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|3.| Home

Amari POV

I welcome the green fields and the sun that glowed at the lake that was outside the empire. I smiled as I rested my head on the window ledge. The breeze graced my skin, making me sigh in relief. It seems I was feeling better. Was it strange if I say that I felt happy going back to Maximus palace?

Who would have thought that at the beginning, I hated it? Am I getting attached to Maximus?

I chuckled at that thought.

Sparing him a glance, I noticed he was concentrating on his book. A small v was forming between his thick eyebrows.

He has been reading a book since a while ago. I was feeling entirely ignored by him.

But that gave me a chance to observe him; well, it would be more like checking him out?

Turning my head his way, I smiled. His long black hair needed a cut.

It was above his waist. Should I suggest he trim it a bit?

I liked men with long hair, and this was my favorite. But, sadly, Azriel cut it. Shifting my eyes down his body, I check his broad and muscular arms and shoulders. The white long sleeve shirt he was wearing wrapped around his body defined every muscle he had. I licked my lips as I stared at his muscle flex. Then, lowering my eyes down his pants, I stared at his thick thighs.

He was wearing royal blue pants. Was it me, or he looked hotter?

Feeling someone watching me, I slowly lift my eyes. Maximus had a smirk on his face.

“What?” I spat as my face blushed.

“Nothing, just checking you,” Maximus whispered in a seductive tone. I gulp as I turn away from him. I heard him chuckled.

I kept my eyes outside the window. Hearing a shuffle, I glance sideways just to find Maximus near me. I gasped, sitting up.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, embarrassed. Shyly, I looked down at our feet.

Leaning closer, he puts his arms on each side. His face is close to mine.

“Maximus?” I mumbled.

Maximus moved his hand to my chest, where the small knot of my dress was. He slowly pulled on it as the front part of the dress opened. I inhaled as he hummed in appreciation. The corset I was wearing was making my chest look more voluptuous than what it already was.

Moving my eyes, I noticed he was watching my reaction. Red eyes mixed in a beautiful swirl of black. My heart started beating as he kept his gaze on me. I could feel he was speaking with his gaze. Slowly, he started sliding his finger down my chest. Stopping between my breasts, I feel something sharp gracing me. I lowered my eyes to see a claw between my pale chest. Moving it down, he cuts my corset in half. Revealing my breast, I gasped as my pussy started throbbing in excitement.

I was finding this so exciting.

Moving his claw up my chest again, I pant. My eyes closed as I took the pleasure of his touch in. Slow movements made my skin crawl deliciously. Leaning my head on the seat, I feel his wet lips kissing my chest. His hand wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer to him.

Maximus moved and kneeled between my legs. His mouth was toying with my nipples as I bit my lip.

“Stay silent, Amari,” Maximus’ husky voice ordered. My hand found my mouth as I muffled a moan. His teeth bite down on my pink nipple.

“M-Maximus,” I whispered breathlessly. My pussy dripped with need.

“Look at me, Amari,” Maximus called as I opened my eyes. His lips found mine, and he started kissing me.

His kisses were slow with passion on them. I moaned against his lips as his hands pulled what we left of my dress away. I felt exposed. Moving my hands, I reached for his shirt and started taking it off. My hands shook nervously. What was wrong with me? It wasn’t the first time I had sex with him.

Finally, I could take it off. Moving my hands up and down his arms, Maximus’ claws slid down my back as I arched my body to the front.

“You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled, kissing the scars on my belly. My breathing is erratic.

I watch his mouth move down my body. I wanted more.

“Please, Maximus… I want you,” I whispered while covering my mouth.

“Patience, love,” he smiled.

Finding my neck, he kisses me and licking up and down. His teeth biting down at my skin as a moan escapes my lips. Suddenly we heard the coachman yell, we were home. I tensed up. Anyone could see us.

“M-Maximus…” I said nervously as my eyes looked outside. Maximus lifted his head and reached for the small curtains, closing the view from anyone around. “W-What are you-”

I was cut off as I called out his name while he sucked hard on my nipple. My hair disheveled from all the movement of my head. Moving his hand down my leg, I tense up and look down at him. Then, touching my pussy, I bent over and hid my face in his neck.

“D-Don’t…” I slurred, feeling his fingers moving inside my walls. Making small circular movements, I bit down his neck. My body shivered as he quickened the pace.

