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Chapter TWELVE

Kingston was happy. Genuinely, undeniably happy. The past few months had gone by like a gentle breeze. He and Octavius had come no closer to finding out who the mystery resource was who had the old nanny hired, but they wouldn’t stop working on it. There was no bad news though, and sadly no positive pregnancy test from Nadia.

“You ready?” Kingston asked as he stepped out of the bathroom adjusting his tie. When he looked at Nadia his breathing almost stopped.

“You’re not wearing that,” he said through gritted teeth as he walked past her to pick up his dress shoes. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he began to put them on, his eyes never looking back up. No matter how much Kingston tried to downplay it, he was petrified. Today was Nadia’s college orientation. He didn’t want to be controlling or possessive but it was in his nature to be that way and Nadia knew that.

“Kingston?” Nadia hummed and he sighed as she slid her hand into his slicked-back hair. He finished pulling on his shoe, before looking up and grabbing onto his woman’s exposed waist. Not a second later, Nadia had her mouth on Kingston. Kissing him the way she knew he needed to be kissed. It was like she was telling him with her mouth, that he was all she would ever need.

“I love you Kingston. I’m in love with you and I’m wearing your ring. Stop worrying.”

“I just don’t want to lose you,” Kingston replied as he allowed Nadia to undo his belt. He stared at the beautiful features of her face as she undid his pants and pulled his hardening member free. A low, deep moan came from Kingston as Nadia sat up slightly pushing her skirt up. Pulling her panties to the side, she slid down onto Kingston’s waiting shaft.

Kingston immediately buried his head into her chest as Nadia began to rock against him.

“All mine,” he moaned when she placed her feet on either side of him and began to bounce. Sitting back, he gripped her slender hips and began to pump into her at a fierce rate. The view of her eyes screwed shut and her mouth slacked almost threw Kingston over the edge prematurely, but Kingston wanted to prove what he had proven many times before.

“No one can fuck your pussy like I can baby girl,” Kingston said smugly as he laid back pulling Nadia down with him. With her head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her locking her in place, fucking Nadia senseless. He could see her ass vibrating with every piston of his cock and it made him crazed.

“My fucking pussy.”

“Yes!” Nadia screamed as she came squeezing the cum from Kingston.

When they both came down from their state of bliss, they quickly dressed and headed downstairs. Sasha was already there with all the kids. She gave Kingston a knowing look and hugged Nadia wishing her good luck.

“Are you nervous?” Kingston asked as he intertwined their fingers over the middle console and drove onto the highway. Nadia glanced at him and that was his answer.

“Talk to me baby.”

“What if I’m stupid? I didn’t make good grades in high school,” Nadia said with a shake of her head. High school was a hard time for her. Having been raised in the system, she never knew stability, which affected her grades.

“First of all, you’re not stupid and if you end up struggling with something, we will ask Sasha for help.” Nadia shook her head no.

“We’ve already asked too much of her. She’s watching the twins and working from our house. I can’t ask her to tutor me too.”

“You can and we will if need be baby, but I think you’re going to be fine.” Kingston decided to change the subject and talk about the new car Nadia wanted. He agreed that she’d get it for Christmas but she’d been pressuring him to get it sooner. Given that she had never asked him for anything, Kingston was considering it.

Soon they were pulling up at the college, and the first thing Kingston spotted was a group of males standing together. He parked across from where they were standing, eyes focusing on each one of their faces.

“I’m almost late for orientation. I have to go,” Nadia said slowly. She then leaned over and kissed Kingston with everything she had. When they pulled apart Kingston pulled her back for another fevered kiss.

“Okay, I have to go.” Nadia giggled and pecked his lips one last time. Kingston watched as she hopped out of the truck and began to walk away. Her cute little skirt hugging her frame, crop top giving the boys a glimpse of her beautiful skin. When Nadia walked past the group of men, they all stopped what they were doing and just stared. Her long slender legs moved quickly and when the young men began to walk behind her, Kingston couldn’t help it. He hopped out of the truck and cut them off.

“Don’t even fucking think about it. She’s engaged,” he seethed and all the boys gave him a nasty look.

“Fuck off old man,” one of them said. Kingston looked at the boy and scoffed. He wasn’t Nadia’s type. His blond hair, and blue eyes, would do nothing for her. She wanted someone who looked dark and dangerous, like him and he also knew the boy probably fucked anything with a pussy.

“Touch her, and I’ll kill you,” Kingston spat in warning. The boys looked among each other, and slowly nodded their heads.


Nadia sat in the large gym and scrolled on her phone. Orientation was due to start at any minute and she just wanted it to be over with so she could go home. As she uploaded a picture of her and Kingston onto her social media, the sound of a deep male voice brought her attention out of her device.

“Is this seat taken?” Nadia looked up and when she laid eyes on the man in front of her, she felt her cheeks flush. His deep brown hair was a tousled mess like he just got out of bed, his eyes were a deep green but also vibrant, and his British accent made her clench her thighs. It was alluring to say the least.

“Uh, no,” was all the dry-mouthed woman could say as she allowed the stranger to sit beside her.

“Brice,” the man said as he offered Nadia his hand. She looked at how large it was, and how large his arm was and she flushed again. Her nasty mind wondering what those big arms and hands could do.

Stop being a whore Nadia. You have an amazing man at home, who pleases you more than enough. Do you want to fuck it up with this mysterious man? Her conscience reprimanded her thoughts immediately, making her feel guilty.

“N-Nadia,” she stammered as she shook his hand.

“Whoa that’s a pretty big rock you have on your finger.”

“Thanks, I think my boyfriend did really good.” Nadia blushed as she looked at the ring Kingston had slid onto her finger. It was more than impressive and she was sure it cost him more than enough money.

“You mean fiancé?” Brice said as he checked his phone.


“You said boyfriend and I corrected you. He’s your fiancé if he has you wearing that big ass rock on your finger,” the man said with a small smile on his face. Nadia didn’t respond, just hummed turning to look at the small stage that had been set up in the middle of the gym floor. Soon orientation began and it was over before Nadia could blink. She walked out of the auditorium with the crowd of people and went to call Kingston. He didn’t pick up the phone but she kept trying, but after ten tries she stopped.

“Need a ride?” a groan left Nadia’s lips as she turned and saw Brice walking up to her with a smile on his face. She wanted to say no, but she also wanted to go home. With great reluctance she nodded her head. He made small talk with her as they walked to his car. Something seemed off about the man but Nadia once again ignored the warning signs and got into the stranger’s vehicle anyway.

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