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She doesn't want to know what love is like; she doesn't want to end up like everyone else. Snowelle Lockhart, 24 and single. Her career in the making, own place, own car, no crazy ex-boyfriends, perfect bachelorette, right? Wrong! Love isn't in the cards of life for Snow, she's what you would consider a 'lone wolf' but can she live the rest of her life that way? Can Snow face these new emotions that are beginning to arise and make them flourish or will she let them pile up and drown her? His name is Lucas Reese, he's the town's widowed bachelor. He knows exactly what love is like. But is he willing to give it away, just lose it again? ⚠️MATURE/SENSITIVE TOPIC ⚠️

Romance / Drama
Venus Grzych 💛
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