I dig my nails into his shoulder as I moan breathlessly near his neck. A grunt left his lips. His lips were finding my hardened nipple once again. He quickened his pace again; I feel the pressure building. My legs quiver as the pleasure hits me hard, and I slur incoherent words. Feeling my orgasm hit, Maximus covers my muffled moans as he deeply kissed me.

Breathlessly, he pulled away. His fingers are dripping from my orgasm. I shyly look at how he licked his fingers—making my entire being throbbed.

“Fuck,” Maximus growled as he tries to take a seat. My eyes moved down to his enormous erection.

Panting, I lick my lips. I wanted him deep inside me.

His eyes shifted to my lustful face. He growled loud, making my body shudder. He started fixing his pants when he reached for the quilt that was on the floor. Picking it up, he pulls me against his chest. Wrapping around me, he leans over and pecks my cheeks.

“I’m not done with you,” he whispered in my ear, sending a delicious shiver down my core. Throwing the door open, I stared at him in shock. Was he expecting to go out like that? “Come,” Maximus said, offering his hand.

“No, you’re crazy!” I screeched as I looked around.

Grabbing hold of my arm, he pulled me.

“Of course, I’m crazy for you,” Maximus mumbled, earning a gasp from me. Picking me in bridal style, he walks into his palace. I hid my face, embarrassed on his chest.

I heard several greetings, including Jonathan’s, but we both ignored them. I could listen to Maximus’ heartbeat-like crazy against his chest. A smile formed on my lips.

Maximus hurried to his bedroom. Kicking on the door, he walks us to the bed. His hands quickly found the quilt and pulled it away from my body.

“Can’t fucking wait to bury myself inside you, my queen,” Maximus whispered near my ear, biting down my earlobe.

Backing away, he pulled his pants down. My eyes moved to his long, thick shaft that stood in complete glory. Pre-cum around his mushroom tip. Crawling over to my body. My eyes look at his lips. I softly traced them with my finger. Maximus was staring at me.

I looked at him. This undeniable pull was making my chest ached. Gulping hard, I close my eyes. His lips were kissing every part of my face—eyes, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks until they found a home. My hand caressed his face. I was desperate for his love.

I had never desired him more than now. Moving a hair strand from my eyes, I opened them to find him looking down at me with a smile.

“I love you, Amari,” Maximus said. Words full of honesty and love. Feeling tears in my eyes, I closed them. Was this his emotion?

I tried to concentrate on his mark. Just like Michael said, I could feel his emotions. I felt tears down my cheeks as I shyly opened my eyes once again. I looked at him, and he smiled softly at me. Was I falling for him?

Kissing me passionately, I slightly frown. Was this feeling of love?

Maximus moved his hand down the curve of my waist as he pulled me close to his erected shaft. Reaching for his neck, I pushed the thoughts behind and moaned with my head thrown back.

Slow movements have me begging him. Instead, he quickened the pace as he pounded deep into me.

His actions drive me crazy.

Finding my neck, he sucked on my sensible spot. I moaned aloud as he hit my mark.

We were both lost in our lust.


I stretched in bed but flinched when I felt a slight pain in my lower back. We had spent all day having sex. I lost count of how many times he made me cum. Turning to the side, I realize I’m all alone. The sun was shining; it was morning, and by the looks, it seems I had slept the entire morning.

I sit up in bed, scratching my head. My hair was a complete mess, which had me grumbling. This would be a battle of entanglement. Deciding to look for Maximus, I get up but winced once again.

Why did my back hurt so much? Was it the rough sex?

Getting up slowly, I walk to the bathroom. My eyes immediately landed on the nail marks I had on my lower back. So that was the reason I was in pain.

Approaching the mirror, I quickly glance at my body.

“Oh, Maximus!” I growled. My entire body was covered with small kissing and biting marks. His nails left traces of our feverous night on my skin.

I shake my head and got in the shower. He would get a lecture from this.

Once I felt clean, I started searching for something to wear. Unfortunately, I had nothing in his room, and my bedroom was in the opposite direction, meaning I would have had to search for my clothes. With a sigh, I get up and walk to the closet. Searching for a shirt, I followed the line of clothes when I paused and stared at the side.

“Is that my clothing?” I frowned, staring at the right side. They arranged half of my clothes next to his.

I chuckled, wondering how that happened. Was it him who arranged it?

I smiled and grabbed the first dress I saw. It was a simple red dress with long sleeves. Perfect for covering my small, passionate scars. Once done, I grabbed the brush and stood in the mirror. Then, taking a deep breath, I untangle my hair.

