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Loved by N. Florence

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We live in a world where of fanatical scenarios come first than reality ones. But for her, she knows how to tend it from one way to another. She wasn't loved by anyone before, not until her brother recognizes Nigel Florence's face trough a video chat.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

I always thought that this day would only come when I get to college, I’m not even in senior yet and i’m leaving daddy for a reason I don’t understand.

I stare at my bedroom, my bed is neatly tucked in and my window is locked shut, my clothes and laundry were all done and nicely folded on my luggage. I lay on the bed and feel my stomach grumbled, I grabbed a nutrition bar on a drawer on the bedside table take and I munched it all the way down.

“Tehya? Were going dear” Dad called on the intercom.

II help my self up and run downstairs. I bumped unto James who was texting ‘uh no, sexting’ someone on his phone by the look on his. Suspicious.

“Hey dude, how you feeling? Still having a killer migraine?”

“Nah, it’s not that bad anymore. F*cking Carson got me drunk last night. So you ready right?”

I shrugged by his used of words. I nodded. “Well his a douche bag and I hate him. For one last time, why are you friend with those bullies? Their like the meanest.”

“Aw, you talk like a 7 year-old kid, an annoying one.” Sarcasm filled his mouth. Idiot.

“Your crazy you know that?”

“You know you love me.” Smirking at me. That stupid smirk.

“Only in your dreams, brother.” He looked at me and fake gasp.

“By the way, you need to get my stuff upstairs. Too heavy.” I demanded and put my hands on my hips.

He did what he’s told and I grabbed my phone on the counter and dialed Ely’s number while I went on the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

Ely: "Eyh, I’ll miss you nerd.”

Tehya: ”Call me nerd again and I’ll kick your butt.” I laughed at my own words.

Ely: "Be careful, please, you know how I feel about you guys on a plane and I only agreed cause I care about your safety.”

Tehya: “Don’t do this again, mom.” I said in a sarcastic tone. I can her laugh on the other side but I know that she’s irritated now but she loves me in her own way.

Ely: “I’m serious Tehya, don’t make this hard.”

I heard dad called. “Were out!”

Tehya: “Okay El, I gotta go. I”ll call you back when I got there kay?

I hung up before she could answer. Because I swear to god she’ll be talking about the place for hours. Not that I don’t want to talk to her but she just get a little too annoying sometimes.

I headed outside where dad and James were waiting.

“Took you long enough.” He rolled his eyes on me. Actually he looks mad? I wonder whose idiot took his good mood.


I stare at him for a minute and to dad who gave me i-did-nothing look. Ugh, I would never understand guys with their mood swings.

I lunge into the backseat willingly because I don’t wanna start fight with mister-arrogant over the front seat.

“Fasten up guys. Were rolling.”

“Dad don’t talk like a teenager, really it doesn’t suit you.” Mister-arrogant laugh again. Mood swings, he’s worst than me if I have stomach cramps. I found myself laughing not because of the joke but because I realized something’s missing.

“Uh, Tehya? Are you mentally crazy? We drifted from our laughs like two minutes ago.”

Funny. Not.

“Dad! Stop and turn around hurry!” I yelled right into dad’s ears.

James grin “You’ve got to be shitting me. I'll throw that little shit when I get the chance to."

I rolled my eyes not caring about his big fat ego. “I left bun-bun, dad. Please?”

“Okay! We’re going back just for a bunny.” He said.

Dad turned around with no more word. No longer were on the drive way. The gate opens and nana was standing out the door waving with bun-bun on her arms. I guess she knows me better than I thought. I popped out the car and gave nana a tight hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Bye nana.” I shouted as dad drove of.

Minutes later I’m playing a game on my phone when I saw James glaring at me in disgust. I hate him.

“What!” I snapped.

“I don’t know if you noticed but were here. -” he said and I zoned out.

I study the the parking lot where on the front it says ’Reservation - Asher’s. Wow, we must have been really special. Of course, if your daddy is the most vulnerable lawyer. I’m pretty scared though, daddy’s new case was the reason were out of the states for god knows how long. I have no clue, no clue at all. Why? Daddy has handled many cases before, what makes this so relevant that we need to get out of the states?

“Earth to Tehya Asher.” James peeked at my window and makes me jump.

I can feel myself gnawing. I’m weakening. My tears are slowly running down my cheeks. I stared at the windshield, scared in thoughts. I’m gripping a fist unto Bun Bun. I can’t hear anything rather than my heart pounding real heavy and loud.

