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Nygdox: The Anti Slender. A being of Zalgo’s creation with assasitance of greater horros such as that of the nihilistic Scarlet King. She knows no bounds as to the torment of many and all who call Earth home. Until one evening - a rose sprouted in front of her path... What now?

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Prolog - Nygdox: From Хаос to Waukesha

I was born by the hands of two beings: one of chaos and one of nihilism. Conceived in the womb of a woman encased in glass I needed no seed to become me. Like the Greek goddess Minerva, I was released grown, with which my prisoner mother I looked upon in form. I held a face behind my flesh, showing only when I wish - in my few rarities - to express inner feeling to others around me. My hair flowed from my head the colors of the King's crown, long as the horns of Him (though he forced his minions upon me to trim it towards my jugular). Like his horns once more, my tendrils - red as the blood of his fallen foes - could spike at my wills ends. No matter what I ate, or how much of it, my body remained the same: thin, with a slight curve of extra meat at the chest, thighs, and my zadnik. When shown my eyes gaze red through the darkness of my sclera. My teeth sharp. My tongues black at the throat, red down out of my mouth, and mixing into yellow at the tip.

I know not whether to call them my fathers or leave them as the King and Him, but my mother - I certainly do call her such. But they both refer to her as Svelta. I am guessing her name is Svelta. She remains within her clear cell to this day.

I am odd. And I am powerful. I can see what is to come, and what has already happened. I am skilled in many forms of artisanship, combat, and knowledge. I cannot, however, bend reality. No. That would be what The Old One can do. Nor can I destroy entire planets. I can only engulf the innocent lives who thrive in it into eternal chaos and soul-enlocked slavery.

Like the candle held by Him, I too carry a light. A gift from the King, which is one of few I enjoy from them: a staff made by the bones of former humans - from an organization that calls itself the ‘SCP’ kept together in dark red fabric and the oily black substance that pours from the eyes of The Old One's slaves, which curled as it reached the top so that it held the silver lantern. A bulb of setting sunlight inside made into the shape of a skull.

Come 20 they allowed me passage into Earth, and since then I have been able to maneuver from both realms at my own free will. Torment and chaos are what I carry with me. Really. Those are the names I gave my henchmen.

I am Nygdox: the Anti Slender. And this here is me.
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