

I don’t deserve her.

“Do you want to talk about why you were drinking?” her question is so quiet, I almost didn’t hear it.

Should I tell her? If I don’t, she might worry. She doesn’t have to know everything – just the main part: that my half-uncle is Satan himself. I really don’t want to give her another lie.

“A while ago, my mom finally told me why dad left. It turns out that it was never my fault. Apparently, I have a half-uncle out there who is an awful human being. In fact, I think calling him a human being is a bit of a stretch. He forced my dad to leave. I don’t know why.” I take a deep breath, “I met him tonight.”

Her fingers still for a beat, soaking in what I said. “Are you okay?” she asks.

Lifting my body enough to prop myself on my elbows, I straddle her shoulders so I can look into her pretty eyes. It’s a loaded question. I’ll be okay when my uncle is six feet under and unable to hurt another soul again.

“I will be.” I lean down and kiss her petite nose, praying that it’s true. “It was just a rough night, but it’s a lot better now.”

“Do you plan on finding out why he made your dad leave?” she asks.

Twirling a tendril of soft golden hair between my fingers, I tell her, “I have every intention of finding out.”

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