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Daddies Bad Girl!

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This is a sequel of Yes... Daddies!!!! Valery was the orphan. She was our sweet princess who had the brain of a Five year old. She was the girl who played with her toys. She was the jealous brat. She was his love that played dress up and had tea parties. She was even the "cock blocker". She was the one who was always sweet and kind. She was her daddies good girl. She was sixteen. She was pure. She WAS.. Valery is the rebel. Valery is the badass. Valery is the one who got expelled from every schools she's attended. Valery is sarcastic and a serious smartass. Valery is eighteen. Valery is the one who fights. Valery is the one who parties all night. Valery is the trouble maker. Valery is no longer pure. No longer a child. And most of all Valery is no longer a good girl. What happens when the Fross Brothers meet the NEW Valery? I'll give you a hint; Bad girls get punished... I would like to thank @dark_oceaneyes for creating amazing covers for the "Yes... Daddies!" Series, you're truly amazing! **D.O. E did not draw these picture, but found and edited them. ** D. O. E did such an amazing job!Thank you for your hard work and support @dark_oceaneyes 🤗🤗🤗💗

Romance / Erotica
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"What are you doing here?" Sam asked over the load music. I frowned. I remember this dude. I use to hang out with him when I lived with the Fross brothers. He's father was some big time company owner.

"What do you mean, what I am doing here? I'm here all the time. What are you doing here rich boy?" I asked and he was taken aback.

"You're Valery right?" Sam asked confused.

"I go by Val." I say and he just blinked. "Look pal I gotta go, my friends are probably worried.

" Wait!" He suddenly yelled grabbing my arm.

"What the fuck man!? Let go!" I yelled yanking my arm away.

"... You.. You changed." He says.

"And you haven't. What a shame." I say turning to walk away.

"I'm sorry!" He says and turned me back around then threw me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes. I hit his back and kicked my legs trying to get loose.

"Let me down! Let me down you-!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry! I'm just doing what I think is right." He says. He continued to walk and I continued to fight him. Then the cold air hit my back as we left the club.

"Sir." The driver says opening the door and Sam put me down and forced me into the car. Sam got in holding me making sure I don't escape. The driver then got into the front seat and started to drive after locking the doors. I tried to open the doors but the wouldn't budge.

"Hello. Yes I would like to meet with you tonight... Yes I know its last minute but its very important. Yes all of you must be there. Yes I know... I apologize... No this can't wait until morning.... Yes.. Thank you I'll be there in twenty minutes." Sam says into his phone then he looked at me.

"How are you doing?" Sam asked and I frowned then I punched him dead in the jaw.

"You just kidnapped me you asshole! How do you think I'm doing?!" I yelled as he rubbed his jaw.

"Just trying to make polite conversation." He says.

"You're asking to be punched again." I say raising my fist.

"Whoa cupcake I didn't mean any harm.... You really changed though. Your less... Cute." Sam says with a playful smirk.

"Thank you. I'm not looking for cute, cute is for little girls. I'm pretty sexy, if I do say so myself." I say.

"You're more full of yourself too." He says. For the rest of the way we sat there in silenced. I looked out the window watching the trees go by but then some of the stuff got familiar. I looked ahead and saw us driving up to a big gate. My heart started pounding really hard in my chest. The gates opened for us when we reached it and we drove up the drive way to the huge house I mistaken for a castle once.

"..No." I whispered. The car stopped in front of the house. I stayed frozen in my seat. The familiar head butler opened the door and three men exit the house wearing suits. They must've just returned from work. I placed my hand on my chest trying to calm my heart but it didn't help. I'd never guest I'd ever see them again. Some of me hoped I never would. But there they were, as clear as day, there stood the Fross brothers.
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