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Daddies Good Girl!

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Now there's two sequels for our story "Yes Daddies!!!" If you like the bad girl Valery then read "Daddies Bad Girl" And if you wanted Valery to be the sweet innocent girl she use to be then you'll read this story. You could read both but try not to get the information mixed up. This story starts with the ending of "Yes Daddies" please enjoy. I would like to thank @dark_oceaneyes for creating amazing covers for the "Yes... Daddies!" Series, you're truly amazing! **D.O. E did not draw these picture, but found and edited them. ** D. O. E did such an amazing job!Thank you for your hard work and support @dark_oceaneyes 🤗🤗🤗💗

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

The end of "Yes Daddies!!!"


“I accept and return with my father." I say and my dads looked at me.

"What.." Alex trailed off sounding hurt.

"Its time for me you go home." I say.

"Your home is with us." Chris declared. I wanted to agree and tell them that I want to go back with them. But that's just me being a child, wanting to run away.

"Its time for me to go back to my real dad." I say and they all looked hurt.

"Is that what you want young lady?" The judge asked.

"Valery... Are you mad at us?" Seb asked

"If you say you want to go back with your father then all the requirements will be enforced." The lawyer says.

"Valery look at me. What are you doing? What's wrong? What did we do to upset you?" Alex asked.

"I'm not upset." I say.

"If my daughter wants to come back then let her." My father says.

"Requirements?" I asked.

"Valery tell us what's wrong, please." Chris says.

"The Fross aren't allowed anywhere near you. None of them or their family members are allowed. Their not allowed to contact you in anyway. And your not allowed to either or you'll get them in trouble." The Judge says.

"Hey can't we have like a minute to talk to her! Somethings wrong!" Alex asked the judge but the judge shook his head and continued to watch me.

"I accept." I say and everything went silent.

"Like I said before! Valery will return to her real father. Case closed." The judge says banging his weird hammer. The judge left and I hugged bunny tight. I turned and saw the Fross brothers standing there staring off to where the judge just exit. Then they looked at me. Seb eyes watered and two tears escaped.

"How could you do that?" He asked.

"Now tell us... What did we do?" Alex asked.

"You adopted me for the wrong reason..." I say.

"We adopted you... For the wrong reason... That's true. Your right but did you have to go this far? Why would you do this to us?" Chris asked.

"You don't need me anymore!" I say and they shook their heads.

"We will always need you! Every since you started living with us you've been on our minds! Valery we need you more that you know." Alex says.

"You planed this... That's why you've been acting weird... You really hurt me." Seb says.

"I'm sorry." I say.

"But your not!" Seb yells but then shook his head. "Your a meany. You know how much we love you and how happy we are when your around but you do this." Seb says voice shaky.

" Your apart of our family.." Alex say

"Daddy I am sorry. You were the one who stood by me when my other daddies and granddad didn't want me- " I say but Seb turned away from me.

"You don't want to live with us anymore?" Alex asked with a humorless laugh. " Then go. Your real dad is waiting for you." He says shaking his head. Tears fell from my wide eyes when he said this.

"Thanks for helping us with our business." Christian says emotionless.

"Daddies." I said.

"Are you lost? Your dad is over there. Our names are Alexander, Christian, and Sebastian Fross." Alexander says. And I bit my lip and nod.

"Your right. I'm sorry for my mistake... It won't happen again." I say. I sat bunny down on the chair next to Sebastian and turned and walked over to my father.

"Ready?" My father asked standing from his chair. I bit my lip and nod.

"Yes sir. My bag is over here, let's get it and head out." I say.

"Your bear. Your mother made that for you are you going to leave it?" father asked.

"Yes sir. I don't need it anymore, I have some growing up to do.".....
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