An hour later, of struggling and groaning, I am ready. I had worn some makeup to look better. Heading down to the dining room, I made a small beeline to Maximus’ office. Something told me he was there. I looked around and saw a few guards walking outside. Other servants smiled as they moved things and cleaned. My eyes looked at the hallway. Was it me, or did his palace look colorful?

Reaching the double doors, I knock softly. I heard him say come in. I slowly opened the door and peered inside. Maximus lifted his gaze and stopped writing when he saw me.

“Amari?” he called with a confused look.

“Hi,” I whispered as I closed the door behind me. “Am I disturbing your work?”

“No, come here,” Maximus said, offering his hand. He relaxed against his armchair. Walking up to him, I smiled and curled up on his lap. I didn’t know I missed him so much.

My face found the crook of his neck as we silently sat down. I smiled, feeling his lips on my cheek.

“I thought you would sleep in,” Maximus chuckled.

“Well, I would have if you were next to me. But I was all alone,” I whispered.

“Yes, I know. I would have loved to stay, but I had some work to do,” Maximus explained, sighing, “Are you feeling well?”

“Yes, just a slight pain on my lower back,” I said, sitting up on his lap and giving him a pointed look. He frowned. “Yes, your little claws are all over my back.”

Maximus chuckled.

“What can I say? I’m a man of passion,” he said, making me laugh. “But still, I didn’t hurt you?”

I move my collar down and sleeves up. His eyebrows shoot up with a smile.

“You look divine,” Maximus said, smirking.

I lifted my eyebrow. Deciding not to argue, I laughed it away.

“Please, just spare me the glances from the people in the palace,” I mumbled.

“That I can’t promise,” Maximus said, leaning closer. His eyes shifted to his desk when they moved back and met mine. My body shuddered as I glanced into his red, deep eyes.

“No,” I said, trying to stand, but I failed because his hands reached for my neck and his lips found my face.

I moaned as his tongue explored my mouth. He was sucking and biting on my lower lip.

“Let’s do it here,” Maximus whispered against my lips. Then, picking me, he lowers me over his Mahogany desk. I smiled, finding his lips again. Now, this would be a long morning.


Moving on the bed, I turn to the side. Smiling like an idiot, I take a deep breath. I was so happy that I couldn’t believe it. My hand slid up my barely covered body. After the steamy sex in the office, we moved back to the bedroom. Maximus thought I was using my seductive powers for a second, but I wasn’t; I was just feeling hornier than usual. Maybe it was the effects of my abilities?

Stretching once again, I sighed. I needed to get up and do something. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so it would be good to take a walk around the place.

I sat up in bed when a nauseous feeling hit me. My eyes widened as I covered my mouth and ran up to the bathroom. I barely made it on time. Gasping for some air, I lean against the wall. My stomach was feeling awful. I felt my contents coming out once again. Bending over, I throw up. What was wrong? Was I getting sick?

After a few more throw-ups, I finally felt better. I groaned as I walked towards the faucet to wash my face. I looked pale. Closing my eyes, I take several breaths. I needed to calm this awful feeling forming in my chest. A slight throbbing pain crossed my mind that made me groan.

I cursed as I held my face.

‘Amari.’ there, it was the same familiar voice, the one that hunts me.

I ignored it, letting it become numb in my ears.

‘It doesn’t matter if you ignore me.’ the voice said. I kept my head down, using all my will to ignore it. But a shiver ran down my back. ‘Why afraid?’

I snapped and lifted my head. So he thought he had control over me?

“Who are you?” I groaned, opening my eyes. My entire being froze as I looked at him. Brown straight hair that reached his shoulders. A tall yet well-built body with a chiseled jaw. His eyes blue like mine, but with a penetrating gaze that made me want to surrender to him.

He smiled at me, the same one that carries a thousand words.

‘Finally, you see me in the eyes.’ he whispered, getting closer. My heart beats as fear creeps inside my mind. ‘Listen to me.’ his words like a command. I fought the heavy orders his words carried. He was something I didn’t want near me.

“STAY AWAY!” I yelled, turning around, but no one was there. I looked around the bathroom when I heard a chuckle. Turning back again, I see him next to me, but I can only see him in the mirror.

‘Asking me to stay away, tsk, tsk. I can’t.’

I backed away.

You can never get rid of me. You are taking me with you to your grave.’

“SHUT UP!” I said, closing my eyes and holding my head.

‘Kill him. You have to kill him.’

