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Daddies Good Girl!

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Chapter 2


My father, Xavier Zeggings, held my hand as we head to the exit of the place. I hear the crowd out side not wanting to face them.

"It's really good to see you again." My father said and I looked up at him, he seemed different.. like the dad from before moms death. He stopped and stared down at me. "You look more like your mother.." He say

"I am her daughter." I said

"Yes you are..there’s so much I want to tell you..” He says then he pressed his lips together as his eyes fogged with emotions.. what was going on? Last time I was with him he was mean and threatening. He been put people in the Fross mansion to scare me. He did all of these terrible things and yet as he stands here I feel like he’s not as bad as he once was..

“Now we haves plenty of times.” I say smiling softly at him. We got to the car ready to get inside but then we heard shouting.

"Stop right there." Christian shouted

" What do you want, I've won the trail now it's time for us to go?" My father says

" The thing is, this is not the real trail." Alexander says smirking.

"We set this up because we knew that something was up with our daughter " Sebastian says

" The real court date is in a few weeks. And trust me you won't be able to win." Christian says holding up a folder... my folder!

"Now kindly let go of the brat." Alex demands.

" You can't do this! Since there's another court date, you have to wait til then to get her from me! she's coming with me!" My father yelled.

"No the hell she's-" Christian says but Sebastian spoke.

"Take her. When the court date comes then we're going to take her back there, but for right now you could have her." Sebastian says shocking me..

"Daddy..." I whine

"Oh no my love don't do that now. You were so ready to leave me a moment ago. I told you my punishments are different. But I warn you Xavier, you better not harm my daughter or I will have your head. Is that understood?" Sebastian asked.

"I’m not afraid of your threats Fross!" My father says.

" It’s not a threat it's a promise." Sebastian clarified.

" Sebastian I think you need to re-think this. She can get hurt without us knowing! what if he runs off with her? he could kill her.. I don't think we should chance this she's too valuable to us. Be used against us if she falls in the wrong hands." Christian says

"We won't be able to get to her in time if something happens Sebastian." Alexander says.

"What are you two talking about? We have men to our disposal they will be watched and followed every second of every day until the trail. Nothing will be unheard and nothing would be unseen. This is a punishment so it doesn't mean I don't love her anymore. I will take care of her, but if he is to discipline her , yell at her, or anything like that then I may allow it slide. But if he is beating on her that's another story. This is your punishment my love. You wanted this, so you can have it. I'll see you.... well, you'll see me when you get back home." Sebastian says then he lifted bunny. " Now or when you return?" Sebastian asked. I lifted my hands like a baby wanting to be picked up. Tears slide down my face.. this is what I asked for. I deserve it.. He came close and handed me bunny. I grabbed it from him and before he could retreat I grabbed his hand.

"Daddy.. bye bye hug?" I asked

"No. You're being punished right now." He says gently pulling away. My father held out his hand for me and I accepted it after hesitating. I then realized the reporters getting close as they yelled questions at us curious about the events that just took place.

"Those Damn Fross brothers! Fine.. We have a lot less time than we expected, let’s not waste another minute." My father said than he opened my door for me to get into the car. The reporters yelled out a few more questions as I stepped into the car.

"Why do you have the Fross princess?"

"Are you being kidnapped?"

"Where are the brothers?!"

When we drove off my father looked over at me with a small smile.

“First I’m going to introduce you to the family business I’ve built. You will never be able to live with me but I want you to get to know me, the new me.
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