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His hands were around her throat, hips in-between her legs, mouth on hers. Nadia pushed but nothing happened; he didn’t move.

He was going to fuck her and she didn’t want it. But he threatened them. The twins. Brice threatened their lives.

“Get off!”

“Shut the fuck up Nadia. After I get you pregnant, Kingston won’t want you anymore. He’ll think you are a little fucking whore.”

“I can’t-I can’t!”

“You can’t what? Huh? Get pregnant?” Brice laughed a menacing laugh and Nadia choked up. When his lips fell on hers, she closed her eyes and willed herself to fall into a place of darkness. To not feel what was about to happen.

She heard his zipper. He ripped her panties, and then everything went cold. His body was gone, her legs snapped shut and her eyes shot open to find something that would make Nadia sigh in relief but choke up in fear.

Kingston was beating the shit out of Brice. The boy didn’t stand a chance against the brutal blows that were being sent to his face, and soon he was unconscious. His limp body was dropped to the ground by a seething Kingston, who then turned and stared at Nadia in disgust.

How dare she? After everything they had been through, how fucking dare she?

“Kingston I—”

“Shut up and get your cheating ass in the house!” Kingston yelled as he pointed in the direction of the front door.

Nadia didn’t think, she didn’t speak, she just ran into the empty house and up the stairs. Sasha was gone with the twins, which both relieved, and scared the woman. She knew Kingston wouldn’t hurt her, but he looked so mad, so broken. When she got up to the room, she heard the front door close so hard it seemed to shake the house.

Kingston’s footsteps were heavy as he stormed up the stairs and down the hall. Nadia looked up when the footstep stopped. In the doorframe stood her future husband, her fiancé, his chest heaving, knuckles bloody, face hard.

“I didn’t want him, Kingston. I didn’t,” Nadia cried as Kingston stormed toward her. He reached out grabbing her by the neck and yanked Nadia’s body toward him.

“Do you take me as some fucking fool Nadia!?” Kingston roared.

“I tried to call you! You didn’t answer!”

“I was in a fucking meeting! A meeting with my brothers to talk about why the love of my life was fucking shot! But to my fucking surprise, I pull up to our home to find you with your legs spread, thong ripped from your body by a man that isn’t me! Do you even love me Nadia!”

“Yes!” the woman cried out as she stared into a broken man’s eyes.

“Then why Nadia!?” Tears were streaming down Kingston’s face as he waited for an answer that would soothe the hurt.

Nadia couldn’t form a sentence; she just sobbed as she looked into his eyes. Her fiancé was broken and it was because of an idiotic mistake she made. Kingston looked like the world had been ripped from beneath him and it was all her fault. If she would have just called a taxi. If she would have just listened to the first instinct that told her not to get into the car with Brice.

“Kneel,” Kingston said. His voice was broken as he released Nadia and turned away from her. “Naked.”

Nadia didn’t move. She wouldn’t be beaten with his belt for something she didn’t desire. Brice was about to rape her, and if Kingston would just listen, he’d know that.

“Kingston, baby. Listen to me!” Nadia said as she got off the bed and tried to go to him. She almost broke down when Kingston moved away from her touch.

“I’ve given my life to you Nadia! You helped repair me, only to break me!? Just…Just…Leave, I don’t want to see you anymore!” Kingston cried. Nadia let out a sob that made her soul tremble. She wasn’t going anywhere. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around Kingston, not giving a damn that he wouldn’t hug her back. It hurt to feel how cold he was toward her, but all her fiancé needed to do was let her explain.

“I would never hurt you Kingston. You should know that by now.”

“Then why was he on top of you Nadia? Why—”

“He was trying to rape me, Kingston,” Nadia said softly. She felt Kingston tense, and then a cry left her lips when his arms moved around her body to hold her. “He told me he would hurt the twins if I didn’t give him what he wanted. I-I couldn’t let that happen Kingston.”

“Shhhh. I believe you,” Kingston reassured Nadia as he held her. He had been blind by his rage that he had never given her a chance to explain. That simple fact would beat him down later, but in that moment, he knew he needed to be there for his future wife. When they both had calmed down a little, Kingston made Nadia tell him everything that had happened at orientation, and how their lack of communication after led to what he had witnessed not too long ago. When he heard all he could, Kingston called his brothers.

“I don’t want to make a big deal about this Kingston. I’ve been the center of attention for far too long. Can we just...” Nadia began only to be cut off by Kingston.

“He tried to rape you Nadia, he won’t get away with it,” the sad man said as he pulled off the bed as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I’m so sorry,” Nadia cried.

“Stop apologizing baby.”

“Uh—there’s an unconscious man on your front lawn,” came a voice that Kingston was all too familiar with. He pulled away from Nadia to see Pierre leaning in the doorway. “And your brothers are hauling him into the house as we speak. What the fuck is going on?”

“Long story, but the only thing that matters is he threatened my twins and tried to rape my fiancée,” Kingston spat as he kissed Nadia’s forehead. “Baby I need you to go into the bathroom, take some pain meds, and try to take a nap.”

“What are you guys going to do to Brice?” Nadia said softly. She wanted him to pay, but she didn’t want him to die.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll take care of him. Okay?” Kingston said before bending to kiss her. “Now do as you’re told baby. I’ll be back in a little bit.” With a small nod, they parted ways.

“What are we going to do with him?” Pierre asked as they stepped into the hall.

“Get the information we need, and make sure he never fucks with another woman again.”

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