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What happens when sex, love and life are combined in chaos? Join Shaun on his journey of exciting experiences with the women in his life and the struggles within his heart and mind. If you like this story, your reviews; comments; and full support will be greatly appreciated. 😊 Story is based on a true story with some added twists from the author's imagination. The names of the characters are fictitious and don't pertain to real life people. This contains sexual and explicit words so you've been warned. All rights reserved. (c) Sleeping Gluttony IG @sleepinggluttony Twitter @sleepingglutto1

Romance / Erotica
Sleeping Gluttony
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Meeting the angel of my demise

My name is Shaun East, a resident Architect of Vulcan Designs.

I am currently in the office staring at the empty air.

It was quiet and it felt like time was frozen.

All I can hear is the discreet sound of the air conditioning and the occasional clicking noise of the pen that I subconsciously pressed the clicker with my thumb every now and then.

It was an enjoyable serene me time but it was cut short when my secretary came in -

'Architect East, the director called for you in his office.', she said.

'I wonder what he needs, he could have just called. Did he say why?', I asked in reply.

'Yes sir, he mentioned that he would like you to meet someone. But I did not know who.', she replied.

'Thanks Dianne. I will be there after five minutes at his office. By the way, I will just sort out my schedule first then let you know the rest tomorrow.' , I told.

I checked everything - my meeting schedules, the client visits and others for the week then informed Dianne that some appointments are to be cancelled while some are added.

Right after, I went to the Director's office.

Knock Knock Knock

'Director Rey, this is Shaun', I said while waiting outside the glass door.

'Come in!', said the Director.

When I went inside, I was surprised that only the director is present. So I immediately asked -

'Director, Dianne told me that you want me to meet someone. Is this true? and who might that be?'

'Hahahaha. You are as direct as always Shaun. Nonetheless, it would be best to hear it from the person herself. She just went outside for coffee. She should be her any second now.', the director replied.

Who might be this person that the director seems to have a lot of respect for her? And she's is a she? I am now intrigued. - I thought to myself.

Not long after, the awaited personality came in.

And like a playback in slow motion, the door slowly opened in an inward motion and I was stupefied to see a very stunning, sexy and beautiful woman smiling at me.

She is holding a cup of moonbucks coffee on her left hand while her right hand is pushing the door.

Yes, I was stupified because two things automatically came rushing into my brain when I saw her.

First, she is very familiar and I know we already met.

Secondly, why is she smiling like that at me? Or is it directed to me at all?

Well, I am a professional so I got back to my usual countenance right away after getting slack-jawed.

I got up from my chair and hurriedly extended a hand to hold the door for her.

'HAHAHAHA. You are here now Ms. Cross. This is great. As promised, this young man right here is Architect Shaun East. I did not tell anything about you yet so it would be best that I leave you two alone. Just ring me anytime if you need me.', suddenly said by the director.

In my mind -

Why is the director behaving this way? Is she a big shot from the main Headquarters? I better show my best behaviour here. But I can really feel that we know each other. Ms. Cross? Ugh. Her name is just in the tip of my tongue but I am having a hard time getting it. It should be starting with an E.

She suddenly replied while sweetly chuckled, 'Thanks Director Rey. I will let Shaun know what this meeting is about. He seemed to be nervous about this. Why do you have to act so mysterious?'

The director hurriedly left the office while loudly laughing. He already got out of the office and the room was quickly filled with silence.

This is really awkward. The director really likes to play jokes with me. It seemed inappropriate for me to say hello first and maybe she will say that I have a bad personality for not remembering her.

She kept on sipping her coffee and just stood opposite of me. Seems like she doesn't mind the awkward behavior I am showing.

Ehem! Ehem! (Shaun clears throat)

'Hello Ms. Cross. I believe we already met. I was just shocked to see you here. And I honestly have a hard time recalling names. So please do not take offense.', I apologetically said.

'You are clever as ever. You really know your way with words. Nevermind, it is nice meeting you here. I am Ellen.', she playfully replied.

'Hahaha. No wonder why I keep on murmuring the letter E. I just suddenly remembered your name. Nice meeting you again as well Ms. Ellen. Can you tell me now why I am being called here?', I replied with the intention of not prolonging my awkward first impression.

'Very straightforward huh? I like it. Yes Shaun. You will know everything about my background from the director later on. But I had you called here to let you know that I am from the main Headquarters and I am assigned to be one of the team leaders for the new branch they will be opening in a neighboring city. You are here because you will be the second team leader. You are now being promoted officially. The paperworks will be ready tomorrow. I just hope to get the best introduction for this project and since you are a bonafide home grown talent, I'm sure you will be the best fit to work with me on this expansion.', she told.

'In addition, you and I will take 3 people each under our team so we have time. Next week, we will have an informal team building and it could be at our home province. I believe that you know this already, we grew and studied at the same place. I could be somehow considered as your senior in that regard. HAHAHA.', she added.

'Wow, that is so much to take in Ms. Ellen. I am very grateful for this promotion and project. I hope that I can be of great service for the expansion of the company. And calling you senior is a bit inappropriate Ms. Ellen. You are not much older than me and you look really young.', I earnestly told in reply.

But I was shocked at what happened next.

She suddenly put down her cup of coffee and walked towards me without saying anything.

I also did not move because I did not know what to do.

She is already a few inches away from me and her head is somewhat leveled with my neck.

I am a bit tall and she can be considered tall already considering that she is a woman.

She seems like she sized me up with her eyes full of curiosity then slowly looked up and stared at me.

'You've grown Shaun. And I remember that our first meeting in the past was bit unpleasant. But now, you have matured a lot. You did not look at my breast, not even a glance. Perhaps, you already have a girlfriend.', she said like a doctor examining a patient.

I was frozen like a rock and red as chili when recalling the first meeting with this woman.

It was really unpleasant.

But does she really need to look me up this close?

And while ruminating, she suddenly did something I did not expect.


Yes, she suddenly kissed me.

What is happening?!!!

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