I glanced slowly on my window and saw James looking at me in horror. I shook my head. Everything is slowing down. James open the door and pull me into a hug but I pushed him really hard where he hit himself on the car door.

“It’s okay Tey, I’m here. It’s okay. Hush. Please stop. You’re scaring me. I'm sorry." He has his hand rise up slowly to touch me but a back away a little. "Hey it's okay, it's just me." I nodded slowly.

"Now I’m going to touch you okay?”

He slowly raised his hand making its way on my shoulder. I can feel his palm now and I stiffened.

“Relax Tey, just relax. I’m here there is nothing to worry about.” He whispered to me.

He rubbed my back in a slow pace. And I found my words out of nowhere.

“Let’s go. Daddy’s probably waiting for us.” I said as I wipe my tears away.

“No, not yet. You just had a panic attack Tey didn’t you realize? What the hell are you doing to yourself?” He yell at me.

I flick his hand off of my me. “Don’t yell at me like that.” I snapped back. Glaring at him and be looks so sad.

“Sh*t, sorry. I’ll take that you didn’t take your medications?

“I forgot okay? I”ll take it on the plane.” I muttered.

We walked inside the airport and a few minutes I saw dad checking our bags. He gave us the tickets while he put a padlock on one of my suitcase.

“There you go. You should be settled.” Dad says and looks at me.

“What happened?” Dad looks sympathetically at James.

James looked at me as if he would ask me for him to tell the truth, before he could say something I beat him to it.

“I’ll just missed you so much daddy. Please can I stay? Please?” I looked at him with sadness flickering from my eyes.

“It’s okay sweetie your brother is there for you. So I better head off now. I love you so much.” He kisses me on the forehead and turned to look at James. “Take good care of her. Make sure she’s still on her medication. No boys.”

James laughed at that and so as daddy and me. I’ll miss daddy so much. He’s the one who has made me happy every minute of my entire life, well so as James. I really love dad so much.

I stared at them for a moment while they’re talking about god knows what. I can feel myself sobbing, tears running down my cheeks for the second time today. My eyes trailed as a guy with a grey uniform came towards us and took our luggage.

“Okay sweetie, it’s time to go. Call me when you get there okay. Pat will come and pick you up on the airport. Got it?”

I nodded with a small smile on my face and he started walking away. I watched him go until he reached the automatic door. He stopped as if he wants to look back. ′Look back daddy, look back’ but he didn’t. He fixed his tie and go.

“Ready Tey?” James called me.



The plane departed twenty minutes ago. James was gripping my arm when the plane took off, ′such a baby’ he’s scared of heights. He don’t even like riding the swings neither do the see-saws when he was small. I never encountered that, dad only told me when I was thirteen. Dad always tell me embarrassing moments of James, it was so adorable. Hush, don’t tell him that.

He’s asleep on my shoulder, huh, hope he doesn’t drool all over me or I’ll smack him. But I love him.

“Hi. Would you like some drinks? The food is coming soon.” A flight attendant said from out of nowhere. She has a light brown hair color with a slight British accent. She looks beautiful with those uniform and the scarf on.

“Uh, hello, t-t-thank you but I’m not f-f-feeling for drink at the moment.” I gave her a genuine smile. Stupid stuttering. Stupid!

She nodded and smiled back then turned to ask the other passenger.


We’ve been two and a half hours on the plane but James hasn’t woken up yet. I slide up the plastic cover and peeked out side the window. It’s dark outside which means it’s already nighttime and any minute we’re landing. I wondered what

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are landing with in twenty five minutes. Make sure seat belts are on and seats are straight upright. Flight attendants will assist if you need. Thank you.” I’d think that the speaker would be loud enough to wake James up, but it did nothing he’s still heavily snoring.

I nudged his head away form my shoulder. “Hey, wake up sleepy heads, were here any minute.” His head just bounced back on my shoulder.

“If you don’t wake up now I’ll tell every girls you hit on that you have cooties.” This time I pushed him hard.

He groaned but fixed himself up.

“Do you have any Aspirin? Migraine.” He looked at me with those sleepy eyes.

Forty minutes later. I can see Pat waving at as. He looks so happy seeing us. God I miss him so much. He’s the brother you’ll never get tired of, he always makes me laugh at his own stupid jokes. I hugged him tight as I can and he winced.

“Come on, Tey, you look exhausted” He said and kissed my forehead.

Once we stepped outside I felt the suns’ heat shining straight on my face and I put on my sunglasses on.

Welcome California.

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