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Yes.. Daddies!

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Valery is a Sixteen year old orphan who has the same thought process as a five year old. The Fross brothers are the richest men in the world but they don't have the best reputation. From the very moment the Fross brothers meetValery, Valery had them wrapped around her pretty little finger. WARNING: Daddy kinks, don't like it then don't read it. Mature scenes, don't like it don't read it. Age gaps, don't like it don't read it. DaddyxDaddyxDaddyxBabygirl..... I think... But if so, don't like it then don't read it. I think I covered it all. Thank you. I would like to thank @dark_oceaneyes for creating amazing covers for the "Yes... Daddies!" Series, you're truly amazing! **D.O. E did not draw these picture, but found and edited them. ** D. O. E did such an amazing job!Thank you for your hard work and support @dark_oceaneyes 🤗🤗🤗💗

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


My name is Valery Zeggin and I am an orphan. I actually knew my parents, they were nice and beautiful. One day my mom died from a sickness and my father changed. He started to drink and that didn't do any good for me. When he's drunk he would beat on me and said horrible things,then when he was sober he would mope around and went out to buy more drinks. Then one day, when I was ten, he left me. I woke up one morning and he was gone with all of the stuff. The only stuff that was still there was all mine. I was placed in an orphanage
three days after my father left. Now I’m sixteen and I’m still waiting for someone to adopt me. I'm not your typical teenager,people thinks something is wrong with my brain. I talk like a child sometimes but mostly when I’m sad excited and upset. I dress in nice dresses with pigtails. I never go anywhere without my stuffed bunny and I like to color. When I go to school my peers pick on and have a hard time keeping their hands off me. When my teachers look at me their eyes were always filled with pity, they would tell me I could go to them if I were to need anything. So where are they when the other students bully me? Anyways, despite my child like actions, I'm very smart.

I shared a room with twelve others, Kayla, Share, Annie, Wanda, Sarah, Tina, Lana , Lilly, Mary, Claire, Page, and Nancy. I only get along With Lily, who was the age of seventeen. Lilly had black hair with bright blue eyes, she was about 5"5 and had a great body. She did have a bad attitude but only if someone upsets her. Lilly was the only one who stuck up for me when people pick with me. Which so many years in the system she decided a long time ago that she didn’t want to be adopted. She’s just waiting until she can age out of here. I looked up to Lilly, she's so strong and independent while I am the complete opposite. Sitting on my bed, I brushed at my babydoll’s, Dolly, hair while the others did their homework.

"Valery you need to do your homework too." Wanda says annoyed.

"I not have any homework." I lied.

"I'm in two of your classes idiot." Wanda scolds.

"Don't call mwe that! That's not nice word. " I say upset then continued to brush.

"That's not a nice word!" Claire mocked.

"How about you all shut up." Lily yelled as she threw her text book across the room almost hitting Nancy.

"Excuse you!" Nancy yelled upset. Lily glare at her wanting daring Nancy to say something else. Without another word, Nancy returned to doing her homework frightened. I giggled.

"Lil what's Wrong? " I asked.

"Nothing kiddo, it's just that stupid math. I’m going to take a nap now so all of you keep it quiet." Lily says then crawled into her bed and pulled the covers over her head. She must have work tomorrow. I sat the brush down and skipped out the room and towards the kitchen with Dolly. I slowed down then started to tiptoe because to get to the kitchen I have to first past the living room. I peeped into the living room to see Ms. Britt, our orphanage director, sitting on the couch drinking some kind of alcoholic beverage while watching TV. I ran past the living room entrance trying my best not to get caught then tiptoed to the kitchen. When I got there I sat Dolly on the counter then my eyes landed on exactly what I came here for, the cookie jar.

“We must be very quiet Dolly or we'll be thrown down stairs, paddled, and we won’t be served dinner." I whispered to my doll. The cookie jar was on the top shelf and me being 5” tall, it didn’t seem like this would work too well. I looked around and found a stepping stool. I picked it up and put it in front of the shelf the I stood on top of it, still not tall enough.

After stacking cookbooks on top of the stool I climbed on top the tried my best to reach for the jar. Suddenly, I heard the door bell ring. Ms. Britt swore, she didn’t like it when someone interrupts her while she’s enjoying her shows. I need to hurry, but I still can't reach!!! I got on my tippy toes and tried my best to stretch my body beyond its ability. Strained muscles will be worth the delicious chocolate chip cookies for which the jar held captive from me!

"Oh my! I wasn’t expecting you of people to come to a shabby place like this! I apologize for the mess, this place is falling apart, I do try my best to make it homey for the beautiful children, Please follow me I'll show you the girls. I try to keep a stick order around here, at this time the girls are doing their homework like good childr- Valery!" Ms. Britt yelled my name just as I finally grabbed the jar. She startled me, causing me lose my balance and fall. I landed on my butt and the jar fell seconds later shattering the second it contacted the cold hard kitchen floor.I sat there in their shattered pieces.. The cookies were now all over the floor, so... so I not have a cookie! My lip started to tremble.

"Ohhh no don't you dare start that! You had no business trying to steal cookies!" Ms. Britt yells and I started to cry.

" I. I. I dust wanted ta cwookie." I cry tears streaming down my face non stop. Rubbing my fist in my eyes as I cried I then felt two strong hands go under my arms and picked me up. Removing my hands from my eyes I realized I was being held by an extremely handsome man.

"Hey, stop that crying. You're okay, it's okay. He cooed rubbing my back. I calmed wiping my tears and hiccuping.

"I'm so sorry for this mess. This is Valery our special child. " Ms. Britt says.
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