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Chapter ELEVEN

Even with the blinding rage, Nadia could see them standing there. Holding each other. She had never learned who the brunette woman was, other than her name, Skylar. But judging by the way Kingston held her right outside of her house, Nadia knew there was more to their history. Stepping out of the SUV, she slammed the door causing them both to jump away from each other. Nadia didn’t spare Kingston or Skylar a glance as she walked into the house and went up to their room. She opened the bedroom door, slammed it shut, and locked it. She ran her fingers through her curls repeatedly. It was painful, but she needed the physical pain; it lessened the emotional pain. To think she’d gone into town to buy some new toys at a sex store.

Thirty-minutes. Nadia had only been gone for thirty minutes only to drive back up to her home to find her fiancé holding another woman in his arms.

How could he? After everything I have done for him, he brings that bitch to our house! Fuck this. No, fuck him! Nadia said to herself in a fit of rage.

The thoughts consumed her as she pulled at her hair, anxiety spiking. Her day that was supposed to be amazing turned into something bitter. From the comments made by the mysterious nurse, to the bitterness of her best friend, Nadia’s day had been complete shit. Everything around her seemed to make her chest ache making her finally snap. With a feral scream she began picking things up and throwing them across the room. She ripped the covers from the bed, knocked the pictures from the walls and when that didn’t satisfy her, she went into the closet and grabbed a stiletto. Nadia began busting all of the mirrors in the room.

“Fuck you!” she screamed hoarsely as every coherent thought fled her. Nadia didn’t hear the door being broken down, but she saw it when it fell to the ground. A pissed off Kingston stood on the other side.

“Calm the fuck down and let me explain!” Kingston roared as he stormed toward her, but Nadia wasn’t trying to hear anything the motherfucker had to say. When he was close enough, she lunged. The shoe was forgotten as she used her fist and nails to beat him. Kingston took every blow. He stumbled backward falling to the ground.

“I fucking hate you! I fucking hate you!” Nadia wailed as she relentlessly wailed on Kingston, but when she saw blood she stopped. Her eyes zoomed in on his bloody face. Suddenly Kingston was up and she was being thrown across the room onto the bed. Nadia bounced once and then she scrambled backward as she saw Kingston stalking toward her rubbing the back of his hand across his bloody face. He was removing his belt and had a primal look on his face.

“Hands and knees Nadia,” Kingston said, his voice as rough as gravel. His eyes held no room for discussion. Nadia didn’t want to challenge him. No, she needed the physical pain and craved it like a starved woman.

When Nadia didn’t move fast enough, Kingston flipped her like a rag doll. As soon as her knees connected with the bare mattress Nadia felt the leather on her ass.

“Fuck!” she wailed out yet her pussy clenched. Another harsh whip with the belt and she jolted forward with a thick moan.

“When I say let me fucking explain, you let me do that!” Kingston yelled as the belt came down on Nadia’s ass one last time. He dropped the material and seconds later, he dropped his pants. Nadia looked over her shoulder just in time to see Kingston position himself behind her. He ripped her sundress off her body and sunk home. Nadia cried out from the brutality of his action, but she loved how he knew she was wet.

“Yessss,” Nadia hissed.

It was the second time she had ever had Kingston and he felt amazing. Bare, thick, and throbbing inside of her. Nadia pushed back wanting the angry man to do exactly what he intended to do and that was fuck her.

Kingston gave her no time to adjust to his size. Nadia hadn’t given him a chance to explain, and in his eyes, fair was fair. He immediately started to pound into his future wife’s soaking womanhood driving Nadia wild. Tears streamed down her face as her pussy wept too.

“I’d never hurt you,” Nadia clenched when Kingston’s ragged voice broke through her thoughts. “I’d never bring another woman into our house.”

Nadia moaned at the honesty that laced his tone.

“S-She wasn’t—”

“No baby, she never stepped foot in the house. I wouldn’t let her,” Kingston said through clenched teeth. “Oh, fuck baby girl, I have missed being a part of you.”

The room was filled with their fucking. Skin slapping against skin. Moaning, panting, and groaning. Pure pleasure.

Kingston wrapped Nadia’s hair around his hand when he felt himself getting close. He used his other hand to push her head into the mattress and then moved it to the small of her back. Applying light pressure, he made her back bow and when Nadia gasped, he knew he was exactly where he wanted to be.

Her cervix.

With no more than a dozen hard, unrelenting thrusts, Kingston was emptying himself into Nadia’s womb. He listened to her scream as he bent down latching on to her shoulder with his teeth. Nadia felt her skin split open triggering an orgasm that made her vision go white. Her legs shook so hard they vibrated as she came.

“Kingston!” Nadia screamed as she let herself go around his thick shaft. She whimpered as she slowly came down from her high. When Kingston pulled out of her slowly, she sighed from the feeling of being properly used by him.

“Why was she here?” Nadia asked as Kingston rolled onto his back and pulled her into his chest. Her voice barely above a whisper, her eyes closed, her heart hammering. She knew Kingston could hear the emotion behind her question because he held her tighter.

“She had to tell me something.”

“That doesn’t tell me a fucking thing Kingston,” Nadia said as she went to pull away but Kingston held on tighter.

“Nadia, it’s not like that.”

“Then what is it like!? Why was a woman who obviously doesn’t approve of you being with me, in our driveway!?”

Kingston sighed in frustration before saying anything else.

“She wanted to ask me for another chance with her, but I told her no. That I was happy with you and we’re engaged. Skylar tried to talk me out of it, saying that it was too soon, that people will think that I never loved Vanessa, or they’d make up a lie and say you were my mistress while she was alive. But I told her I didn’t care. Long as me and you know the truth, that’s all that matters. Right?”

“I still don’t understand why she was at our house?” Nadia replied. Her voice soft as she ran her fingers up and down Kingston’s chest.

“She followed me. I thought she was someone else, so I pulled a gun when I got out of my truck.” This made Nadia giggle. Oh, how she would have paid to see that. “But when I realized it was her, I dropped my gun. We had a brief conversation and then you pulled up. Nothing more, nothing less,” Kingston said as he made Nadia look at him. She did, and when she did, she saw the truth in his eyes. Slowly she made her way onto his lap, so that she could straddle him.

“Let’s keep trying for that baby,” Nadia said against Kingston’s lips as she slowly lowered herself onto his beautiful awaiting manhood.

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