just a friend

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A story where two young teenagers find each other during hard times and befriend

Chapter 2

When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about Sage, had I really forgotten who I was partnered with in class a few weeks ago? I hadn’t shut out anybody not until the last year. I found out that my girl friend was cheating on me with my best friend Troy...Man was that the cold shoulder of betrayal. I pretty much didn’t trust anyone even my family. The next day: Sage dragged me to the library and said β€œhey, you didn’t have to leave last night.. Max is cool with me hanging out with guys” and then I said β€œOk,well
How come I never see him here?” She let out a sigh β€œhe’s suspended, been suspended since last year”. I was gonna ask what he did but Sage interrupted and said β€œ Why don’t I give you my number so we can talk to each other and you can help me with skating”. She put her number in my phone and left me sitting in the serene surrounding of the library.

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