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Chapter TEN

“Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?” Kingston asked as he grinned at Nadia. He had watched her sing along to some pop song in his truck and right when the high note came, he turned the radio off. To his surprise Nadia nailed the high note with little effort. That was twenty minutes ago.

“You never asked,” Nadia responded with a shrug of her shoulder. She took another sip of her water before a small grin appeared on her lips.

“You’re right but no worries, I plan on asking you a lot more about yourself.”

They had been talking since they got to the restaurant, only stopping briefly to tell the waiter their food and drink order.

Nadia couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious as her oxygen tank stood right outside of the booth. She’d needed the damn thing before they had left the house, which almost dampened her mood. But Kingston was quick to reassure her, and for that she was grateful.

“Stop overthinking baby, you look beautiful,” Kingston said to her from across the table. Nadia smiled widely as she reached out to grab his hand. Right before their hands could touch, a high-pitched voice broke through the private dining area.

“Kingston Moore? My goodness is that you?” Nadia turned her head and looked at a woman that was almost running toward them. Even in her excitement, the woman’s beauty was blinding. Her brunette hair was cut into a short bob, her makeup was beautiful, elegant, and her outfit was professional. She screamed high class, old money. To top it off, Kingston stood with a smile and opened his arms for them to embrace each other.

“Oh god, how long has it been Skylar?” Kingston beamed as they pulled away from their hug. Nadia cast her eyes down, not wanting to see the exchange.

“Almost ten years. I heard about Nessa. I’m so sorry.” Nadia’s head snapped up just in time to gauge Kingston’s reaction. She was afraid she’d see that familiar pain of her death but instead he frowned for a moment and then turned to Nadia.

“Yes, it was unfortunate and I miss her dearly, but I’m doing great now thanks to my woman,” Kingston said without looking into Nadia’s eyes. If hearts could explode then Nadia’s would have in that moment. She gave Kingston a genuine smile, but their sweet interaction was cut short.

“Wow, moving on fast, are we?” Skylar said, her voice cold. Eyes giving Nadia a pointed look. Kingston stepped into Skylar’s line of vision giving her a glare of his own. He mumbled something Nadia couldn’t hear and when he finished. Skylar slipped him something then walked away.

“I’m sorry Nadia,” Kingston said as he sat back down in the booth beside her. When Nadia didn’t respond, he knew she was upset, but she had no reason to be. Although Skylar was an old fling, there was nothing left between them.

She had cheated on him. There was no coming back from that, ever.


“I’m fine,” Nadia snapped. Kingston went to respond but then the food arrived. The waiter placed everything in front of them then dismissed himself with a polite smile.

“Nadia, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Don’t I? Kingston, that woman was beautiful, your age, and I could practically smell the status rolling off of her in waves. She’s the type of woman you need, not me. I have nothing to offer you. Nothing Kingston, not even fucking kids.” There was a deafening silence between them. The only thing that broke it, was the sniffles coming from Nadia. She had begun to cry and it broke Kingston’s heart. He understood why she felt the way she did, and he was willing to do anything to ease her worry. Nadia would always be who he wanted.

“Listen to me Nadia and understand this; I don’t want a woman with money, status, or power. I. Want. You. I want us, and the twins, forever,” Kingston said as he turned Nadia’s head with a light grip on her chin. “You’ve brought me out of a dark place and I’m forever in your debt. I will spend the rest of my life proving my love and need for you, starting with us trying to have a baby.”

“What if we are moving too fast?” Nadia sighed as she wiped her tears.

“There’s no such thing Nadia. We are moving at our own pace and at a pace that makes us happy. I want a life with you. I want a family with you and I want you forever,” Kingston said with a smile as he slipped off the seat of the booth and down to one knee.

“W-what—” Nadia stammered as her eyes widened and her mouth went dry.

“Nadia. This may seem to be moving too fast for you, but I knew from the first time I laid eyes on you, that’d you mean a lot to me. I didn’t know I’d fall in love with you, but I’m so happy I did. You’ve been the light in my darkness and now I’m asking you to help me continue to shine with you. Nadia, will you make me the luckiest man in the world and be my wife?”

The air seemed to be vacuumed from the room as Nadia stared down at the man she loved with all of her heart.

But could she be a wife to him?

The Moore men were very well known in the city, in the States, probably in the world, and their women would be held on the same pedestal. Was Nadia ready to hold that title? Ready to live the life that was expected of a millionaire’s wife? She wasn’t sure, but she was sure of one thing; Kingston was hers as much as she was his, wife or not. So, she responded with the answer that felt right in her heart.


1 Week Later

“Three, two, one. Good Nadia. It seems your breathing is stabilized enough to release you. We are going to keep you on the pain medication just in case you feel some pain at any point. Other than that, you are free to live your life as normal as possible.” Nadia grinned as she was handed her release papers. She got off the doctor’s table wrapping her hands around the handle of the twins’ double stroller. As she strolled out of the clinic, she was stopped by the nurse that she and Kingston swore they knew only weeks ago at the hospital.

“Oh, wow are these the twins?” the blonde woman said and Nadia just gave her a clipped, yes. “They are gorgeous. Shame they won’t grow up with a mother,” she said as she stood and walked around Nadia with a smile on her face. Her comment left Nadia feeling some type of way, but she pushed back the feeling. Today was a good day, and no one would ruin it for her.


“So, am I keeping Levi and Payton tonight?” Brittney said with a sly grin.

“Yup,” Nadia said with a smirk. Denying what was going to happen tonight when Kingston got home from work, was pointless. Nadia had already told him she was released and his response was to send her a picture of his hard bulge underneath his desk at the office.

“I still can’t believe you two are engaged.”

“And why is that,” Nadia asked as she looked down at the sleeping twins, and then back up at her best friend.

“I mean, do I have to say it?” Brittney said as she smoothed on some lipstick using a compact mirror. She lifted a single eyebrow at the friend before popping her lips and putting her small mirror away.

“Yeah, I want you to fucking say it,” Nadia spat.

“You can’t have kids, and it’s only a matter of time before Kingston realizes that he wants more than the twins. What are you going to do then?”

“Fuck you Brittney!” Nadia seethed as she abruptly stood and gathered her things. She didn’t miss the bored expression on the woman who was supposed to be her best friend. She also couldn’t ignore the truth of her words. Once she had the twins loaded up in the SUV, Kip drove them over to Sasha’s who agreed to watch the twins for the night.

When Nadia was finally home, she allowed herself to cry, before she began to get ready. Kingston would be on his way home soon, and she had a magical night planned for them. It’d been too long since she made love to her fiancé. Not wanting to ruin it, she let the hot shower rinse off every hurtful word that was said to her.

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