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|1.| Fairies Know

Somewhere in the fairy forest.

“You came back quickly?” a voice said, making me chuckled.

“What were you expecting? My death?” I said as I patted his shoulder.

“No, but maybe some blood?”

I looked at the person and smiled.

“No, I couldn’t. Also, I had something to give him before he left,” I explained as we flew up the treehouse.

“What about the girl?” he asked as I stopped and turned to look at him.

“She will be fine,” I smiled, “Also, she is expecting more than one surprise when she gets home.”

“Surprise?” the man asked as I nodded.

“Yes, soon, one of them will come back and seek my help. Then, that day I will do what I’m supposed to do and end the torment of their hard life,” I explained, smiling.

“I see, wise of you then,” the man chuckled.

I walked up to my bed and took a seat. With a sigh, I opened the palm of my hand and recited a chant. A small yellow ball emitted from my hand as I looked at it. Smiling, I showed him.

“My friend, fairies know.”

Somewhere in the bottom of the abyss.

“Fucking demons!”

I held my arm as I limped up the steep hill. I looked down and groaned as I saw demons heading my way. Then, cursing under my breath, I chant a spell and use my powers to attack them.

I didn’t have my source of mana with me, and all my men were dead. I had to find a way and escape this place before one of these demons killed me. Grunting, I continued climbing; the place was utterly darkness-covered in mist and demons. I couldn’t use teleportation because of the lack of mana. And I didn’t expect that damn seeker to hurt me badly before I killed him.

Thankfully, one was dead. And I had two more to go. It would take long before I recovered, but I didn’t care. I had confirmed what I needed, and that is my little queen’s power. Who would have thought the cursed queen is back and stronger than ever?

That little bitch that left her kingdom long ago had everything arranged before her death. Poor fuckers, little do they know she didn’t kill herself. And I didn’t expect she had a daughter with cursed blood. All I need now is to get my hands on her and let her do what she needs to. And that is to kill the dragon king.

Hearing a screeching sound, I turned and moved out of the way before a demon attacked me. His long claws stuck on the rocks as I kicked him in the face.

“Fuckers, be under my command!” I furiously ordered.

Kicking it harder, I continue going up.

“Wait for me, my dear Amari, once I have regained my powers. Then, I will bring you back to where you belong,” I said, laughing.

Amari POV

I softly massage my temple as I hear the crackling sound of the fireplace—the only noise echoing in my room as I tiredly sigh again.

I felt terrible about what just happened, but I had no choice. It wouldn’t be correct for me to do that. It wouldn’t be fair.

It pained me looking at his hurt face. My heart ached as he stood and turned away from me. But who was I lying to?

Did I love him?

I felt an attraction, and he is someone I cherish. But love? Could I even call that love?

A soft knock on the door has me sighing. Who was it now?

“Come in,” I whispered as I stayed on the sofa. Michael peered inside, smiling my way as he excused himself.

“May I have a word with you?” he asked as I nodded tiredly. “You must have felt tired, right?”

I nodded but didn’t look at him.

“Azriel is heartbroken, my dear,” Michael said as I cursed under my breath. “But don’t feel bad. He is the type of person who understands things and doesn’t take things personally. Especially with you.”

I shifted my eyes. Michael just smiled.

He looked tired.

“Just give him time, and everything will go back to normal.”

“Normal?” I muttered as my eyes stayed on the reflecting light of the fire, “nothing will be normal. My heart aches.”

I rubbed my chest as tears threatened to escape.

“It’s the bond. What you are feeling is his pain,” Michael explained. I lifted my head. Was he serious right now?

“His pain? What about me then? Am I a cold person with no heart? Is that what you’re saying?” I retorted.

Michael shook his head.

“I’m not implying that, but the person with the most pain is the one you feel the strongest. So if you close your eyes and concentrate, you will get to feel that the mark that belongs to Azriel is throbbing in pain,” he explained with a sad smile. “Now, what I came here for was for what happened a while ago.”

“You mean that witch?” I said, looking away from him.

“Did you have to kill her?” Michael asked.

“Did I have to wait for my death?” I answered back with a question. Then, squeezing the pillow that was under my arms, I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

I’ve been feeling strange after I killed Calandra. My mind became hazy for moments before something dark clawed at my head, trying to push himself and take control of me.

I know it shocked everyone after I killed Calandra. This will cause problems.

But she was going to die, anyway. So it felt good killing her.

I shifted my eyes and looked down at my hands. For the first time, I killed someone. Never in my life did I think about killing someone, but it didn’t feel wrong. Instead, I felt relief, and my body felt calmer. Was it because I transferred the curse to the stone and then killed Calandra, freeing myself of the curse?

It still confused me, but I was a free person. What I have been seeking all my life has finally come true. But why was I not happy?

“The cursed blood is affecting you,” Michael mumbled as I opened my eyes once again. “You will need to control that.”

“Control it?” I gritted my teeth, “you think I’m happy with this?”

Now I was furious.

“I hate this!” I said, standing and throwing the pillow across the room, “I hate what I have. It seems like I will never be free. Free from this curse that ties me like shackles.”

“You can be free,” Michael said, making me snap my head around. “But for you to do so, you will need to find the answer in your heart. Don’t let the monster in you control you. Show him that only you can summon him and not the other way around. Only you control who you are.”

Standing, Michael passed by, and once reaching the door, he stopped.

“If you need help in controlling it, I can help you. Just call for me,” Michael said, shutting the door.

Heaving, I groan angrily and lay down in bed. It was late in the night; I had to make several decisions before something happened to me.

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