Driving back home

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Devastating phone call

Romance / Adventure
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We were eating and talking so we can get to know each other like what our habits likes or dislikes. He asked me what is my favorite color I told him red and I asked him the same he said blue we talked about our family he asked me why I only talked about my mom I told him I never knew my dad. And I change the subject, I wasn’t surprised when he said he is the quarterback of the football team I fugue hey look at him he is rogue tall handsome and popular. Any way we are done with our food he called over the server and paid for everything. He asked me if I was ok I said yes and he said let’s go we walked out of the restaurant to the car we got in and he started driving. On my way home I received a phone call saying that my mom had been in a car accident. I was panicking shaking and scared he asked me what’s wrong I told him my mom was in a car accident she’s in the hospital can he drive me there he said ok. When I got to the front desk I give them my mom name, the nurse told me third floor and wait in the lobby which I did after two hours pacing back and forth the doctor came out he asked me if I’m Brianne daughter Briah and I said yes. He said she’s in critical condition but she is lucky she survived the car accident. I was sad but relief that she’s still alive. Someone cleared their throat behind me I totally forgot that Cree was with me I turned around and said I’m sorry Cree I forgot were here he said it’s ok I understand you in shocked but everything will be ok and he embraced me. I told him he can go if he wants to. He said he’ll stay with for a little longer, they transferred my mom to a regular room the came out and said I can go in but don’t wake her up. Walked in there the way I saw her it breaks my heart. She’s the only family I got I don’t want to lose my mom. I took a chair put it in front of the bed and seat down I took her hand in my and I started talking about all the fun we had like the time she was teaching me how to baked cookies I make a big mess in the kitchen, she was trying so hard to be mad and not laugh but she couldn’t help it so she burst out laughing it was a great time we had.
I was driving her back home when she received a call and I saw her eyes widened and she was shaking I asked her what’s wrong and she said can I dropped her to the hospital because her was in car accident. I made a u- turn I was not far from the hospital. When we got there I parked the car and she ran to the front desk and told the nurse her mom name. They told us to go to the third floor and wait in the lobby. After two hours the doctor walked out and asked if this brianne daughter Briah and she said yes the doctor said she’s in critical condition but she is lucky to survived the car accident. She asked if she can see her the doctor said yes. I cleared my throat to let her know that I’m still here she turned around and said I’m sorry I forgot you was here I told her it’s ok I understand and said I can go if I wanted to I told her I will stay for a little longer and I embraced her.The nurse came out and said we can go in just don’t wake her up she grabbed a chair and put it in front of the bed and seat down she takes her hand in hers and started talking about all the fun they had. She was laughing and crying at the same time I rubbed her back and shoulders and said everything will ok. After three hours I left the hospital and promised her I will come back tomorrow morning because tomorrow will be Sunday and no school she gave me a hug and thanked me for been here with her. I will always be here for her because I love her. I went home when I got there my mom asked me how was my date I told it was great until on our way she got a phone call saying that her mom in the hospital. She said what happened and I told her I don’t really know what happened to her apart that she in a car accident.
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