I crouched down and hit my head. Tears slid down my cheeks as I begged for it to be gone. It took a while for the silence to return. I was sure I was going crazy.


Nighttime came, and I didn’t get to do a thing. The entire day I spent it locked in my room. Occasionally Jonathan passed by, leaving my food but nothing more. But I was still thinking about him. Who was he?

My mind kept replaying his words. Kill him, but who was he referring to?

I closed my eyes and rocked my body as I hugged my legs. My forehead leaned on my knees. I needed to talk with someone about this, but who?

I didn’t dare tell Maximus. It worried me he would think I was acting strange. Azriel wouldn’t give me his time. He already had enough on his plate.

I shifted my eyes and found my drawer. Getting up, I walked up to it and opening it. I looked at the stone. Dark red with no light on it laid still inside my drawer. I held it as I gazed at it. Did this rock cause something to my mind?

With a sigh, I put it back down and closed it. Moving the bedsheets away, I hear the bedroom doors open. My eyes look who it was.

“I thought you were asleep,” Maximus said, walking around the bed. I shook my head. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” I sighed, hugging him.

“Amari?” Maximus called. With a hum, I kept my head on his chest. “I didn’t force you to come over here, right? I understand if you want to stay with Azriel.”

I lifted my head and frowned at him. Letting go, I turn away.

“Say something, Amari,” I heard the plea in his voice.

I look at him over my shoulder.

“Azriel needs some time without me. He might be my mate and all, but I know he is struggling with everything happening. It’s difficult for him to be dealing with me as well,” I mumbled, looking away, “And we both need some time.”

“What do you mean?” Maximus asked.

I know he was unaware of Azriel’s proposal. Should I tell him?

“It’s nothing,” I lied and got to bed.

Maximus didn’t utter a word. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. A while later, I heard his footsteps walking away. Once he closed the door, I opened my eyes again and stared at the window. The same hazy feeling was taking over. The only thing this time, I let it take over.

Azriel POV

Amari was gone, and I was once again left alone. I had to admit I hated the idea of her being with Maximus. I wouldn’t say I liked the fact she rejected me, but it was a good thing she left on the other side.

I would barely have time for her now I was king.

I shifted my eyes and looked at the glass of blood. I had no appetite for anything. Getting up from the sofa, I walked towards the window and stared at the forest. Then, putting my hands behind my back, I stood with my head high, watching outside.

I wanted Amari to be mine; she’s supposed to be mine. But one thing I know, never force something, and when I proposed to her, it was an impulse. Who in their right mind would offer after she killed her first victim?

I’m a fucking maniac. Just looking at Amari that day, how she broke Calandra’s neck, gave me a sense of pleasure. I know she was not Amari, but still, it lit something on me. That thirst for blood and death that I had learned to control. No one except my family knew who I was. A sadistic motherfucker who liked to torture and kill.

I bit my lip, just remembering how it felt to punish Lilith. I wonder how it would feel if I punish Amari?

Amari has become my weakness. Her being has made me change, and I had to say I hated it but love it at the same time. Quite contradictory, which Lilith told me multiple times before. I know she was my mate, but every time I saw her body, her scars, they made my fingers tingle in a desire to see her pale skin covered in blood. But once I looked into her eyes, that desire was gone. That’s how much control she had over me.

Letting out a sigh, I turn back around and head to bed. I needed to stop thinking about her. I promised to visit, and in a month I would go. But for now, I need to figure out where the fuck Andrei is.

After Lorcan’s death, I sent spies to search down on that abyss. Hearing he was not there didn’t give me a sense of peace. Instead, he made me angrier, and it was another reason I was thankful Amari left. My monster and dark side have been taking control. Crawling on my mind and I had taken my anger out on her once already. Which I shouldn’t? It pained me that day seeing her in tears after telling her to screw herself and mind her business. She was my mate, and I should love her, but I can’t think straight right now.

I know one good thing I did, and it was to warn Maximus. That bastard has never been of my liking, but now I had to manage. After all, we share the same mate, even though I was a possessive motherfucker who wanted nothing but to lock Amari away. So I had to be wise and do things correctly. Not let my anger and obsession blind me.

Before they left, I warned him about Andrei. He knows he is still alive and roaming somewhere. I also told him not to make her cry. If I go to his palace and find out Amari has suffered, I would surely kill him. And once he is dead, I would bathe myself in his blood.

“Hmm, how would Amari look covered in blood?” I say aloud. Chuckling, I laid down and closed my eyes. I need to stop thinking about getting her covered in blood.

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