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Nadia swayed her hips to the music as she fixed dinner. The twins giggled when she dropped it low and brought it up slow, like the music told her to do. She then used the spatula as a microphone, causing the two little humans to giggle so hard, their faces turned red.

“Is Mama funny?” she asked Levi and Payton as she kissed both of their foreheads with a wide grin on her face.

“Yes, Mama poop,” Levi said and Nadia couldn’t help but laugh. She learned a few days ago that when the twins didn’t like something, they called it poop.

“Hey now, I’m not that bad.”

“No, Mama poop,” the twins said in unison shocking Nadia for a moment. She shook her head as she turned back around and continued fixing her babies grilled cheese, which was the only thing they would eat, and stir fry for her and Kingston.

When she smelled a familiar cologne, and felt large arms wrap around her waist, she sighed.

“I want you upstairs, naked in the next ten minutes,” Kingston said before biting her earlobe. Something he knew made Nadia putty in his hands. She turned around to oppose since the twins were with them.

“We can’t…” The sentence died in her throat when she saw Octavius picking the twins up out of their highchairs. Both were giggling as they pulled at their uncle’s long hair and beard.

“We just got the twins back baby,” Nadia attempted to say but her words came out murmured since Kingston felt it was an ideal time to kiss her. She kissed him with her eyes open and watched as Octavius left with her babies, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Kingston turned the stove off and when the front door clicked shut his grip on Nadia became harsh, almost bruising.

He was angry at something and Nadia could tell from how demanding the kiss was becoming. Before Nadia could question him, Kingston lifted her up and placed her on the counter. She felt his hands under her large T-shirt and then the fabric of her underwear was ripped away. His tongue pushed into Nadia’s mouth and she welcomed the warmth of it. Kingston groaned in pleasure, then his teeth found her bottom lip and he bit down while pulling back slowly.

“Long day?” Nadia asked on a shaky breath when Kingston released her lip. He only nodded in response before pushing into her slowly. She didn’t know when he released himself from his work slacks, but she didn’t care to ask; he felt so good.

“Mmmm, this is home baby girl,” Kingston groaned as he started to properly fuck his fiancée. His strokes, long, and deep. He made sure to bottom out with each brutal thrust drawing out throaty moans from his woman.

Nadia couldn’t do a thing but feel. She stared at Kingston through hooded eyes, with her mouth slacked in pure lust. Her nails dug into his shoulders causing Kingston to grunt in approval as he stared down at her pink flesh accepting each one of his thrust. The sight before him brought him to an orgasm so hard that he had to fight against his buckling knees. When he felt Nadia squeeze him, he sped up through his own orgasm, wanting to push her over the edge.

“I didn’t tell you to speed up,” Nadia moaned. “Stay like this. Fuck me just. Like. This,” she demanded before watching Kingston’s cheeks flush and his eyes go wide for just a split second before he slowed the movement of his hips. Their lovemaking felt so damn good, so damn perfect that both created a harmony of loud throaty moans, grunts, and whimpers.

“More,” she moaned against his lips and when he began to piston into her at an alarming rate, Nadia came with a sob.

“God Nadia. You’re....fuck baby.” Kingston picked her up and brought her to the kitchen table. Slipping out of her he stroked himself until he came on her belly. He then got on his knees and latched onto her clit. Sucking harshly, Kingston brought Nadia to another orgasm within seconds.


Kingston wanted to tell Nadia the truth. Tell her about the death threats and letters that had been coming to his office, but he didn’t want to scare her. Instead, he hired someone to watch her while she was at home. Sasha agreed to spend as much time as possible at their home since she was working from home. But Kingston knew he couldn’t keep her in the dark forever.

As he laid with one twin asleep on his chest, the other under one of his arms and Nadia under his other, Kingston couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his face. Brice had escaped from Nino’s little dungeon, with help from an unknown source. He knew that meant he was out there somewhere, watching… waiting.

With around the clock security, they knew they couldn’t get to Nadia directly but with Kingston out of the way, things would be easier. Which meant if he were out the way, they’d be able to get to her.

“I love you all,” he whispered to his sleeping beauties. Thinking that they were all very much asleep, he was startled when he heard a sniffle, and then wet tears on his skin.


“Something’s wrong Kingston,” Nadia croaked as she looked up at him. Panic flooded through him as he gently placed the twins down and wrapped Nadia up in his arms.

“Do I need to call—”

“It’s not the baby Kingston. It’s you. You’ve been weird lately and I hate it. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Nadia, I don’t want to stress you.”

That pissed her off. Nadia pushed away from him and stormed out of the room. Kingston sighed and followed her down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Baby,” he began but Nadia wasn’t trying to hear it.

“Don’t baby me! You’re hiding something!” she shouted and Kingston just closed his eyes. “You’re my man! Your problems are my problems! I tell you everything but you can’t tell me shit!” Nadia cried hating that her hormones had her crying more than she cared to admit. She held her now rounding belly as she placed her hand over her mouth to quiet her sobs. Kingston moved in quickly. He bent down and kissed her belly and then, moving her hand to kiss her palm and then he kissed her lips.

“I’m so sorry Nadia. I’ve been selfish. I should be more open with you and from now on, I will be.”

“Thank you,” Nadia croaked as she held his hand in hers.

“Brice escaped and now I fear someone is coming for me. If I’m out the way, then I can’t protect you,” Kingston said quickly. He gauged Nadia’s reaction and when she sighed heavily, he was afraid she would tell him she was leaving. But to his relief, she didn’t.

“This is our problem Kingston. We will solve it together. So, I need you to do me a huge favor,” Nadia said as she gave him a hard look.

“Anything baby,” Kingston said as he wrapped his arms around her. “Teach me how to shoot a gun.”

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